LA Victa - 2018-02-20
Although it's a missed shot, it's a 100% effort

Youtube Channel - 2018-02-15
Yall wanted him to get more minutes now he's a fucking starter missing wide open dunks. If I was 6'8" and missed that i'd request to be benched cause that shits embarrassing.

Digital_AznBoy - 2018-02-14
Tf is in his mouth.

John50 Beach - 2018-02-14
If Golden State with that kind of energy they'd never lose. But I guess they'd get injured too

Fuck U All - 2018-02-13
Osman is improving

J GLB - 2018-02-13
Can you believe people actually can MISS dunks?!? Fuckin idiots never watched anything but highlights if you think missing a dunk is bad

emanuel baynosa - 2018-02-13
ohh!! that wasa fucking travel he run 3steps

Double O - 2018-02-13
Who cares?? He's got so much potential.

Thrilla In Manila - 2018-02-13
Lol that boy can drive tho.... But his driving lay up 100 don't know why he tried that

김도원 - 2018-02-13
good to see the king appreciating the young blood and the energy and the positivity he brings to the team.

JAY FELICIANO KIM - 2018-02-13
A steal was what mattered.

Ulaşcan ZEREN - 2018-02-13

Artur Zinurov - 2018-02-13
Where are the people who say lebron is a bad leader?

Slight Design ツ - 2018-02-13
If he's orginal team was their he would been like bench then traded

Emmanuel Moses - 2018-02-12
That's how Leaders Lead..💯

Nyree Smith - 2018-02-12
All I See In The Comments Is "Lebron Missed Wide Open Dunks "💀💀

John Boyce - 2018-02-12
He's a young player, he'll get more comfortable in the league soon enough. He guarded Kyrie with his heart all night.

Eric Wiltz - 2018-02-12
It’s not a big deal, cavs where up and from what I hear he’s real good

Serdar GS1905 - 2018-02-12
That was a Mother Fucking Monster SKILLLL..

Jeremiah Prince - 2018-02-12

eren kayapınar - 2018-02-12
nice steal tho.

HC DaVe - 2018-02-12
I watched the game and this kid played very well 😋

Holy Crap - 2018-02-12
NBA needs these kind of ambitious players. They make games more competitive rather than a show-game

Anthony Colon - 2018-02-12
Really.....somebody made a video of this wet fart missing a dunk?

Senor Papi - 2018-02-12
Don't care what anybody says he botched that, that was goofy af trynna do too much

YES WE CAN - 2018-02-12
White men can't jump Lol.

Gavin Lee - 2018-02-12
Ok, yes it's okay. I'll trade you soon

thechosen1 - 2018-02-12

Masato Watanabe - 2018-02-12
Jeff`s new favourite player

Kyle franz Grain - 2018-02-12
this guy is not afraid to get a foul. hahahah terrific D.. btw in a good way

Kyle franz Grain - 2018-02-12
its just a missed dunk..

Lima Wood - 2018-02-12
he got an opportunity to show himself and i think he is going great so far. Hope he'll be better.

TALENTED PINOY - 2018-02-12
whahah its ok but gun fire win

Bicc OG - 2018-02-12
He looks like a role player at max

Ttx Tan - 2018-02-12
People gonna say it's a travel IF james was the one dunking it

Salvatore Anzalone - 2018-02-12
LeBron has missed bare breakaway dunks, it's all good Cedi

nina lrley - 2018-02-12
I felt so sorry for him and you know he lost he's confidence but still managed to get 12 points after that. If he didn't miss this he would of easily put 20+. Anyway i love his attitude i love him name i love his defence and energy.

Nikeairon24 - 2018-02-12
I like how when clarkson saw Lebron clapping he started clapping too loool

Michael Immanuel - 2018-02-12
Cedi Osman must be glad hav' lebron has a mentor

Mawien Arik - 2018-02-12
All white boys stick to shooting, be like Kyle Krover.

Hot diggity dog - 2018-02-12
Buddy getting traded

Nogah Lerman - 2018-02-12
Ohs men...

monecal-D tan - 2018-02-12
He will be better

marrues ham - 2018-02-12
Cloverfield paradox kurt rambis

McLovin Got The Sauce - 2018-02-12
That nigga look like a girl my nigga

joona - 2018-02-12
its just a one dunk, everyone can missed it.. love this guy effort , and love the way lebron supporting him , thats a leadership i want to see.

JackGeezy - 2018-02-12
This guy should guard Thompson or Curry on Finals

Lucifer Morningstar - 2018-02-12
The next MANU

MR LONELY - 2018-02-12
Welcome to Shaqtin a fool

LeNever B. Jordan - 2018-02-12
Boy sit yo white ass down. LOL LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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