Robert Maxwell - 2017-12-31
Sink it!

Judith Carr - 2017-11-19
is it true that Rocket man has raped little girls in schools in Korea! You left wingers he is also working children too with no PAY. He needs to be taken out he Is the Devils advocate! He needs to pay for his evil doings and his wife is No better

Itsa Saens - 2017-11-16
TRUMP. SACA. a. ESE. MARRANO. Gordo. de. los. HUEVOS. al. hijo. de. PERRA.

Daniel Nomavila - 2017-10-24
But what the hell I mean really, there is nothing you guys can do beside going to the war?

Robert Szymanski - 2017-10-17
There's a documentary about Rods From God. We could put these telephone pole size Tungsteng Rods in space, but they weigh a lot and it would cost a LOT of money just to send ONE in space! The great impact at nearly the speed of light can level a city block! Trigger an earthquake!

tyandar 334 - 2017-10-15
The Turkish Army broke the Syrian state border and entered the Northern Syrian province of Idlib today. I've been watching the news and I have seen nothing in the mainstream media (CNN BBC CBS NBC etc) about this. It looks like this is not important enough for the mainstream media channels to make it into the headlines. I would like to point out that also no political figure in the Western Hemisphere said anything about it. Nobody is saying that this is an invasion by Turkey or that Turkey is the aggressor. Nobody is outraged. Absolutely nobody. Maybe this is because it all happend so sudden. Maybe we will have some reactions and news materials about it in the coming days. We shall see.

Randy Hodder - 2017-10-12
The media is pushing a Coup AGAINST POTUS, they are the ENEMY!!!

Randy Hodder - 2017-10-12
Brian Williams and Laurence ODonnel Rachel MADDOW, ARREST them... attempted overthrow of POTUS!!!

Randy Hodder - 2017-10-12
Brian Williams, Laurence ODonnel, Rachel Maddie... SONS of a thousand father's..each a BASTARD LIKE THEM!!!

d dalton roc'zombie - 2017-10-11
Glass their PIE FACED ASS Donnie! Ronnie would have in a NEW YORK second!!!!

Herman Moore - 2017-10-10
This is old news the Ship was seized by the Egyptians. The USA had told the Egyptians about the ship. They [The Egyptians] were the actual buyers, but because the items were out in the news the Egyptians had no option but to destroy the weapons.

Alan Peterson - 2017-10-10
The U.N. actually did something? Well, that's encouraging.

Vittal Koppal - 2017-10-10
They're just wasting their life, time & energy byway of just talking about WW 3. In addition, those stupidest politicians are not brave enough in order to act on & start WW 3.. Sooner the nuclear WW 3 starts, that'll be the best days in thy history of our humanity

Nadim Abdul - 2017-10-10
This is a big fat lie

Anwar Abrahams - 2017-10-10
When are u people gonna wake up do u really think this is about north Korea ...think why and what ...n Korea shame ...All to do with money

trumpsuporter um huhh - 2017-10-10
Wow kim if I was you I would fire upon usa. Trump wont do anything. Don't be afraid.....do it..

Darby Beattie - 2017-10-09
Sneaky slant eye fat boy.Great UN mercy and love for us.

Ted Garrett - 2017-10-09
The last time they caught a ship that was in Panama and that was under President Martinelli's. Our president was Obama. Martinelli went and made a inspection to see if there was anything under the sugar that came from Cuba they were weapons rifles plus parts for the mig-21 and whole scud missiles. The captain of the Korean vessel tried to commit suicide. Too bad he did not succeed feel sorry for him because I know he's probably in a camp there back in North Korea with the rest of his Motley Crue. But our newspaper only put a little bitty thing in the paper and the internet about this. They did not praise Martinelli at all. but when the new president came in of Panama. Obama could not do any much more to be so happy and tickled with this new president. He even told Cuba he was sorry and let 250,000, Cubans come into Texas new houses when you're free jobs and you know the funny part half of those did not make it they stayed on the border of Panama right by Costa Rica and they had the swine flu or the Mexican flu. Now how many of you got free taxes a home a job and free education when you went to anywhere especially this country. That tells you what kind of President we had. But I praise president Martinelli. He's in prison here in Florida because of the other president in Panama who said things about him that were not true. I think Martinelli did so much for Panama. Panamanian say that he did more than 8 years and most of them did in 40.

