The Last Reformation - The Beginning (2016) - FULL MOVIE

The Last Reformation - The Beginning (2016) - FULL MOVIE
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This documentary is changing the world right now! It shows how life must have been for the first disciples of Jesus who walked around on earth and why the gospel flooded the whole earth. It shows what a life of a Christian should look like - a life where signs and wonders are following us.

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"This is the best documentary of the Book of Acts TODAY." -- Andy Garcia

"We watched your movie at our church's home Fellowship last night.  The Holy Spirit fell in a great way!" -- Sarah

"This movie just blew me away! I have shared it with many friends now!" - Angela 
The Last Reformation - The Beginning (2016) - FULL MOVIE



TruthSeeker - 2017-12-12
Music @ 50:23? Someone knows the name?

Truster - 2017-12-11
The ecclesia is not meant to be the same today as when it was first instituted. There is supposed to a turning away from the truth, lawlessness and the same attitude as there was in the days of Noah.

Shak Arora - 2017-12-09
God bless everyone! I love you, Jesus Christ!

B4You Ash - 2017-12-08
There is no other that the TRUE GOD Almighty!! And he has no other name and he has no religion. Because we cannot be 100% sure what religion or texts are 100% true, and the right one to believe in and follow WE have to STOP, and only believe in GOD ALMIGHTY that has no specific religion or types of different worships, or symbols!! All of those things is dangerous and will risk you go astray! PLEASE for the love of The almighty God stop right now and really dig deep inside yourself and be saved by this deceiving truth half the planet are following!! I believe Jesus is dangerous!! I was a christian just now today, and i stopped being it. I got an awakening and i THANK YOU GOD ALMIGHTY soooo much i cry, that you woke me up from the BIG DECEPTION! Just think about this i say below for 1 sec please!!!

This world is a corrupt world full of pain and misery, and that´s exactly why almost ALL people will go astray and THINK they make the right thing and believing in Jesus or any other thing other than the True Almighty God! That´s why just a few people will make it in the end! It´s more likely i´m telling the truth than the other way around!

Because in a world like this, it´s more likely that everyone is deceived.

I´ll try to elaborate, imagine half the planet eating sweets and candy and everyone is happy and so pleased and they get fatter and fatter and sick and then die because of that, and not knowing why (living in blindness because they do not seek and question everything, so they just eat and eat because it´s so easy and you can just sit and eat and do nothing) THEN we have a few people that chooses to NOT follow the others and eat candy and other good stuff even if they can and love candy (as an example), and instead, they workout and eat healthy without falling for the temptation to eat bad stuff and just sit at home.

With tears, blood and discipline They push themselves instead, because they feel inside that´s the real way to live life and think outside the box! And That´s what gets them the reward for doing just that, A healthy life and a great body and long life. My point is, that if it´s to good to be true it certainly IS JUST THAT! In this fallen world we live in you have to question and seek!!! God within me tells me i was and others are deceived by following Christ which in turn really is the devil or any other religion (i´m not sure they might be a right one, maybe the old testament? But i´m not taking and risks and i think that´s really smart because i can´t do wrong or fallow wrong if i don´t follow any, right!!? God understands that as long as you don´t sin and you pray to God and do right in this life. That is the true answer to really get saved and not FALSE saved by Satan with the false healing and false Holy Spirit and miracles!

GOD don´t have to prove himself, only Satan needs to do that, THINK ABOUT IT! Every testimony every spirit or dream of Jesus is SATAN and he deceives you with fear. Near death experiences/testimonies when they see HELL is Jesus/Satan that makes you see those things so you scream out his name (Jesus) in fear to get saved, and then HE comes and rescues you. That´s ALL an ACT!!!!! It´s Satan's
way of deceiving. Satan is VERY SMART!!

That´s a tactic he uses, (FEAR) so you scream out his name and then you THINK you been saved, but instead you have been deceived! And now you are in the hands of Satan to the end of time. ;( i´m so sad!! Maybe that´s what they mean by only 144,000 people is saved?!?! Because they never knew what they got them self's into! GOD or angels wont speak to you, because if god did that HOW can we know if it REALLY is God or Angel we speak to? You can´t!!! That´s why you need to wake up and see that it´s Satan´s Deception in the working!!!

