Global Impact Ministries - 2018-02-18
Oneness Pentecostal believers have been saying the exact same thing about water baptism that this video expresses from 48:41 to 58:15. It is wonderful to see Spirit filled believers with noble and honest hearts teaching exactly what the apostles taught without Trinitarian creedal glasses. May the Lord use this video to bring many into the fullness of the true gospel of Jesus. Much more info on our website at ApostolicChristianFaith.com

Sammy M - 2018-02-17
Lord Guide me ! I feel stuck ! Amazing video! Godbless you guys

Global Impact Ministries - 2018-02-17
At 48:41 to 49:06 Torben Sondergaard said, "Are you ready to get baptized into Jesus Christ? To wash away your sins?" Praise God! That is the true scriptural teaching. Every single early Christian writing that mentions water baptism in detail, always states that it is for the remission or washing away of sins. See my articles and videos on true Christian baptism according to scripture and history at ApostolicChristianFaith .com

Global Impact Ministries - 2018-02-17
Great video! Brother Sondergaard discarded his television and prays for hours per day. It is essential that we get radical for Jesus in laying down all things in our lives that block the power and anointing of God. While true faith is essential, prayer and fasting is necessary to bind the strong man in the spiritual realm before one can spoil his goods. Torben Sondergaard baptizes in Jesus Name for the remission of sins just like Oneness believers do because he is being honest with God's word. This link proves that Torben Sondergaard is teaching like us Oneness Pentecostals: https://youtu.be/MEHNHgpR9lk

Andrew Owen - 2018-02-17
Torben is here in Cape Town - If you live near Somerset West come and learn, we are having an awesome time.

ANTONIO GARCIA - 2018-02-16
Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah praise be God 😭😭😭😢😢😢😢🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Steve Seiler - 2018-02-15
i feel that this has all the hallmarks of the last day deception the so called casting out demons stated in revelation please read the bible so that you will not be deceived

Louis Perez - 2018-02-14
This looks like a well crafted production to trick people into thinking this is real. Good job paying those actors that got "healed" good job paying that airplane to write real on the sky. Do people really buy this? LOL how gullible.

Elige CHBAT - 2018-02-12
Sin at the time of jesus meant “apart from god”, means apart from our divine nature. God is not counting how many times u said lies or how many times u have stolen. He’s beyond duality.

Whoever uses divine powers for personal interest like fame and show off become a false prophet.

“Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?'
Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Get away from me, you who practice evil!'"
Matthew 7:22-23

maccathy samuel - 2018-02-11
Are you coming to Moscow , Russia ?pls when?

Wee Man - 2018-02-11
1Million views!!!

Nick Levens - 2018-02-10
Awesome God is amazing I feel inspired to get out of the church x

Hey Guys, if anyone of you have email address or contact detail of Torben,, could you please share with me,
I am Anup, From Australia,

Franky Lala - 2018-02-10
Thank you for upload this video, i love how Holy Spirit works. I love Jesus. From Indonesia wanna say Haleluyah...

Taby León - 2018-02-09
Aleluya! God is REAL!

Leandro Benitez - 2018-02-09
amen si gracias espíritu santo

Nestly Narciso - 2018-02-09
this made me cry. i hope there's a reformation here in Philippines. as Catholicism becomes stagnant, passive and more political. lifestyles of younger generation, especially the Millenials, become worst with movies shows liberation and wild lifestyles.😳

Leanna Jacobo - 2018-02-08
Praise the lord Amazing men and women of the lord.

MrFermanaghman - 2018-02-06
So if this all is so real then why are these guys not going to hospitals and healing cancer suffers? There is so much wrong with this video it’s unreal!

The bible (if you read it) says things will get worse and worse before Jesus comes, not better! There is so much evil in this video I feel sorry for those sucked in by it.