Nbel Yusf - 2017-10-09
ما هو الحكمه لل العدو لل التفجير السفينه الحمل تعتبر الحسد لل السفينه الحمل لل الطاقه السفينه الحمل لهم الحكمه البناء السفينه من جده الجديده اءنها الملك الله ولل الوطن لهم لماذا نقول ملك الوطن اءنهم لهم الاءطفال والاءمهات لهم الاءم هي تتحمل المسوئليه الاءطفال تكون لها الدموع البريئه اءمام الله🔱💕💕👈👈

Ted Garrett - 2017-10-09
We should keep the ship melt it down and send it back to them piece by piece you know what I mean. For you guys that are not as smart maybe we can shape it into something more phallic like a missile are dumb bombs

///// GRIFFIN - 2017-10-09
His little fat ass left NK to hide already, seal team #6 is on ground looking for him and his cabinet leaders.

Ralph Freestun - 2017-10-09

Arman Mia - 2017-10-09

Jordan Houck - 2017-10-09
Nuke them slants!!!!!

Ringo Gingo - 2017-10-09

RONALDO ESCOBAR - 2017-10-09

Dan M - 2017-10-09
Wow straight from lord of war movie ,iron instead of potatoes.

T W Whistler III - 2017-10-09

verdeperro - 2017-10-08
How come they were able to pass thru the Panama Canal?

Brett Bar - 2017-10-08
I don't believe the United Nations (UN) can stop and seize ships . . . it was not a pirate (or pirated) ship. So, my guess is that this story is BS propaganda . . .

Marie Cunningham - 2017-10-08

Mike Magnum - 2017-10-08
"K-Ju" deals with Russia on the world's illegal arms trade so Vladmir is probably very displeased about this as well......

Alanders333 - 2017-10-08
According to all of the comments on North Korea; North Korea is the enemy. America creates enemies because it don't export anything except "war". When was the last time North Korea invaded a country and stole it's oil, gold and water as America did to Libya and sodomized it's leader;and destroyed it's infrastructure? Have America always been tools to a lessor god? The god that allows it to erase it's history of genocide of the native population. A nation of super wealth and at the same time totally in denial of how it was attained on the backs of millions of dead and abused Africans? Would any of you tolerate the actions of a tyrant if he was in the gulf of Mexico doing what every American president have done to North Korea? Listen if anyone of you armchair warriors have a shred of decency left or if anyone in this country ever had. This will end badly for you and your loved ones. This war will come to your house and place of business, your children will be bombed and lie dead in the bombed out holes that used to be America cities. I am a Vietnam ear Veteran don't go down this road; unless you are willing to pay a price so expensive it will cost the lives of 300 million of your fellow armchair warriors. America will not survive this intervention; it will be her last war and all of you that cannot admit when "our" government is clearly wrong and it's citizens in denial!

Chi Wong - 2017-10-08
Fat boy? Rockets got taken away, how you going to fly now, too much cheese hidden in the rocket, a dog smell the cheese inside the 🚀 🚢 you loose again, 32 years 👵 fat like a 🐷 ha ha. Your fat face look like a big pig. You are hard to look at. You force Korean women to like you. You are so ugly rocket 👦

umesh2063 - 2017-10-08
UN is just a terrorist SHITMERICAN club who runs according to the Shitty country SHITMERICA.

J.D. Maya - 2017-10-08

Eric Smith - 2017-10-08
30000 RPGs that's just a little bit of stuff

Les Catalano - 2017-10-08
Blow it

kinz tv - 2017-10-07
Please don’t follow this bogus

Wayne Blake - 2017-10-07

Lucky Matsenjwa - 2017-10-07
Many people will die because of Kim and Trump's madness.

Robert E Lee - 2017-10-07
Yea go ask Michelle Obama the bitch went to Cambodia on her kneegro.trip told you them muslums were terrorist blackies

Steuen White - 2017-10-07
It's time blow kim away, capture him and charge shim with war crimes

randle guill - 2017-10-07
Kim sucks.
Trump sucks.
But our military has intelligent people, thank God.
And the country will be strong after this liar is gone.
Go U.S.A.

Donald Smith - 2017-10-07
This is wrong of North Korea but Donald Trump still doesn't have the intellgence and capability to govern this Nation.

miguel rafael romero rosales - 2017-10-07
please please north Korea have mercy on us I love my country of America don't destroy us please,don't listen to Donald Trump please

John Joseph Avalos - 2017-10-07
Rocket fat man crazy idiot U'll die soon!

Numa P - 2017-10-06
What an infinite amount of American, Ignorant, Arrogant, Stupid morons there are. Just read the comments below!. USA is the problem on Earth NOT the rest of the World. USA is governed by War Mongering Psychopaths and Sociopaths from Hell, While the people (Not All ) are a bunch of stupid meddling idiots playing with their toys made in CHINA. Real laugh

Rick S - 2017-10-06
Poor little fat boy, things are just getting worse...

003 3 - 2017-10-06
Russian computerized news again.

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