This is a blasphemy against Holy Spirit, and i know what kinda risk i´m taking by it, but the funny thing is that GOD would NEVER say anything like that, that there is something you never can repent from. THAT IS A BIG SIGN IT´S DEVIL´S DOING AND TALK/RULES!!! He uses fear!!! Don´t be deceived please!! Because of this fear, only few people will dare to follow what i feel is the right way.

That´s what they mean by The Bid Deception... i get it now.... O my god i was so close to go astray like almost all the planet are right now... I beg you to repent and STILL follow what is right i mean DON´T sin, and don´t follow any religion and only speak/pray to the only true God without a name or religion God Almighty! And follow true with being humble and stay away from sin. This is what i think and feel right now after many countless of reading and seeking as an christian. I hope some of you can be saved by this message, i only want all of you to be saved, so please don´t be angry at me! And by saying Saved, i mean you will know if it´s the right thing or not within you because i can´t prove any of this! God Bless You All!!

Stuart Taylor - 2017-12-07

Barmey Roberts - 2017-12-03
Wow truth

Malaka Chrisostom Fernando - 2017-12-02
In the name of heavenly father I am the son with holy spirit I blessed you all with holy spirit in the name of Jesus

Barry Irlandi - 2017-12-01
Jinn possession, May Allah protect them all

Barry Irlandi - 2017-12-01
Jinn possession

Jenny Burkhart - 2017-11-29
Lets do this!

Enya lumiere - 2017-11-29
Moi je pensais que fallait se fortifier dans la parole et ensuite agir jai fait avec ma mere et oui sa fonctionné! Mais pour les autres je manque d'assurance ...Je pensis fallais etre un chretiens de longue experiences pour faire tout ca !| he bien amen ! Si on peut guérir je ferai tout les jours alors je commence demain !

Elena Soria - 2017-11-28
Caro fratello ti aspetto in Italia con precisione in Abruzzo.

SeekerofTruth29 - 2017-11-28
Blacks,hispanics and native americans are the real 12 tribes of Israel.

Steven the Pattison - 2017-11-28
Movie note, the "die with christ, rise with christ" baptisms at the beginning wont work unless you hold them down for three days before bringing them out of the water. XD

MrTobnicht - 2017-11-27
This movie really encourages to go out and be a witness for Jesus. To pray for people to preach the gospel and lead them to faith in Jesus alone. 

What hurts my heart is that there is no good word about the church. As if there were no churches that preach a clear gospel, pray for the sick, cast out demons and so on. There are churches doing that and for that reason it is not OK to treat the body of christ like that. Jesus is coming back for his bride - his church. A body of all the disciples that love and follow him. The book of Acts is quoted but not mentioned, that the first church also had leadership and some necessary structures and that they met a a regular basis - still being organic and vital etc.

Still, I am inspired and pray that many, many disciples go out and do what Jesus commanded us to do AND unite as his church as the bride of Jesus. That is what I want to do for my life.

Tyler - 2017-11-24
The great hypnotist.

Tyler - 2017-11-24
I don't see this for the people that want healing. I don't trust this edited video.

Tony 77 - 2017-11-23
Jésus est vivant , jésus est réel , jésus libère des démons , il est le seul à le faire à travers nous qui le servons . Amen

Ja. Cl. - 2017-11-22
Not the last, it's a renewal of what has been, what is, and what will be until the return of Jesus Christ, hallelujah praise God

Kenny marker - 2017-11-19
i hope that every single one of those people that got saved will CONTINUE in Jesus!!! it is NOT enough just to be believe in a god, or just get baptized by the holy spirit!!! you must keep on dying to yourself after getting baptized!!! endure until the end!! ! and make disciples!!

ColdMind12 - 2017-11-17
Why do you baptize "in the Name of Jesus" or like "in Jesus down, in Jesus up/die with Christ, rise with Christ" if He gives the command to baptize "in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit" (Mt 28:19)?
Please answer and/or give a link to a teaching about it please.

MrAndrei012 - 2017-11-17
So does anyone anymore know the teachings of Jeshua (Jesus)? are they important? there must be a reason why there are 4 gospels in the bible right? should they be considered as not important, a part of the old covenant and therefore not significant? So if I do not get baptized with water I am not saved? Thank you in advance for the answers and may Yahweh give you wisdom and peace.

