Ronald Krikorian - 2018-02-14
Another phony

Michael Miller - 2017-12-06
NBC had no clue that Matt was/is a perv!  Yeah right!  Savannah Guthrie was shocked!  Yeah right!  NBC SUCKS!

Selena Velez - 2017-12-03
Andy says he doesn't have a problem with that and after she tells him that he pinches her on the ass the audience claps an laughs. Wtf ???

aguilacec - 2017-12-01
Wow!! I would not like to work in a that show...

Spanky Harland - 2017-12-01
so a powerful woman like katie couric allows her equally powerful male counterpart to pinch her in the ass, did he also try for the nipples ? she let him do that- I call that a first rate enabler. If some scumbag pinched my ass- someone would have to call 911 to resuscitate him and a nice good sexual lawsuit would follow. Why would she let him get away with this ?

carmen sandiego - 2017-12-01
Catie seemed to have enjoyed it.. however its NOT right....now BOTH of you have to deal with new ordeal that has unfolded, moreso him, but her reputation may be tarnished as well, this is LIFE...

Dixie May - 2017-12-01
And Katie once admitted to the casting Couch♡

Michael Alexander - 2017-11-30
A media God. Where's Meryl?

Michael Alexander - 2017-11-30
The old David cop a feel joke? Bwaaaaa. I'm kidding.

Martha Raymond - 2017-11-30
Idiot host.

joe wolf - 2017-11-30
i hope he washed his hands after

Technicstechnician - 2017-11-30
She didn’t seem to mind it

RDreamer - 2017-11-30
This didn't turn out to be very funny.

billthestinker - 2017-11-29
After Matt watched her colonoscopy he said a pinch is no big deal

Gina Strahan - 2017-11-29
If she ever expressed to him that she didn't want him to do that and he continued for years, it's her fault for not hitting him over the head with a chair. You've got to be firm when you tell them no. Sometimes firm means knocking them in the head with a chair.

James McCracken - 2017-11-29
She has got a nice ass -if you wouldn t do that while around her -then guess you don t like a nice ass !

tulllguy - 2017-11-29
Libs for women's right's...yeah, ok.

cindyasters - 2017-11-29
And nobody used to care about this. Every time a man touches a woman inappropriately, she should knee him as hard as she can in his gonads.

Plutot Crever - 2017-11-29
Get ready for a couple of hundreds of thousands of clicks.

Vic Hussain - 2017-11-29
NBC knew Matt was a predator, they waited for the right time and it paid off, they don't gotta pay him for retirement lol

Mike Vardian - 2017-11-29
I hate to say it.... Can never lump an entire group into the same stereotype. But most these people have risen to power because of there narcissistic qualities and are not decent people. As soon as people take the time to understand what a narcissist is and how toxic they are this shit will never end. Fuck all these people.

Smartboi302 - 2017-11-29
damn! now he’s outt there! pinched too many asses!

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