Tessa VIRTUE / Scott MOIR Short Dance Canadian Figure Skating Championships 2018 TSN

Tessa VIRTUE / Scott MOIR Short Dance Canadian Figure Skating Championships 2018 TSN
Tessa VIRTUE / Scott MOIR Short Dance Canadian Figure Skating Championships 2018 TSN 
Tessa VIRTUE / Scott MOIR Short Dance Canadian Figure Skating Championships 2018 TSN



fatima ramirez - 2018-02-23
1:46 the facial expressions, Just kill me right know

tilaima aiumu - 2018-02-21

Camila Quinteros - 2018-02-20
Scott's facial expressions while skating cured my depression

maria teresa belvedere - 2018-02-19
AMAZING ! You are precise I love you

moli1119 - 2018-02-19
Wonderfull, amazing, perfect, there are no words for them

O.o Bad o.O - 2018-02-17
You guys kicked some American ass!!😍👍🏼 It was awesome to watch👍🏼👍🏼 Going for the Gold! Go Canada🇨🇦😍 watching from the Netherlands☺️ and enjoying it😍

alie boender - 2018-02-12
are theyboyfriend girlfriend

Vanessa Soret - 2018-02-12
Tessa and Scott are in a relationship and are together???

Aleksandra Szejnoga - 2018-02-11
They are so sharp, precise and perfect is unbeliavable. The only pair I cannot take my eyes off 😍

Diane Fiddler - 2018-02-11
Beauty and Splendour for this extraordinary couples dance!!! Bravo Canada 🇨🇦!!! ⛸🥇🇨🇦

Jennifer Hardy - 2018-02-11
Go Tessa and Scott I would give them 1st place

annie h - 2018-02-06
Oh man, this is so special. It draws me in and I am so much in the moment with them. It is so uplifting to watch. Thanks Tessa and Scott!

emerald1one1 - 2018-01-29
Awesome !

M Montréal - 2018-01-19
Christian Argeric has changed its name. It is now called Jean merdemonreal. Translated, this is supposed to mean “ I get under Montreal’s skin “. Again, it has overevaluated its importance to us.

Kenedyrevlon - 2018-01-16
Im French and I have to admit this is the REAL SCORE THEY DESERVE... because the judges played to much with virtue moir this season ... no love lost for the French team but the Canadians are everything

M Montréal - 2018-01-14
I have just copied and pasted some of French commentator + dharma ms disparaging comments on North American skaters on P and C videos. Moving forward, this is how I will deal with them . Let their countrymen read what they are saying

Kirikou - 2018-01-13
The most vulgar of all top teams. I just can't with these two. At 0:26 it looks like she's dragging along her client just before you know what. And I'm not even talking about him and his outrageous attitudes and ridiculous facial expressions. The FD is no better with the infamous lift. Sexiness is not vulgarity. They have no elegance whatsoever. I'm glad they retire after the OG. They just put me off !

Jennifer Peddle - 2018-01-13
Im a huge VM fan but I have to agree these programs are not going to win Gold. Its not the dance/ice skating. Its the feel of the music/programs.. Its just not enough. It doesnt create that moment. The judges are getting it right

Tatsiana A - 2018-01-13
i like this dress much more than the one at gpf. i hope Tessa'll choose this version for OG

Sarah Spencer - 2018-01-13
The skating legends. 21 years together. Its almost hard to believe.

Sarah Spencer - 2018-01-13
Make no mistake about it. They are ready! One word. AMAZING. That program has it all! You cant get more into it in terms of body, intricacy, musicality. And the fans love it! It doesnt if its here in Canada or around the world.

Sarah Spencer - 2018-01-13
The LEGENDS. The most decorated Canadian ice dance team OF ALL TIME.

