Edward Bibillio - 2018-01-20
ROFL When is Sony going to get the picture?

Ebony Daniels - 2018-01-07
I know if you see Mary u betta run the other way! I so wanna see this movie! 🔥

otaku 22 - 2018-01-06
Really looking forward to this movie. I hope that its released in my multiplex

Anthony Duck - 2018-01-05
Spoiler the movie's going to suck!👎💯

Sankbhai ka channel .SANKET ZADE. - 2018-01-05
I m the first one to dislike this video...

Javier Mora - 2018-01-05
Leon the profesional genderbend with a afroamerican version incluiding 70 afro music...ok i buy it

OGMillyMillz - 2018-01-05
Black, cheap version of Atomic Blonde. 😂🤣

OGMillyMillz - 2018-01-05
Overrated actress in this stupid flop movie.

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