Cookie Power - 2017-11-12

Lora Small - 2017-11-11
There was baptism in Brisbane Australia today but I missed it 😩

Christine Ortmann - 2017-11-08
So Awesome!!!! So Happy to see the Holy Spirit poured out on His people- !!!!! Praising God- Thank you Jesus !! God just healed my eyes - I don't need glasses anymore !!!!! I was delivered of tremors !!! of Lupus !! of Lyme's disease !! of Fibromyalgia, of Chronic Fatigue syndrome !!! All things are possible with The Word of God !!! The church is asleep !!!!!! It doesn't believe it is God's will to Heal all the time !! it's the only way to receive a healing is to believe God wants to heal you !! Jesus went around healing All who were oppressed by the devil. I want to be Just Like Jesus !!!!!

Anatoly Kolchugin - 2017-11-07
А русские есть здесь?

KCFonline - 2017-11-07
Brother Torben, I've watched your videos for years and am so thankful for what you and the others featured in this movie are doing. I also, as a disciple of Christ, am healing the sick and casting out devils in Jesus name, so I don't make my comment as an "arm chair quarterback" or "observer" (hearer only of the Word) but rather one who is also doing the works and continuing the ministry of Jesus... You are doing everything according to the Great Commission except one thing...My admonishment would be to baptize as Jesus commanded, "In the name of The Father, and of the Son and of The Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19) I know there's debate of just "In Jesus name" as we see in the book of Acts, (Acts 2:38, etc.) I'm not going to enter into that debate. But, nowhere does it say, to baptize "Dead in Christ, Alive in Christ", yes that is the supernatural transaction that takes place, (baptism is NOT just a symbol- I completely agree) but "dead in Christ, alive in Christ" is not the ordinance of baptism given from the mouth of Jesus in the Great Commission, nor what we see in the book of Acts. Please take this as an admonishment in love. Keep advancing the Kingdom of God and fulfilling the Great Commission brothers and sisters, great job! I really enjoyed the movie- very well done! I hope to make my own one day.

Jesus Is Love - 2017-10-31
Plizz come to Armenia in Jesus name i need youre help pliz pliz

Action Against Addiction E-hab - 2017-10-31
Hi Guys. Please may I ask you a question? For the first time in over a decade, ministerial witness such as yours as caught my heart as I watched yours.

Please may I ask, and I will leave my email address for a personal response, but what is your take on what took place in what was known as the Toronto blessing and the similar 'phenomenon' recorded at Pensecola?

[email protected]bethesda4recovery.com

Franky Grail - 2017-10-30
More babbling and making gibberish sounds and calling it Holy... Wow...

Asabov Sobelo - 2017-10-26
Good people, do not fall for this faith healing bullshit
This man is a fraud
He is one of those that Christ warned us about

Paul Downie - 2017-10-22
Great encouragement to get back tio the book of Acts

IGNATIUS914 - 2017-10-21
I am glad and thankful to God that I am one of them that have obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ and have done it the Bible Way of Acts 2.38

Maricel M Apalla - 2017-10-21
So amazing the work of the LORD.

Genesis Raja Dangu - 2017-10-21
Oh! Father I'm really, really desperate to do your will and live exactly your words says, but Lord there is many weakness in me which became bondage, chain to go further, to live by your word father I need your help.. Please ..please Brother in Christ pray for me that I may Give him first priority and that I may live by his word.. Please..

Eu Singur - 2017-10-20
sectarii acestia vor ajunge toti in iad!

Fryingpan Presley - 2017-10-20
Yay, Finally watched this movie! <3 It is truly so amazing! I can't wait to finish the Lessons. "Now I'm fully ready"! :P Praise God for the Last Reformation. in Jesus name Amen! <3

All 4 Yeshua - 2017-10-13
This video renewed my faith when I starded to doubt on God's power nowadays... It's been almost a year now, since I began to heal people in Jesus name. Today, I can't count anymore how many men and women God healed through my hands... Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for using me, I know I can't do anything without you and the Holy spirit! I love you Jesus! I love you God! I'll never hesitate again to glorify you and the Father in Heaven! Amen

billyjoejimbobby - 2017-10-12
get behind me satan it should be about Jesus and no other you basically remove the Lords gospel you are antichrist!!

