Live Tendiser - 2018-01-14
Fucking movie because this bad movie shit is an apology of violence ! Fuck ! cops victory

Cathy Purvis - 2018-01-11
She;s the BEST!!!

22grena - 2018-01-10
The black outfits are so stupid. Super boring virtue signalling.

Wayne Landry - 2018-01-10
These five look like a bunch of undertakers! Can’t wait for the Oscars with all the most non sexy clothes of the night!

Element Air - 2018-01-09
Frances seems drunk at every award show

C Parker - 2018-01-08
Where’s Woody?

Cinema Cola - 2018-01-08
God Damn! Francis is drunk as fuck! I love it! I'm so glad this movie won!

crazed blimp - 2018-01-08
There are too many Jews raping everyone in Hollywood. Thank you. LOL.

crazed blimp - 2018-01-08
No Rape on Set!!!! Normal people here.

crazed blimp - 2018-01-08
Dastardly Jews in Hollywood? LOL.

crazed blimp - 2018-01-08
Thank Trump Frances wasn't Sexually Assaulted by that dastardly Jew, Uncle Harv.

crazed blimp - 2018-01-08
Best satire since Platoon. Bravo.

planetusa1 - 2018-01-08
Frances in an interview said she channeled john wayne.

yanyan salvador - 2018-01-08
frances is such a cowboy...

Kev Low - 2018-01-08
Fucking love Frances

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