Our review of Norway. We've live here for over one year and we tell you the pros and cons of living in Norway. 13 minutes of pure review from our perspective.

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Everdaters - 2017-04-03
To everyone who is about to comment our comment on child care in Norway:

"To explain this is a very cut down version of what we think about Norway and even that was cut during the editing. That is why I think some of the points are not FULLY explained.

We are not for ‘hitting children’ and we realise it might have sounded like we are. We are however, for disciplining them and we have heard from our Norwegian friends that speaking in a more firm voice can be reported even if their child doesn’t behave again and again. For example child hitting one of his friends over and over. That is unsettling.

Also, it should be hard to take away a child from their family in our opinion. As it is a serious life determining event and should be heavily investigated and not taken lightly. In comparison to other countries it is easier to take away a child here.

As for the driving. We are happy about the speed limits as it makes the roads here incredibly safe but it can be a con to some people with fast cars that is why we put it in the con section."

Thank you for watching! :)

iiVe - 2018-01-19
Norway's just over there being a functioning country while they watch America fall apart ;-;

Stephanie Outten - 2018-01-18
Is there beautiful black people in Norway?

郑伟 - 2018-01-18
How to move to Norway

deckard163 - 2018-01-17
Karl Marx would be proud of Norway. Sounds like Huxley's "Brave New World". You know Norway is only rich because of oil reserves, and when they run out, Norway will be worse than many countries in Africa.

TheKb07 - 2018-01-17
So basically its just like Germany.

Jure Macola - 2018-01-17
so funny when u see that neto salary in bulgaria is 200 - 250 euros. 100 goes on petrol, 150 on eletricity, tv, water, gas, trash and 150 on food. So basically two salaries are needed for basic survival and taxes (usually mothers and fathers salary), and your salary is for your education or savings to leave country. This is the far best scenario cuz if u live with parents in house, you dont need to pay monthly rent, and u can share clothes with brother/cousin. Phones and internet are what makes people spend those savings for leaving country, and they have to repeat process their parents did their whole life. Conclusion = what a beautiful life in European Union we have, God bless European Union, cuz we will be sweden as they have told us, so lets say once more, God bless European Union ! P.S. - other surrounding countries are far worse or "slightly" better. Slightly meaning it depends on how much gypsies live nearby.

Axphey007 - 2018-01-17
I like the "child rights" law.
It certainly, helps to grow a well civilized and progressive society

Arun Thomas - 2018-01-17
Really Beautiful Lady.. Wow .. cute.. you are one Lucky Man...

John James - 2018-01-16
Hi, Norwegian girls are beautiful . i'm planning on vacationing there this summer. so how's the food? bars,restaurants ect?? Italian guy NYC. ...

Winterseyes - 2018-01-16
Salsa break, LOL!

Kyle Breaux - 2018-01-16
No way would I move to Norway and would highly recommend against moving there if you're thinking about having kids. Sounds like your children belong to the state.

Carlos Lopez - 2018-01-16
People who speed and put other lives at risk deserve high fines. Good job Norway

Eric s - 2018-01-16
What a surprise low crime this is what happens when you keep a country white lol.

I Want To Survive - 2018-01-16
Donald Trump Shithole-Gate sent me here

Awais Jamil - 2018-01-16
I need visa norway some one contact me plz whatsapp or call 00971525525958

Amy Miller - 2018-01-16
It makes sense for everything to be expensive. You said everyone gets paid very well.

KingTiendo - 2018-01-16
Good video I will subscribe too

Darmamu the Wargamer - 2018-01-15
I miss Norway.... Worked for a half a year there... Great country ^^D

Dick Hagen - 2018-01-15
USA prices similar to yours, your low quality bread was cheaper then any low quality here,

BuLisTiK Owns - 2018-01-15
Trade your freedom for mediocracy is what i got from that. U can keep ur fish and out of control government

Daniel Gonzalez - 2018-01-15
So how much are houses over there,? Can you own your own property? How much would it take to start a business?? How about fun? Its there a lot to do for fun? Or is it just ahh look at the view of the mountains and the sea?? This kids sound like kids, no real issues addressed. I heard its very expensive to live in norway, i heard cars are expensive as fuck, i heard its hard to get a job and to even get a second job even harder so talk about those things... how about marriage is it easy to divorce? How about crime? How do they deal with religion? Or speeding ticket? All this things that really matter and they are talking about the views of the mountains and sea, and shit haha

John da barber #I_cut_newyork - 2018-01-15
Jail in norway is heven compare to New York

tishtosh - 2018-01-15
Enjoyed it, read tons of comments. Feel like there's so much missing. Did not tell me enough about the country or its culture. Kind of empty on the content side. Sorry, constructive criticism.