Felipe Dos Santos - 2017-10-11
ter assistido todo esse documentário abriu muito a minha mente e me fez querer ser
verdadeira discípulo de Jesus. quero viver essa vida, A vida que Deus nos promete.

Stefano Ansaldo - Predicatori senza pulpito - 2017-10-07
The Church of Acts was a Holy Church, walking in the Spirit, in the fear of the Lord and separate from the world, the flash and vanity... Turn back to this Kind of life and you Will see the Power of God! The Real Power of God to overcome the darkness and the flash desire! Walk in the Spirit, walk in Holiness, Walk with Christ every time!!! Aleluyah! But so many "moderns disciples" lives still they lifes in the world...they loves television, movies, music of the world, they drink still alcool, beer, they go to beach in bikini, use imoral dressing.... Where is the Power of the Holy Spirit in this kind of people? The Holy Spirit take our lives to Holiness for the Glory of the Lord!!! In Jesus Name.

IGNATIUS914 - 2017-10-04
I am so glad to The Lord for the conviction and revelation of this truth of water baptism in Jesus name . I too was re baptised in the name of Jesus on Sunday the 12 October 1978 just after 1.30 pm . When I got baptised in the trinity formula of the Father Son and Holy Ghost nothing happened . There is power in the name of Jesus and it remits sins as the blood is applied to the soul That's why Ananias said to Saul . And why wait thou ? Arise and be baptised and wash away thy sins ,calling upon The Lord . Acts 22.16 . You can hear my testimony on you tube if you google my name Ignatius Rodrigues and my experience of water baptism is what and how I felt is there through this song God bless and I hope that you will take on his name . Acts 4.12 Neither is there salvation in any other for there is no other name given under heaven given whereby we must be saved

Ferenc Felek - 2017-10-03
Köszönöm a Magyar nyelvű feliratot! Erőt adó-motiváló film! Áldjon az ÚR benneteket!

Giulia Concetta - 2017-10-02
Wow! Oggi ,ad un certo punto del video,mi è venuta una fede di operare miracoli che sono corsa in cucina da mia mamma dicendole se avesse dolore da qualche parte, perché volevo mettere in pratica subito quanto ascoltato. Lei mi ha detto che aveva dolore alla schiena e al collo. Ho comandato al dolore di andarsene nel nome di Gesù e il dolore è sparito all' istante 😍😅 Non è la prima volta che mi succede. . ma mi succede di rado..adesso ho capito che posso farlo assolutamente ogni giorno , in qualsiasi posto e con chiunque e che ogni volta funzionerà sempre perché la fede è Ora!.. mi si è attivata una nuova fede! Grazie Gesù! Grazie ragazzi Dio vi benedica con ogni abbondanza di benedizione !

THEBibethumper - 2017-09-30
Poor people! Read the Real BIBLE and learn The TRUTH!!! You do not know the difference between The Holy Spirit and Devil Possession!

Sachin Ki - 2017-09-25
So sad to see no real healing happened in this video

orangejuiceneggs - 2017-09-24
I watched this video a couple weeks ago, I had watched some videos before years ago but i thought it was another guy going around doing GODs work, now I see why it was another guy. anyway while watching I would pause the video then took a few breaks every now and then to get something to eat or flip channels on tv. So I finished watching went to sleep around 12am and when I wake up in the mornings I usually watch Reflections and Joseph Prince on daystar channel, and the same thing that was done in the movie I had watched here the day before, Joseph Prince talked about that morning, Acts and the apostles, its like a sign. A couple days later on Saturday leaving my brothers home late at night. While driving on the highway I saw a shooting star fly so fast and low across my path. So fast I had to slow down from 71 mph because I could not believe the speed it traveled, it disintegrated and if I would have blinked I would have missed it. It is real everybody, remember to pray and read your bibles and when you’re done read it again ask for help with what you need.

Life With Tuckers - 2017-09-23
This is tugging at my heart strings... I need God.. I want to experience the real
Love of Christ. I desire it. I hate the person I am now.

His Beloved - 2017-09-22
Praying for a great move of God in my church. I have contacted a kickstarter in my state!😀👍

Moises Mendoza - 2017-09-20
God is amazing..He is amazing. this impact's a lot of a Christian life. Matthew 6:33

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