plush furr - 2018-02-19
I will eat that whole thing. No Saving 4 later

Tzara86 - 2018-02-18
This serves 2 right?

Victoria K - 2018-02-16
the envy is real

sefacly - 2018-02-13
Reminds me of Nanaimo bars

Myriam Charland - 2018-02-10
I'm allergic to cashews 😭 is there anything else I could use?

Da Man 52 - 2018-02-10
That's how I'm gonna get fat, I know it. Lol

clara mocchetti - 2018-02-06
oh Lauren, I forgot to put the coconut cream/milk in the fridge and now my filling is very liquid, I hope it will thicken up after putting it in the fridge

carlesha davis - 2018-01-25
Looks good doing the raw vegan thing right now might try to make these

LaDolcevita - 2018-01-18
Ok I have some coconut cream sitting in my fridge. Now I know what I’m doing with them

LaDolcevita - 2018-01-18
DAM.. you had me at the dough.. just give me that.. omg.. looks so good.. dang!

Kai - 2018-01-13
Looks like Lauren was getting hot for food. -Age restricted video.

sexy love - 2018-01-07
This looks so good

Stephanie Cordova - 2018-01-07
These are amazing by the way

Stelina Turner - 2017-12-30
Those eating sounds just freakin killed this video for me. It was great until then... Yuck girl. What were you thinking?

Mara Myst - 2017-12-26

mary jane - 2017-12-18
I tried making them and they were absolutely fantastic!!! I lowered my expectations for the flavor since it is vegan, I thought it may look better than it tastes but man was I wrong !!!!!!! Rich, creamy, delicious, too good to be vegan 👍👍👍👍
You don't need a high power blender for the cashews. I just soaked mine overnight and gradually added the liquid ingredients into a regular food processor until it reached a smooth consistency.
I found coconut cream in my grocery store and I only needed 1 can.

Sebastián Kreassiva - 2017-12-17
Can I switch coconut oil for something else?

mary jane - 2017-12-12
It looks too good to be vegan

muslimah432 - 2017-12-01
Omg those look soooo good and watching you eat this was so genuine and made me more determined to make em!!!!

Coin Ru - 2017-11-23
Amazing recipe! Gonna make vanilla dream bars instead since I hate coffee XD

Lorraine Ogan - 2017-11-16
These look amazing, but I'm sure they're on the pricey side to make!

Parinita Shiralige - 2017-11-01
these look amazing. Can I use honey instead of the maple syrup?

Zombiieunicorn - 2017-10-31
I made this with matcha and OMG

Luka Nieuwenhuijsen - 2017-10-02
Has anyone tried this? Is the coffee flavour overpowering at all?

Alya Samokhina - 2017-09-30
Snickles became too big for this door))

Gina SV - 2017-09-29
This looks good,just careful with the portions....it has Dates and Maple syrup..very Sweet

January Moon - 2017-09-24
Yummy, can't wait to make these!

Alizee - 2017-09-22
Your hair looks amazing

sushiboats - 2017-09-22
I made these are they are amazing! I can't wait to try them again. I needed to tweak a couple ingredients... I'm tempted to try to do a double chocolate layer...

Erika B - 2017-09-20
Lauren, these looks so yummy!

Smushpuff - 2017-09-15
What can i take instead of dates?! I'm sooo bored of all the vegan desserts tasting like banana or dates 🙄

TheOliveManPbj - 2017-09-10
after she was making them, and saw there were still lots of time left on the video, I was like what? why so long? then proceed w the video just to hear Laura eat and talk about how great they are lmao. I need to try these

Ariana - 2017-09-10
My liquid cashew coffee mixture was not at liquidy as yours....theyrre in the freezer so we'll see how it goes

AlwaysEating Death - 2017-09-05
Okay what does the chocolate on top taste like, that is the most important part for me

Rebekka - 2017-09-04
How is that raw if you have to heat the chocolate?

Amber H - 2017-08-30
Ur so prettyyyy!!!! Loved the recipe

aurélie - 2017-08-16
i so want to try these!

noelia guzman - 2017-08-16
Cashews are too expensive in Costa Rica, I used raw sunflower seeds and it worked out pretty well :) thanks for the inspo !

Ruth Stevens - 2017-08-15
How could you thicken the cream if your coconut milk isn't full fat?

Xavier Miranda G - 2017-08-15
hello Lauren, I'm a huge fan with a huge question. I've been trying to do the chocolate cover like you suggest. in fact, there are many recipes that do it exactly like you (cocoa powder, coconut oil, agave and vanilla) with different proportions. I've tried ALL of them and I can never get it to be a liquid chocolate. EVERYTIME I do it, it turns into this mass of lumpy chocolate. I've tried it on low heat, high heat, no heat, liquid coconut oil, solid... I've done everything and still can't get it to be liquid. what gives? what's the trick? what do I need to do? thank you

Joyce Kim - 2017-08-15
Sooo I just made these and I ate like five in one sitting I cannot handle how delicious they are. Everyone, just fricken make them.

litbabie - 2017-08-13
I made this recipe for a group of non-vegans and everyone loved it. Seriously delicious! I didn't have enough cashews so I used a mix of hemp seeds and cashews. I also added a pinch of salt to the filling and crushed walnuts to the chocolate topping. Thank you for an amazing desert!

Laura - 2017-08-12
I really hate the sound of someone eating lol

Kay Here - 2017-08-12
I always suck at making the crust 😩😩

sweetercin1 - 2017-08-09
Love this recipe!

Joyfully Lili - 2017-08-09
what music are you using in the background?

Jenna Snow - 2017-08-08
mmm i need to make these

Kate T - 2017-08-05
Are they still considered raw if the coconut oil was melted?

Silvia Forese - 2017-08-03
Could I use only cashews for the filling? Thanks

Chia Seeds Everywhere - 2017-07-31
Lauren, I just made this! They are setting in the freezer. I used instant coffee instead because I almost never drink caffeine and wanted to avoid too much of a rush XD. But the flavor is still good and mocha-y. Now if only they would set faster! Just put the top coating on and stuck in the freezer. :)

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