Tony Hawk Eats Spicy Wings LIVE at ComplexCon | Hot Ones

Tony Hawk Eats Spicy Wings LIVE at ComplexCon | Hot Ones
It's a historic day at Hot Ones: The first-ever live edition of Hot Ones, coming at you from the cultural mega-fest ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA. If you think the wings are fake or Sean Evans is a CGI character cobbled together by editors, maybe this will put your mind at ease? Either way, you'll get a pretty great interview with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, so tune in.

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Tony Hawk Eats Spicy Wings LIVE at ComplexCon | Hot Ones



seth bradford - 2018-01-13
Did anyone noticed they had edited Sean saying ""not" when saying not a particularly good hot sauce." talking about pain 100%

Dat Rican Boricua - 2018-01-13
Omg! Tony Hawk is a BEAST!

razvan sinca - 2018-01-06
This question is for Sean and Tony. Are you aware of the fact that sushi is completely loaded [infested]with parasites??? Doesn't matter if its the cleanest, freshest in the world. No other food in the world has more parasites than sushi. I was upset, disgusted and terrified when i first discovered that fact. I wonder if the "chef" would actually admit that fact if asked. I also found out that it's basically impossible to not have parasites in your body no matter how healthy or how much you exercise... just something to think about the next time you go eat some par... i mean sushi. i m sorry if I've ruined anybody's taste for raw fish. Also, sorry for turning one question into a paragraph. HAHA

laine Bandy - 2017-12-31
“Complex-Con” a convention of try hards and pretentiousness. I do however love this show, and loathe Tony Hawk.

Brent Wiegand - 2017-12-31
ahh sushi hype beast

Matthew Eady - 2017-12-31
IMHO Tony is not a natural interviewee, I love his skating legacy but he comes across as a tad boring, Sean could interview a goldfish & make it interesting but this is just awkward...

Ray StayHigh - 2017-12-30
You should have Logan Paul on as a guest ?

SEBp Mtl - 2017-12-29
Where's Duane Peters?!!!!

MotoX Champ - 2017-12-29
Tony Hawk: “I never thought I’d say this but I’ll take another glass of milk”.

Does anyone else remember him doing those Got Milk? commercials in the 90s?

Ashley Carson - 2017-12-29
tony hawk game on the original xbox

Epok97 - 2017-12-29
So here I am, doing everything I can
Holding on to what I am
Pretending I'm a superman

swanksta1 - 2017-12-28
Tony Hawk looks like hell

jamie birch - 2017-12-27
celebrity skaters- JASON LEE. he still fuckin rips in his 40's, and hasnt been a pro since like 1994

Mr.X - 2017-12-25
audio track is mis synced

ritual yah - 2017-12-23
did yall see shawn leave tony hanging in the beginning

Kevin Hunt - 2017-12-23
Audience sucked up until the end. The black dude on the left was clearly not into it, looked like he was ganna pass out. It''s upsetting and distracting to watch when they have a fucking legend sitting in front of them. The crowd outside the glass should have been the ones inside the room honestly, they seemed way more into it.

Lazy Healthy Dude - 2017-12-23
the live audience makes this hot ones awkward feeling

metalstalin - 2017-12-23
Great show.

Jaymansalem 0nesze1os - 2017-12-21
25.09 why red bottle 🥛 milk

Cortney Brown - 2017-12-21
That's crazy my dad broke his pelvis being crushed between 2 elevators. He's right my dad couldn't do anything but lie in bed and go to the bathroom.

randombro89 - 2017-12-20
People say i look like him they ive heard since middle school

Bonita Williams - 2017-12-18

God_of_Saiyans Tmann9ne - 2017-12-18
Hell yeah Hopsin

Skeerdart - 2017-12-18
man they just seem like theyre on two different wavelengths zero chemistry between these two

Fabo Andolini - 2017-12-12
Uggggh god fuck, tarantula, ad a certified arachnophob that's probably the last thing I'd fuckin eat. I'd eat snake, testicles of an ox, duck in anything, bird shit, Japanese PISSSSSSSSSSSS

Fabo Andolini - 2017-12-12
DUDEEEEEE!!!!! PETER!!!! HAHAHAHA what we do in the shadows is such an underrated masterpiece

Fabo Andolini - 2017-12-12
Tony is such an awesome guy, always humble, very chill, a fuckin GOD of skateboarding

Nightowl333 - 2017-12-11
Please get TOM GREEN on the show! Would be so funny

Timothy Kelly - 2017-12-11
I love this show. Sean is a very good host, and Tony Hawk is an interesting guest. Question for those who watched this--anyone else notice the lovely brunette with the glasses behind Tony's right shoulder? My what a beauty!

916BOONES916 - 2017-12-09
Skate Area 51!

Lexi Unicorn - 2017-12-06
Dream guests= Karl Pilkington, Larry David, Dylan Moran, Jenna Marbles, Pewds, Shane Dawson, Idubbbz <3

Ocean Sage - 2017-11-30
Tony Hawk is the greatest!

Hazy Jane - 2017-11-29
Hell yeah bring Hopsin on the show!!

Thorne Pleiades - 2017-11-29
15:51 When you're stoned and realize the camera is on you

BOSSL8D_818 !!!! - 2017-11-29
He's cheating...he's drinking the milk lol

sighheinrich - 2017-11-27
Tony Hawks always comes across as a good nice guy!

djlowtek - 2017-11-25
Casey Neistat PLEASE

Herman Castberg - 2017-11-24
Go on Joe Rogan's podcast and do it live there 🙌

S. - 2017-11-22
DJ Khaled at 13:58 - 14:07. 😂

SiefausOsna - 2017-11-21
the handshake fail lel

OD B - 2017-11-21


You like it?

Eddie R - 2017-11-20
Yup that's siracha

Jacob Escarcida - 2017-11-20
Why was he clapping so goddamn hard

marioo Qu - 2017-11-17
Roman Atwood or Matt from demolition ranch/ off the ranch

marioo Qu - 2017-11-17
Joe Rogan and Joey diez

Bandeto - 2017-11-14
I've been waiting for that El Yuteco.. I use that XXXhot sauce almost like a food drug

Ryan Tulloch - 2017-11-13
Nice work Sean

Gibson1961SG - 2017-11-13
What did I learn? Tony Hawk is boring af.

Anthony Silva - 2017-11-13
Why did they not show the picture of the legend skating in the WH??

germvargas - 2017-11-11
Birdman <3

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