TheSheerokee - 2018-02-06
Faux prophète

reemal - 2018-02-05
what happens when people don't get healed

DRAKKEN RAIN - 2018-02-03
why a person in league of legends send me this in the lobby after a game

Zerita Edwards - 2018-02-02
I met someone who told me about this once he prayed over my back. I mean I did feel a difference, but still had pressure. I just want to know, if this is so real... Why I don't see y'all doing this in the hospitals or nursing homes? Why only those on the street? Do nursing homes and hospitals then I will be a true believer. I believe in God/Jesus. Just not to sure about y'all.

schmurgel - 2018-02-02
I really want to know what happens next.

tae Choi - 2018-02-01
If we don't demonstrate power of Holy Sprite church became just relision and social institutions which is so common in European countries.

tae Choi - 2018-02-01
Change churches too. They are so boring and afraid about fallowing discipleship Jesus teached. They are like school that teach only doctrines and not actual lifestyle of jesus Christ.

tae Choi - 2018-02-01
If we build up many soldiers to change whole world. Probobly we will change hospital and all government institutions also.

チョコ チョコ - 2018-01-29

william smith - 2018-01-25
Yes! Yes! Yes!Even so, come Lord Jesus. May Your Glory cover the earth.This is so real. Amen.

Mario Antonio Brancato - 2018-01-23
Matthieu 28 v 19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guyzmoe - 2018-01-23
Wtf is this shit ? xD

Natalie Jean-Philippe - 2018-01-23
Wow!! This is incredible.. I’m in tears 😭😭..

Natalie Jean-Philippe - 2018-01-23

Filip Dinev - 2018-01-23

Charles Davis - 2018-01-22
After watching this I am a poor excuse for a Christian. 😢

Charles Davis - 2018-01-22

Rex Sheeley - 2018-01-22
Its more than reformation it is RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS

Ninii Tread - 2018-01-21
i will pray and read study the book of Acts deeply.. And receive the holy gift power of God All Mighty God in Christ Jesus our savior.. PRAISE HIM TO THE HIGHEST HIEGHT AMEN

Ninii Tread - 2018-01-21
Amen!!! Glory and praise be to God all mighty in Christ Jesus, Amen.. Maria what a testimony🙉 may God continue with you in your growth of the holy spirit and to all who has faith and will come to faith and repentance in The One True God.. Amen and HaLaLuYah💥

Shewit Mebrahtu - 2018-01-21
Praise Lord Jesus !

guilherme carneiro - 2018-01-20
Thank you Jesus for the amazing testemonies thanks torben for obey Jesus and say the true for people it's a real life I pray for many people and be Heald and repentance of your sins and we baptized to Jesus Christ , see the pioneer School videos and see the truth

Christian Comedy Channel - 2018-01-18
I noticed that in water baptism the words: "die with Christ so that you can rise with him are quoted." I was wondering why this was so, is Matthew 28:19 "Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" relevant to water baptism? It's the Oneness (Jesus Only) who baptise using the name Jesus alone, are you people Oneness or Trinitarians, if the latter then what is the Trinity to you?

TheGospelsinger87 - 2018-01-18
That is not the God of the Bibel...
If you will go back to the acts please read acts chapter 5. When God will punish every liar like here....oh no!
You are talking about 5% from the bibel....not the true doctrine that Paul did write in his letters....

D H - 2018-01-17
What the hell is this garbage!? this is just more idiotic moronic religious nonsense! Get real people!

BS Vlogs - 2018-01-17
Best minute: 1:05:31

Lester Jan Cabaron - 2018-01-17
Please Come to our Country Philippines. In Our Place Butuan City please kindly heal the sick people and let them believe who truly Jesus Christ is this i pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ Amen. :)

Sam Sahirii - 2018-01-12

BS Vlogs - 2018-01-10
Let's try to reach 1.000.000 views 😀 this movie is just AWESOME

Gulshan Samson - 2018-01-07
This is the true reformation. I was bugged up with rituals, traditions. This is what I was looking for and this is what I want to be a part of. I felt really blessed after watching this testimonies. God answered me. Glory to God! Glory to Jesus!

Hannibal Lecter - 2018-01-05
But guys, this is only a movie. Like Godzilla and King Kong. It's not real...

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