Sarah Spencer - 2018-01-13
The closest we've seen to PERFECT. - Tracy Wilson

Sarah Spencer - 2018-01-13
Tessa and Scott can do ANYTHING. They bring this dance to life! - Tracy Wilson

Sarah Spencer - 2018-01-13
The G.O.A.T.S - The Greatest Of All Time! PERIOD.

dharma MS - 2018-01-13
pauvre aveugle que vous êtes 85 points mais sur quoi pitié,pour des guignols surtout lui de cirque!!!!!!, quelle horreur leurs costards en sus, scooty dopé peut se convertir en présentateur de CIRQUE, c'est ce qu'ils font dans leur 2 prog ok clinquaille de cirque mais là +++++ et il gesticule comme un pantin sans danser c'est ce qu'ils font le mieux hi , un scandale de + à mettre à leur actif ainsi qu'à leur ISU CANADIENNE ! il s'est casser la figure à l'entraînement et de belle manière oups !!! ils ne dansent pas et ne danseront jamais...c'est pitoyable ce couple SURR SUR NOTES COMME LA SAUCISSE et son partenaire qui viennent du même cheptel oups... dommage pour poje et weaver, lui n'en peut plus...mais au moins ils sont élégants surtout kathleen...ils n'auraient jamais dû quitter krylova....trés contente pour POIRIER ET PIPPER, j'aime leur patinage lisse léger ils sont mille fois supérieur aux vulgaire V/M quelle pantalonade avec eux...
sauf poirirer et gilles doivent changer de costards cela ne leur va pas du tout aussi, elle sait mieux s'habiller d'hab, vite un super costards pour leur 2 prog...trés contente pour eux....

J Buda - 2018-01-13
French fans who spew hateful and delusional comments and their psychological warfare not welcome in this thread.

Sarah Spencer - 2018-01-13
This is the score they soooo deserve!!! Finally they were given justice this time and that score may have been long overdue but what is important right now is that Tessa and Scott have been given the perfect SD score for them or even higher. For PC fans, bleeehhhhh

marie moigneau - 2018-01-13
Sûrement pas la meilleure SD de la saison P/C et Shibutani sont meilleurs.Patinage lourd et lent + musique ringarde .Habillés et maquillés de cette manière ils me font penser à la famille Addams Morticia et Gomez .LES NOTES SUPER SUPER SUPER AMUSANTES !!!!! EUX AUSSI SONT VIEILLISSANTS COMME PATRICK CHAN JE LES ENVOIE TOUS EN RETRAITE .EQUIPE DU CANADA SUPER VIEILLISSANTE !

lineker 1986 - 2018-01-13
p/c have skated virtually the same free dance 3 years in a row no versatility the same boring classical steaming pile of crap. Virtue and Moir can skate to anything and make it their own P/C are one dimensional.

Tammy Tran - 2018-01-13

vistaprime - 2018-01-13
Brilliant team with brilliant coaches. I still remember those beautiful lifts from Dubreuil and Fauzon.

B X - 2018-01-13
everyone saying "FAKE" or 'OVERSCORED'....you're not convincing anyone, and you sound like that pig donald trump, just sayin...

B X - 2018-01-13

Gemma Lin - 2018-01-13
It actually make me sad to think that it's their last Canadian championship. All legends must come to the end. We'll miss forever and ever, Tessa and Scott!

Caro Silva - 2018-01-13
I fucking love them so much, Greatest of ALL TIME <3

Yeoeun Kwon - 2018-01-13
OMG THEY NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!! seriously this is the definition of perfection.. amazing.

JennayaLopez - 2018-01-13
You know what I'M FRENCH and I'm soooooo rooting for them ! HERE'S A SUBJECTIVE OPINION that might be an objective one for some of you who'll read it.
I'm not a skater but I'm a dancer, I don't know much about skating skills and technic, thought this team is perfect to me ! I'm getting to know more about skating as I will take class with an ex French ice dancer as an option in my university (some may know, La Sorbonne), I only discovered that I could take it as an extra assignment a few days ago and I'm trying to get familiar with the ice on my own waiting for the class to begin.

