Ferenc Haraszti - 2017-10-16
Looks good? Matter of taste. Not mine, for sure. But calling her a journalist? Now c'mon, don't lose it there!

fun one - 2016-12-27

kyletango - 2016-09-25
Great journalist? Another Connie Chung.

Jai Hind - 2016-08-18
I totally would! twice daily and all day on sunday! Love me some Katie meat.

IdontKnow Maybe - 2016-04-28
Fucking hot!! Milff❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍

Mac Harper - 2016-03-18
I think the people at TMZ have been drinking. Katie Couric is attractive but she is not hotter than that supermodel.

lgb - 2015-09-06
kinda fat

hawgdawger - 2015-05-04
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Katie Couric, one must wonder if you sold out a long time ago. But this time one must wonder if you went way too far by sharing only half truths about genetically modified organisms. It's entirely plausible that your thighs and ass are as big as they are because you don't read ingredient labels.  AND you might consider whether the foods you eat are freaking genetically modified. Shame on  your fat ass. Shame on you. You were once among my favorite news casters. Now, you're just another casualty of the standard American diet and the countless host of health problems it has to offer. Good luck with that ass and those thighs.

Caitlin Kay - 2015-02-21
LOVE this clip! haha

VTK XTO - 2015-02-21
That cunt with the bun and the glasses makes my penis recede into my body.

willy c - 2015-02-19
She should join Hanoi Jane...they make a nice couple...

Master Yoda - 2015-02-18
1:12 SPIT

Master Yoda - 2015-02-18
high-five-able lol

Rick Roberts - 2015-02-18
"Real American thighs"

This is why I fucks with Van.

ohTetro - 2015-02-18
She's the reason I check that snap chat news thing ever day, to hear her voice

Sean Tottenham - 2015-02-18
Fuck katie couric the other chick 10 times better

Sean Tottenham - 2015-02-18
That model is fucking unreal omg

Ima KeepItReal - 2015-02-17
Most guys nowadays like to choose rocks over diamonds. Shame.

duchesswannabe - 2015-02-17
i've seen just a few of her interviews..... but a Great journalist? really?

ClemMedia - 2015-02-17
Katie's looking quite GILFY. She's almost 60.

xkluzivtv - 2015-02-17
Katie Thicker than a snicker ... Watch Black Women ... Katie 'cougar' Couric got hips to go. And you know what they say ... The thicker the hips [pause] the deeper the pussy...#katiecouric

Go pack Go 12 - 2015-02-17
hes watching tom and jerry in the background

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas - 2015-02-17
Kroes no question.

Jake Cook - 2015-02-17
Sorry! Doutzen Kroes is WAY hotter than Katie Couric will ever hope to be! Couric's old!

Patrick Small - 2015-02-17
I've always had a thing for Katie she's one hot MILF!

sherry a - 2015-02-17
Yuk, Thunder thighs !!! her and her husband look So Awkward in that pic together, weird

Alreem - 2015-02-17
Am i the only 1 who thinks that VS model looks like Denise Richards?

Taejah Campbell - 2015-02-17

The Boomer Whisperer - 2015-02-17
I would do dirty things to Katie Couric... I would have her bake me cookies on the weekends while calling her "Grandma Couric"  all while respecting her boundaries because the elderly should be respected.........

Then i would fuck the living daylights out of her, record it and put it on Redtube in the "granny" section

Willbanana - 2015-02-17
Katie Couric isn't hot ... wtf ?
You can't even compare it to the Victoria's secret supermodel !
No possible comparison !
Oh what did you mean by ''real american ties'' ? You meant fat right ? cause that's what America is known for, obesity :P 

chanberries - 2015-02-17
ehhh i hate how disgusting real woman look in a bikini

wastelandsoldier1 - 2015-02-17
Yeah hes a cougar.

Ruby Gray - 2015-02-17

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