Ruf Isigny - 2017-12-10
Katie Couric's very recent decision to postpone a more robust comment regarding the demise of her nine-year colleague and confidant, Matt Lauer, is not a difficult deduction. Katie "knows where the [proverbial] bodies are buried." Katie pretended to be annoyed in a 2012 Andy Cohen interview requesting 'what bothered her working with Lauer the most,' responding that, "“He pinches me on the ass a lot." Couric is playing the Trump card that ... "the tax records will be made public when .... etc, etc, etc.. Katie is buying 'eternal' time to be honest about the eternal question because she's an 'old school' woman who not only tolerated Lauer's misogyny and harassment but likely 'enjoyed it a bit. This is the dirty fact-of-life today's hyper-sensitive, man-hating, hairy-legged feminist snowflakes will never concede. They're all about nuclear destruction of the concept of men being men and women liking it - a ten thousand year-old ritual that only received the PC guillotine in the last twenty years. Katie is an enabler - not like Hillary who covered her skunk husband and president for rape and then hired private investigator thugs to scare the hell out of Bill's accusers, but a softer, more understandable accomplice. Katie Couric probably knew Matt Lauer's addiction proclivity to bedding women in the workplace better than anybody then and anybody now. She knows that she should have said something. But like most of us in our sixties and seventies, we're generational defendants in a transitional society of tattlers, opportunists and self-important male celebrities and politicians.

Jake Spur - 2017-12-03
With some coke I am sure Andy would be quite happy

Valerie Campbell-Jones - 2017-12-01
You should have reported his azz

rob666shan - 2017-12-01
If you got a problem say something to him , cunt

Manothepeople - 2017-11-30
Say, does anyone know how to clean puke from your keyboard?

D Storm - 2017-11-30
Nobody would be so desperate as to pinch her.

miss granny Smith apple - 2017-11-30
i'm done

slim slim - 2017-11-30
See the problem with women like Katie, women like her allow themselves to be grabbed and think it's funny. But when a woman who does not allow herself to be disrespected in that manner. A woman like Katie will attack and blame the woman for sexual harassment.

Gods Gift - 2017-11-30
He fucked her

___ - 2017-11-30

vRiCov Mcmbvii - 2017-11-30
Damn he was banging Katie everyday lol

Going Coastal - 2017-11-30
Connie Chung did the same damn thing to me!


Radioactive Banana - 2017-11-29
Schumer tweets translated-- is he trying to tell us he's a duel citizen?
Dado el presidento no ve un acuerdo entre los democraticas y la casa blanca creemos que la mejor plan es seguir negociando con nuestros colegas republicans en el congresso.

Given the president does not see an agreement between the democratic and the white house we believe that the best plan is to continue negotiating with our fellow Republicans in the congress.

En lugar de ir y casa blanca para un expectaculo que no resultara en un acuerdo les hemos pedido a los lideres McConnel Y Ryan que se reunan con nostros esta tarde.

Instead of going and white house for an expectation that did not result in an agreement, we have asked the McConnel and Ryan leaders to meet with us this afternoon.

No tenemos tiempo que perder para que lidier con los problemos que confrontan a nuestros pais asi que vamos a continar negociando con los lideres republicanos que esten interestado en llegar a un acuerdo bipartista

We do not have time to lose to deal with the problems that confront our country so we are going to continue negotiating with the Republican leaders who are interested in reaching a bipartisan agreement

Schummer is an ass! Another drugs, weapons and child trafficing whore of the Deep State! Hang em all!

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