I write this comment, - thing I've never done on YouTube in my life ! - So people don't "that's because you're Canadian" "that's because you're French" when having to choose your "side".
I'm French native, never left France, I consider myself a good dancer and respect the preference of everyone.
I mean you can prefer P/C over V/M as long as you don't bash them 'cause I won't do that to the team you support. I find it cool that there's a talented French ice dance team, but I just don't get the feeling.
I feel like some French haters should back off and be polite as they're 1. Not judges 2. Will never be as good ice dancers (themselves) as V/M

So obviously, it's my opinion, but as a dancer (ballroom dances: salsa, tango, cha cha, merengue etc.., modern jazz and hip hop dance) what attract me, and what to me makes a good dancer, is the way to perform, and by that I mean the ATTITUDE, and V/M are soooo good at that they're showgirl and showmen, I mean I could watch they're sd on the Prince medley everyday of my life without getting tired of it. At first I didn't like.
So yeah to me shoulders should move correctly and with attitude and hips too.
And not talking about skates they are to me
I mean I'm a real qualified dancer, so imagine me being a dance judge, well I will give them my points.
I feel like judges nowadays like P/C because it brings freshness, because they're young and "New" by that I mean that they recently became on top of podiums but also the fact that they are French, and french (definitely not true for everyone, not one person I know from France is like that actually) are so popular/loved abroad, I mean I don't even know why x).
They're considered calm, poetic, graceful person. So I think that also has something to do. (Though they could be graceful poetic and all that ..) I mean the fact that people say they are the "artist" and V/M are the "technicians" is funny cause
I feel like to me it's the contrary, because I don't even have to worry about technic when I watch V/M, I just get the feeling and that's it.

Like for example I'm from the exterior and in front of people I don't know I'm à Tessa (calm, polite and always smiling) but in fact I really am a Scott (always joking around, very loud actually, and getting frustrated easily, and always speaking my mind when.)

I mean we're not all so calm and poetic if I explain myself. Whatever...

To me if you don't dance a Latin rhythm without moving every part of your body (I mean look at their hip hip chin chin programs years ago, perfection to me), you're not dancing! Same thing for hip hop if you're not correctly moving the upper part of your body you're not "in the move".
I mean they're all great dancers otherwise they wouldn't be competition, but what makes a dancer stand out from the crowd to me, is attitude.

And at GPF 2017 after their SD, à french commentator actually said something similar about Tessa especially: that she was using every part of her body. (I don't know if you'd understand what I mean cause it's not my native language)

I feel like P/C could be better at the slow dancing thing as they say (as I read from their own fans) but even when it comes to it, i feel more emotions watching V/M, again I don't talk about technic cause I'm not that qualified in ice skating to do so. But it's my feeling, and though people say P/C are more graceful, I actually find V/M more graceful so it's funny but anyway.
As everyone knows it's a subjective sport in so many way, that I'm allowed to prefer their skating even if people are going to tell me otherwise.

I'm not a fan of the P/C style, that to me is "too frenchie" "too delicate", I mean come on people VIRTUE/MOIR ROCK ANY RHYTHM !! While P/C in thing I call "for old" just the French style. With squared arms, not fluent arms...(I don't know if you'll understand what I mean)
Also, some people say V/M try too hard when performing but I actually get that feeling watching P/C. I Don't get the feeling I just see technic, so when people say in their FD that P/C create a moment and V/M are like Disney on Ice (I mean Disney on ice is great, first, I'm sure I'd cry to some dances) but yeah that's a comment I've recently seen, well to that I'll have to say first you need to watch MOULIN ROUGE, and get the feeling, shame on me I've never really watched Moulin Rouge before that but I knew the song and the story. I've seen it lately and got completly transported in the story and so emotional during the whole movie, watching them skate to that after that made it so magical, I mean you should try!
It's not only about interpreting/acting like a movie it's about passion, it's definelty about mad love, come what may though !, I mean the fact that Le MOULIN ROUGE is a very known item doesn't mean they're not making people feel something.

Come what may is definelty their song !i mean I don't know about you but the "Come what may" of Moulin Rouge tightly reminds me of the "no matter what we're together and no matter what I love you" that they'd say to each other.

I mean if they say the story behind the program of "stay" was similar to their story, the Love story of Satine and Christian is definitely similar to the relationship of these two. Lovers or not, they always imply, dating or not, that they're soulmates. So it's kind of forbidden love because they love each other so much they won't be together to not ruin that special bond, special connection (maybe i'm over-interpreting but doesn't it remind you of the conflicted relationship of Satine and Christian...)