TY - 2018-01-15
Do you have thousands of Mexicans pouring into your country everyday trying to take it over?

Struggle Vision - 2018-01-15
Norway: too many white people

MagnaYu - 2018-01-14
What matters are the PROS! Bravo Norway, stay the way you are, a great HUMANE and CIVILIZED SOCIAL DEMOCRACY and clean environment, and don't let any SICKO neoliberal american corporate influence cross your border. Same goes for all of Europe, together you can destroy the american-zionist imperialist globalism and their neoliberal psycho capitalism! Greets!

NoctLightCloud - 2018-01-14
The high prices aren't surprising. Everyone hears about the good salary, but when it comes to paying, people get shocked. (Like in Switzerland.) So your point proved my point. Interesting video! :)

John J. King, Jr. - 2018-01-14
Would both of u guys marry me? Y'all some good looking people 😘

chicago en bici - 2018-01-14
Does Norway have other
People other than white?

Andrea Angelozzi - 2018-01-14
Just fell in love with that beautiful girl. Can't believe she's dating that ugly guy.

trvth1s - 2018-01-13
40% of Norwegian economic export is from fossil fuels and gas.
Government owns 2/3 of stocks in the energy sector and depends on it for maintaining expensive social programs.
Having that oil is great. Norway has more similarities with Dubai or UAE than with western economies.

AUDIOHOSTEM187 - 2018-01-13

son dang - 2018-01-12
so basically Canada

Armen V - 2018-01-12
Socialism is not a pro

Pinar Sengul - 2018-01-12
hey thank you for this video, she said vegetarian food is very limited, and i am a vegan who plans to study in norway in a couple of months, so are there vegan yoghurts, milks, cheese in a regular market? it is really important for me, hope u can take some videos of vegan products in markets... Takk!!

RealPeterParker - 2018-01-12
Small talks are pretty important ... may the lack of it is the cause of depression and nordic shit-stuffs

Flaca Diabla - 2018-01-12
As far as Florida in the US, you can beat your kids blue, go 90 miles per hour, (70 is the limit), get robbed by gun point, be shot at for driving too slow, (true), see people on the streets high, have your car stolen out of your driveway even in a well off neighborhood, and the list goes on. Disney area is horrendous but it's all hidden since we rely so much on tourist. Welcome to America, where if you live somewhere where you feel safe, your a part of the few lucky ones.

Dwrec K24 - 2018-01-12
Do they like black ppl there?

Deplorable Papa - 2018-01-12
Can you own firearms in Norway?

Leonard Wong - 2018-01-11
JAIL... SPEEDING? wtf. Child protection? Why is that a con? Stricter the better.
Jail for speeding is just silly!! .. it's all good I guess......

David Bond - 2018-01-10
More choices in America instead of equal misery for all.

David Bond - 2018-01-10
The background music is distracting.

travelvideos - 2018-01-10
Is its easy to hire in Norway ?

sean murphy - 2018-01-10
Pay your high taxes for Muslim unemployed immigrants

TEAGUE TJ V2 - 2018-01-09
I've never seen a bread cutter in a supermarket before

jedihakan - 2018-01-09
Honest people, meaningful conversations, safe place, stunning landscapes etc. So It is basically a heaven on earth. I am a vegetarian and if i can not find vegetarian option, I will create new minimalist recipes. I burst out laughing when i saw salsa break :)

Muhammad Fahad - 2018-01-08
8:30 that is the most beautiful kiss I have ever seen on my entire life 😁

Hats off to you guys. I will come to Norway in this August for masters. Wish me luck !!!!

William Atamanchuk - 2018-01-08
you both are pretty handsome.

Queck Silber - 2018-01-07
tldr: Norway is a gorgeous place - if one is never ever going to have children.

I would really like to live in Norway in the future. It is mostly such an amzing country.
Yes, there are some minor cons that one can live with - every country has it's stupidities (e.g. you did not mention the very strict alcohol laws).

However, Barnevernet is a really, really ugly and disgusting stain on the vest of this country.
- Barnevernet can take away children because one of the parents has any psychological desease or mental problems.
- Barnevernet takes away children if one of the parents itself was taken away as a child.
- Barnevernet can take away children if someone remarks that the parents do not keep enough eye contact to the child.
- etc., etc., etc.

Barnevernet is stomping human rights with their boots.
A politician has compared them to the NS organisation "Lebensborn" - and perhaps wasn't so wrong about it.

If I would live in Norway and ever want to have children, I would have to leave the country.
I am autistic and thereby the Norwegian state would not allow me to be a father simply because I do not fulfill their requirements for a "perfect parent".

There is a reportage (in German) about Barnevernet on Arte:

And two newspaper articles (also in German):

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