25 Facts About Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

25 Facts About Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Hello again movie fans! Today’s episode of 25 Facts revolves around the movie that’s taking film festivals by storm and quickly becoming one of the front runners for this years Academy Awards. It might have a long and slightly strange name, but it looks like a winner; this is 25 Facts About Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

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25 Facts About Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri



SerenaLoveL - 2018-01-16
Waiting for March to come so I can finally go see it in cinema!! Been looking forward to it for ages.

Randy Biggiam - 2018-01-15
Take away 90% of the obscenities and this movie would have been twice as good.

Nadine Hightower - 2018-01-15
I Can't wait for this movie to come to our theatre. I just know it's going to be GREAT !

Sheila Coltman - 2018-01-14
Saw it yesterday - will be hard to beat as my top movie of 2018, I wanted to start applauding about 5 minutes in!  And love your vid too, thanks.

Cromulent - 2018-01-12
McDormand's performance is the best performance I've seen this year, male or female.

charlie - 2018-01-10

Dan OCinneide - 2018-01-10
Martin McDonogh is Irish actually, not British

Chelsea Dugas - 2018-01-09
Those 3 billboards were from my hometown. The father of the deceased put them up and still has a billboard about the case up. He also puts an ad in the paper about it every week.

Ricky Mc - 2018-01-08
Frances should be awarded better for all her performances in all her work,in the past,now and in the future. Making characters believable with ease to the audiences watching ,she’s a Master! Thanks Frances for your work,your beauty shines through on screen with performances more deserved than has been given in the past.....2018 onwards we all should see you get more awards and deserved thanks for your abilities as great actress! 👍👏😘

Shlomo Shunn - 2018-01-08
0:45 The "HILARIOUS" "In Bruges"...where two men die.

In this one, at least a clit gets being kaboshed. Hahahahahahahahaha!


Shlomo Shunn - 2018-01-08
He shows a cunt-punt, too. Great.

Lisa Smerker - 2018-01-08
I can't catch my breath. I watched it twice in a row and every nerve ending in my body is on fire. I honestly can't recall one other movie that captivated me to this degree. It is beyond raw, beyond powerful. I don't think anybody could have captured Mildred the way Frances McDormand has. This is hands down, the best movie that I have seen in my lifetime.

Frederick Core - 2018-01-05
This movie was phenomenal. Hope it wins at least Best Actress, Supporting Actor, Original Screenplay and Best Picture at the Oscars

Brian Keogh - 2018-01-05
Martin McDonough is Irish.
Never ever mistake an Irishman as British.

Sani Laomahei - 2018-01-04
Watched this last night in Brisbane, Australia. Loved it

David Dutton - 2018-01-03
I saw it last week. It's pretty darn good.

Casual Agent - 2018-01-01
Frances Mcdormand up for best actress award or else

Mike Nonya - 2017-12-31
It's a good film...if you're not sick of the same tired agenda Hollywood has been pushing for the last 40 years.

KERIN GORDON - 2017-12-31
Bravo great movie..not the usual crap. Only complaint is the ending...I would have gladly sat through another two hours to see what happened...not like Dances with Wolves where I brought other people and couldnt just get up and leave and wanted to hang myself.

Chasing Enigma - 2017-12-30
I Watched the movie and it sa damn very good piece of cinema. Fucking brilliant, very well acted by all of the cast esp. Frances Mcdormand. The humor is spot on, i love this film. To anyone who hasnt seen it, go its worth it!

Prasanna PRSN - 2017-12-28
Just watched it. I kinda found it very good. McDormand's acting is worth appreciating. The movie leaves you wanting more.

WoW Really - 2017-12-27
Brilliant film just watched it.

Paul Forshtay - 2017-12-23
This also seems (though I know it isn’t) based somewhat on a murder case in my hometown of Fremont, Ohio- Heather Bogle case- wretched, awful stuff... the ex-FPD Officer arrested for evidence tampering, among other felonies, earlier today. Never caught the murderer, I believe; unsolved.

Hello Peeps - 2017-12-19
25 facts about Three Billboards:
Everyone involved needs to win an Oscar - times that fact by 25

raineegee - 2017-12-18
Great movie. Recommend it to the world

Mary Minnesota - 2017-12-16
Outstanding movie, cast, writing, music, cinematography. See it. Worth it.

Patrick Thrash - 2017-12-16
There are no mountains that big in Missouri

John Smith - 2017-12-16
I didn't like that she sets the police station on fire. I think it was too extreme.

John Smith - 2017-12-16
I had to watch 7 Psychopaths twice to fully like it.

John Smith - 2017-12-16
Francis McDormand's best performance.

What's actually ironic is the way the police are portrayed in the movie that are from Ebbing are not a far cry from the actual law enforcement agencies in the area where it was filmed! Slow, laid back and only concerned with things that affect a select few!

David Schaffer - 2017-12-14
Saw the movie last night..my fav of the year. Never a dull moment with lots of twists and turns. The dark moments are followed by hilarious ones, a very engaging movie.. the movie crowd we were all into it, lots of shared laughs..so good. I think it will become a classic.

Bill McPherson - 2017-12-14
"The swearing is an integral part of the movie", you said. .... and you bleeped them out here .... ????

Mike Messier - 2017-12-13
Save the Cat moment in Three Billboards ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siX9eYYEEeg

Marcet Davignon - 2017-12-12
Loved the movie!

Ryan Oliveira - 2017-12-03
Definitely going to visit silver I live in North Carolina

Jerianne Henningsgard - 2017-12-03
this was one of the best all year....it has everything and more...all three leads were brilliant yet the whole casting made it for me.

harrisonmoss - 2017-12-03
Three couples exiting the theatre,  we all looked at each other and said;  "Well, that's the Oscar winner."

MsAmy 41 - 2017-12-02
This film blew me away. I didn't watch any trailers or anything about it before seeing it. The story and the acting are amazing! But I think you need to be someone who is a little bit broken to really appreciate the humor 😃

Laura Cameron - 2017-12-01

homes 773 lee - 2017-11-28
this is the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

marti schneider - 2017-11-26
I LOVED this movie! My bff treated me for my BD last night! Each of the actors were perfect...!!!
If this doesn't win an award.. I'll be surprised!!!

George Simpson - 2017-11-19
Saw it at leeds film festival, its better than you could ever imagine

Mattteus - 2017-11-08
Saw the trailer earlier tonight before seeing Blade of the Immortal. I'm definitely seeing it!

Arthur Chapman - 2017-11-07
Big fan of you, Alex!

mjstory1976 - 2017-11-06
Awesome video

Daz X1 - 2017-11-06
She will deffo win best actress. Hope sally Hawkins win it

David Benjamin - 2017-11-06
Can you please make a facts about Paddington 2 or Justice League please

Erman Akgul - 2017-11-06
holy shit its barb

Ricky Cabrera - 2017-11-06
I’ve watched British media for years and years and I realized I love Alex’s voice out of all of them, she’s also quite pretty ;)

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