So for those who think it's not an Olympic program, I mean that's a tribute to themselves and that is so mature which also show their great and long experience in the sport.
I really hope they'll win cause between Sd and fd they make me feel so much emotions. I mean

So back to the HATERS,
I probably make comparisons between P/C and V/M saying how the Canadians are so much better and stuff but never on their instagram or above their videos.
I mean I watch P/C programs but never comment even if they make mistakes or even when they won them at GPF. I mean I was angry sure because the ones I supported didn't win, so I probably said things in comparison to V/M, as much I prefer them and find them better dancer and for god sakes it's ice DANCE, so if the dancer aren't that comfortable on every rhythm then they're not real dancers to me having good programs or not, but I've never said they were soooo much better compared to the French because that's not something I do, I don't hate for free, I probably said something like that verbally when pissed of my favorite ice dancer team losing against someone I don't consider the best.
But I admit they made mistakes on this one so I just move on and hope V/M'll get that Olympic gold medal, sure that the loss of a competition will bring the best out of them.
I admit that they are both great ice dancers.
I'm just that subjective in every sport, I support the ones I consider the bestest everytime, just like in dance competitions, in soccer, in football, in rugby etc...
I'm not always for the French just because I'm french. So my choice in Ice Dance goes to V/M.

P/C are just not my style. And if V/M have perfect performances (as I hope they will) and feel satisfied with themselves and everyone around them, and they don't win.
I think I'll be the maddest person for some time. (Though I'll never be commenting shit about P/C cause they're athlete and they're respectable)

So yeah that was just my (super huge) opinion about all this "if you're supporting V/M it's because you're Canadian" and all the French prefer P/C.
I'm just objective, while being subjective because everyone has an opinion, but objective as I think from an artistic point of view.
(I think I'm gonna post that supeeeeer long comment from me - super French young woman - just to compete with the loads of French negative comments.)


Ingrid Alcazar - 2018-01-13
I used to love this team but now mmmm .... The programs like me but I don't know they don't convince me and I really try to get into them. I just feel Tessa is a better dancer than him and unfortunately she's adjusting herself to Scott and he's slow. I try to understand them and try to be touched but I can't, sorry 😢

CuriosityKilledTheCat - 2018-01-13
To everyone crying overscored, let me remind you that at French Nationals this year P/C got 80pts for a FALL

Jean merdeMonreal - 2018-01-13
Sublime extraordinaire renversant il méritent 90 minimum...avec la note du libre ils seront à 220 largement ....pancakes pour tout le monde !!.....encore plus comique l ex porno star sévigny de Montréal qui se la joue grande spécialiste clairvoyante et moralisatrice mais qui ne peut s empêcher de critiquer la SD de P/C...cette pauvre chose Canadienne a une surfaceuse dans le rectum depuis Nagoya..

Gaëtan - 2018-01-13
their twizzles are very simple , others teams make more difficult twizzles !!!

rémi fuster - 2018-01-13
J'adore ce programme des musiques géniales un charisme énorme de la puissance de la vitesse et du show super style mature. Prestation fun et impressionnante de facilité! Un plaisir que de voir ce programme en revanche le score est surnoté...ils devraient être à 80pts

Brenda leee - 2018-01-13
Finally the score they deserve. Their step cant be compared to others'. They deserve maximum GOE on each element

Leonela Lorena Yamuca Salvatierra - 2018-01-13
They do fantastic, but in this case their score was overscored.

Christine A - 2018-01-12
WOW WOW WOW .. just WOW!!! They are the Greatest of All Time -- untouchable in technique and delivering the nuance of any music. The best ice dancers of any generation!!!

Amber Brennan - 2018-01-12
Ok I understand that some will like P/C over V/M & vice versa, but whoever you like more, you still got to appreciate great skating & performing like this. 👏🏼 The Olympics are going to be wild!

무명의피덕 - 2018-01-12
BACK OFF and stop trolling V/M, French people. Do you guys have some sort of 'complex' to them? Yea, that's quite persuasive for me.

Dax Moedas - 2018-01-12
Here it is the silver medal in the olympics

Dax Moedas - 2018-01-12

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