Brian Dawson - 2018-01-18
Jaylin is a little crying baby and a Drama Queen that will go as far as trying to make a Joke out of Kids poisoning themselves,,, so He himself can become Popular! That is what this is all about!!! Please beware of him!!! Him joking and Helping to support kids taking poison and doing things to harm themselves is wrong. So now I see this Drama Queen is attacking YOU TUBE trying to Pretend he is innocent! Must be nice having Nothing to do, but lie and make Fake comments to become popular! Get a JOB!

Zariah Robinson - 2018-01-14
Sooo J.... Was doing a challenge... Well really wasn't doing the challenge... Youtube reports him... Logan Paul films a dead Guy.
No one does anything...
Jake Paul breaks into a abandoned building to play a Ghost game.... No one does anything... Again...

Amanda 'BabyGirl' Ernspiker - 2018-01-14
I admit I haven't been the best subscriber lately, but that's because I needed to clear my head & I've been taking breaks from cyber world altogether. You're on my top 10 list of ppl to catch up with when I do venture back online or anytime I want to smile (your sense of humor is the best). Don't let them get ya down. There's only 1 direction for you to go from here and that way is UP! That being said, you're an amazing person, have a great mindset and the ability to make people laugh & smile. Not many ppl these days are able to do that so take it & run with it!

Bean Ginolfi - 2018-01-13
U can stream on Twitch

ProfessorJolobo - 2018-01-13
I did watch the while video about the tide pod and I know you didn't do the challenge. However I feel the reason YouTube took the video down was based upon the thumbnail, the title and the way you described the challenge and placed the pod in your mouth. Not saying anything negative about it, but maybe for viewers that dont understand and take the video the wrong way, it might potentially effect those viewers. Also take my comment with a grain of salt, I know that I am not youtube and have the full knowledge of the video guidelines. Love your content, keep it up.

Bean Boy Productions - 2018-01-13
Same Exact Thing My Video Of People Eating Tide Pod Compilation Got a strike

Bean Boy Productions - 2018-01-13
Yea same two of my Tide Pod Videos got taken down

Davison Video - 2018-01-13
The same thing happened to me! I didn't do it and made fun of the trend and they gave me a strike and upheld a strike.

Spectrum_Mommy_Amylee - 2018-01-13
Hey Jay! You should try getting in touch with Daym Drops. He is starting something new on his channel that may interest you! He is offering to try to help tuber in similar situations like yours! He might be able to help or shed some light on your issue of de-monetizing and stuff like that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gucQU8GLQE&t=883s

Adrian Gonzalez - 2018-01-13
Dude i dont even get notifications and my notifications are on smhh

Kristian179 - 2018-01-13
wtf would you even do that as a thumbnail, here's one idea film someone dead and be like, look who I'm hanging with !

Shawneeboy - 2018-01-13
This is not cool, youtube lets people ACTUALLY doing the challenge but not let a parody get in. C'mon

Johnny Martell - 2018-01-13
This actually makes me mad that they removed it

IWantANoose - 2018-01-13
Why the fuck do you put multiple fucking ads on this video that’s basically a PSA About how not to do this challenge cause it will kill you. lol

Trenton_05 - 2018-01-13
YouTube is weird these days, love your vids man. Keep up the good work!

SMEGY 89 - 2018-01-13
ya if you do that then you are a dumb as shit
stop though's stupid challenges already and grow up

ArghRawrWhoa - 2018-01-13

Deezzy Staxxx - 2018-01-13
yo bro I did The same video on my channel my video got a lot of dislikes also but i thought of spreading awareness because the tide pod challenge is dangerous

Sue Stogner - 2018-01-13
Wow really!!! That's just more proof of how crazy this world is now

CanadianCatDog123 - 2018-01-13
It’s a way to die.

CalvoNet - 2018-01-13
YouTube took down my tide pod video and it had 23k lol

Kevin Johnson - 2018-01-13

Grameo Larry - 2018-01-13
It's like you tube has just completely sold out and became PG rated because it didn't use to be like this at all.  You didn't do anything wrong so how in the world can they do this to you?

Grameo Larry - 2018-01-13
Don't let those haters get to you.  Keep on doing your thing!!

SemiGoatYT - 2018-01-13
Dude makes a video of someone doing dumb things and does nothing wrong. YouTube: WTF IS THIS HE DOESNT KNO DE WAY. Logan Paul makes a video filming dead person. YouTube: Eh... It’s aight

DarkJak2050 - 2018-01-13
Well for good riddance!

For the fucktards who did that with disregard to the warning label and had health problems...

"You won't be getting ANY pity or compassion from me!" - Velvet Crowe (Tales of Berserisa)

That "challenge" is just beyond stupid.

Atari Vîktoria - 2018-01-13
YouTube is moving nuts lately

WEE_G BORD - 2018-01-13
Don't worry Jay. I hope it gets better

Lani Davis - 2018-01-13
People always try and knock you down when they see you rising higher than their reach. Control is such a desired upper hand so when they can no longer change your fate they try to tarnish your brand

Keep your head up

Scottish Lad - 2018-01-13
Dang Bruh

Lighthearted Phan - 2018-01-13
I really hope you’re doing good

Jordan Newman - 2018-01-13

Arjun Gill - 2018-01-13
I eat tide pods for breakfast, do you know da way

Kit 68 - 2018-01-13
Are you ok!! I am really worried!

Daisy family - 2018-01-13
Hey I just subscribe to your channel..

Razor94 - 2018-01-12
What’s a tide-pod?

RBLX Caprix - 2018-01-12
Great video! Keep working!
Please reply

BoomBa Productions - 2018-01-12
Love the vids J keep grinding

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