Mary Saw - 2018-02-20
Virtue and Moir what a performance. LOVE IT! So much better than the USA idiot team with all their whining.

Nathalie Wigmore - 2018-02-20
Well now they have medals. 👍👍

Ryan Rye - 2018-02-18
Big city snipes boys.

agnes m - 2018-02-17
very well, it was disgusting to watch. it is a sport not a night club performance, please. And they were asked by the comity, not that they themselves decided

alie boender - 2018-02-16
what a joke they are skating on ice not on bed please

For Liberty - 2018-02-16
Where's the routine with the original move?

Sand Box - 2018-02-14
Scott looks like a homo wearing see-through top! Tessa is almost going to expose her breast in this scanty cut-out top and her dress exposed way too much her inner thigh! Is this a sex dance or what ??
Their sexually provocative skating moves and style is not what skating is all about.
Those two have gone way too far beyond the borders of what's considered 'fine ice dancing'. It's almost pornographic to watch.

FlutterWho - 2018-02-14
but i love that move :(

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