Try these easy and healthy mocha dream bars for a sweet treat all summer long. It's your coffee and cream all in one cool bite! There's a chocolate almond crust, a delicate cashew mocha cream filling, and a hard chocolate shell layer on top. ** not technically a raw dessert for all those raw peeps out there, but I meant it's raw cause it's not baked ;)


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feeb28 - 2017-06-22
Can you just use a food processor for the filling?

feeb28 - 2017-06-22
I am not a vegan but I have an egg and dairy intolerance so I find Laurens vids very helpful!

Angie Arnall - 2017-06-21
With all the coconut oil will they not have a coconut flavor... anytime I make something using coconut oil it leaves a strong coconut flavor which unfortunately I'm not a fan of :(

5524aks - 2017-06-21
Favorite vegan channel.

Gabi Vallejo - 2017-06-20
Could you just use almond meal in the crust instead of raw almonds?

Tamamo Ai - 2017-06-20
nuts are so expensive here maybe about 10-20$ like a small amount. so sad. :(

TheVeganMe - 2017-06-19
dude... yes!

Chloe E - 2017-06-19

Laurie Gamble - 2017-06-19
OM goodness! Made these last night and even my husband who doesn't like sweets loved these. Soooooo Good! Thank you Lauren and John!

Astrid Townsend - 2017-06-19
Hey! I made these tonight according to the blog post recipe and the chocolate layer "split"? And it wouldn't whisk together I even tried blending it with no luck. I re-did it and it was a similar result and the chocolate layer was super thick and chunky but I had to use it.. any ideas what went wrong?
The second attempt I left out the vanilla in case it caused it to split.

superbandaid23 - 2017-06-19
the crust would be good with pretzels added! but this one is good for those who are gluten free

Jessica B - 2017-06-18
Is there a certain time mix the cashews up because I made this and it felt like small tiny grains were still in it! I want it super smooth texture any tips I'll take

Natalia Choung - 2017-06-18
is there anything else that can be used as a cashews? I'm alergic.

Lucinda Samira - 2017-06-18
This is so fucking sexy

Lucinda Samira - 2017-06-18

Didu Oberman - 2017-06-18
Oh. My. God. I need to try this. Like now.

Jennifer8Music - 2017-06-18
How long do these keep in the freezer? :) I might've missed it if you said so in the video, but they were so good, but made such a large batch for one person I can't eat it all quickly enough XD

marcelle beall - 2017-06-18
AMAZING!! Thanks Lauren!! ❤️

Noelle Tucker - 2017-06-17
I made these today and they were absolutely amazing! My bottom crust would not stick so I added more dates and coconut oil. I also subbed the water + espresso with vanilla and almond milk. Totally making them again, they were a hit!!! Thanks Lauren :)

Jeanique Goud - 2017-06-17
I made this .. it's amazing! but I was extremely irritated when cutting it, it cracked everywhere and nothing stuck together :(

Leah Gets Lean - 2017-06-17
So bummed right now. Made the top layer three times and it instantly curdled before I could put it on. Still put it on but it's not at all smooth like hers. Even tried a 4th time just heating the coconut oil and nothing else. Didn't work

isabel cortes - 2017-06-17
You need your own restaurant ahh

Galaxy Hair - 2017-06-17
Is there a substitute for the dates in the crust?

Maika W - 2017-06-17
All your stuff always looks so amazing, but I wonder how you and John stay skinny :O there's just so much decadence on this channel! xx Maybe tell me your secret hehe

Arwa al-suwailem - 2017-06-17
what can I replace the coconut cream with?
could I just add milk?

Beyond Green - 2017-06-17
Nyam nyam.

errrinc23 - 2017-06-17
is the middle layer more like ice cream or cheesecake? i can't tell but either way my mouth is watering

RJ Angelico - 2017-06-17
Hey there guys... OMG they look amazing!!! I have a question though: I don't have Medjool Dates but the normal dates; do I still use 8 pitted dated? or should I double it (2 normal dates = 1 medjool?) I have a lot of these dates that I want to use up!!!

9snaker - 2017-06-17
That's pure fat and sugar, a little bit of fibers but not that much.
(I hate desserts like these, sich are like just like fat, fat and third layer fat again...)
Where is the cake-dough part? Like in Tiramisu?

steph overend - 2017-06-16
I wish more vegan recepies would do a nut free version. It sucks being allergic to nuts and having a hugely limited option to the most delicious looking recepies :(

Jacob Badr - 2017-06-16
Uh dark larries ?? Where y'all at ?! 😂😂

Sadie Lawshe - 2017-06-16
if you don't like coffee you can add p2b peanut butter powder instead of coffee.

The Vegan Dancer - 2017-06-16
I love your videos, they always inspire me to eat healthier! I also have a channel that is about veganism, I’ve just uploaded a new video about what I eat in a day as a vegan dancer, so if you are interested, come and check it out!

Diana Boateng - 2017-06-16
Would the crust work with hazelnuts? 👀

Francesca R Marcucci - 2017-06-16
I made these today, they are AMAZING!
Lots of love from Italy! :)

ELUVATION - 2017-06-16
Hi friend wow so amazing recipe..................

Amber Renee - 2017-06-16
I hate almonds. And every other kind of nut😐

Rahela Javed - 2017-06-16
Can you pleease do a baba ganoush recipe??

Marie Cart Tanneur - 2017-06-16
I SOOO wanna eat this now 😍😍🙌🏻

Anieke Barth - 2017-06-16
The music really corresponds with the recipe wow

Unnatural Vegan - 2017-06-16
I can tell it's delicious because you can't stop eating it lol

OG Adriana - 2017-06-16
How the hell do you come up with these things? This is literally sex.

Sailor Earth - 2017-06-16
This is sort of random.

But have you guys ever done a vegan cookout video or challenge? I think that be great.

Ingrid Kuang - 2017-06-16
John uses the best music. Lauren your personality is as delicious as your food. I know that's why we keep watching you : )

Rahul's Vegan Cooking - 2017-06-16
Wow this is one of my favorite vegan deserts. these actually do look really good and taste really good. Just will take some ingredients and time to make. But I get tired of seeing all these desserts with bananas lol. Ill defintley try this. and maybe ill implement this recipe into my own recipe and put it up in my channel. haha thanks.

SpectacularVernacular - 2017-06-16
I love you Lauren!!

Tatiana Dolor - 2017-06-15
I was vegetarian for two years, now I'm vegan and this channel is so great! It's very very helpful for food alternatives while cooking! ^^

ilikesaltines - 2017-06-15
Lmao the daze that happens because it's so good. I understand the name now

Serena - 2017-06-15
If it has espresso wouldn't that make it a no-dream bar since it keeps you awake :0 looks yummy though hehe

Ruth Stevens - 2017-06-15
So basically you could smash Lara bars for the base

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