President Trump is 100% Correct About Haiti and Norway

President Trump is 100% Correct About Haiti and Norway
Not all cultures are equal.

Washington Post Article"


Homicide rate by Country

Average IQ by Country


HIV Rate by Country


Immigrant Welfare Statistics

President Trump is 100% Correct About Haiti and Norway



Rorinator - 2018-01-18
Fucking China.

Reese Labbe - 2018-01-17
Bro, why you got all these fags commenting?

Teddypal - 2018-01-17
I agree with you, however, I also think your argument can be developed further. Humans are also a species, in addition to being individuals, tribes and collectives.

From the individual's perspective, he/she/they are valuable. From a tribal perspective, all members are valuable. From a collective perspective, productive members are valuable. From a species perspective, all potential is valuable.

Consider the status of children for example. Children of a tribe would satisfy the tribe's standard for value; but not the collective standard for value. The child might project their perceived value onto others, expecting others to also value that child. The species would focus on developing potentials. That last would encompass making processes for development accessible.

Most people's perspectives are a conflation of these different perspectives. I thought you did a good job of identifying one (tribal) to examine and develop arguments for. I also thought your arguments were good. I just thought I'd remind you that isn't the only perspective. :)

I do agree with you in large because even pursuing the option of making processes (of the development of potential) accessible still requires an objective examination of the individual's ability to undergo that process. For example, one wouldn't register a child in a university course and such a choice reflects no prejudice against the child.

SAMPINJ - 2018-01-17
This guy suffers from depression

Brian P - 2018-01-16
What's Haiti have to offer dirt cookies?

MaxMax - 2018-01-16
OMG, you people are racists. You need to allow Kalergi people (shit people) to go to North America and Europe to over reproduce (as we are now) and over populate those places, ok? Stop being racists. You need to become a minority and we (Kalergi shits) must become a majority, ok? If you do not allow this to happen, then you are a neo Nazi, ok? PS. I want to thank the Jew working in the immigration department for letting us get in to reproduce like rabbits. Thank you, Mr. Jew. I see you are doing a great job keeping your 85% role in soviet communism still a secret. However, you need to work more on your judeabilderberg meetings. Thank you.

Bob Jones - 2018-01-16
Fantastic video. Ignore butthurt twits in comments.

Dennis Price - 2018-01-15
The president was wrong there is history here that must be looked at they fought the slavers they were at war for 12 years they got no help and after there war the our government would not trade with them. The war they fought was against the French back in the 1800.

TruthCeeker333 - 2018-01-15
Well you must be saying something right because your dislikes are currently higher than your likes. Seems a little skewed because of the amount of views. You should have more of both likes and dislikes. Obviously it appears the dislikes have been upvoted by a bot or some other manipulation by youtube. I wouldn't be surprised if youtube moved your video up in the Salvadoran feeds as I saw a comment from there.

Ironically Vague - 2018-01-15
Wayziz biyatch!

michel edouardo - 2018-01-15
One day we will become the greatest the strongest country ever

michel edouardo - 2018-01-15
Racist man

michel edouardo - 2018-01-15
Don’t you know HAITIAN gave t-blood to fight for another country like Venezuela- United States and some country in Africa before you take this speaker I want you to study The ancient history about HAITI because in everything they sacrificed t-own blood for them for have liberty-freedom. The union is strength🇭🇹

Sonia Sotomayor - 2018-01-15

Tormod Haglund - 2018-01-15
Stupid sod.
For us, the USA is one of the worst shithole countries in the world.
WHY would we want to migrate to a country that compared to us, still live in the stone age???

Micheal Serry - 2018-01-14
Can we all agree that all countries has it's ups and downs ?

Yveson Saint Fleur - 2018-01-14
Suck a dick😊

P. O'Connell - 2018-01-14
You always have interesting ideas. Whether or not I agree with any of them, they make for good topics for discussion

WJValente - 2018-01-14
Perhaps what Trump said was insensitive, unprofessional, elitist, and unpresidential... but, it was still true and it was in no way racist at all... why do people who hate Trump expect him to say things they like?

Ole Olsen - 2018-01-14
Facts and statistics aren't racist. I tried to send you a PM, but it got rejected... Don't know why...

Infinity B9G - 2018-01-14
🇳🇴: I live in Norway and us Norwegians wouldn't want to move to the US at all, we have everything we need here and we would rather see other industrial countries help countries in development with all types of aid, immigration is a huge part but what sucks on this planet is that people think moving will better things. We in Norway starved in the past, overpopulation and many norwegians chased the american dream but it wasn't like everyone thought. That's why when the united states learned us how to get oil, we created our country and saved that money in an oil fund for the future. Everyone is different but my opinion as a Norwegian is that I'm perfectly fine here and don't wanna immigrate, but thanks for the offer.

How about selling us them "F-52s" from COD allready? 💖

Jasons Limit - 2018-01-14
I hope you die of cancer

Shay A. - 2018-01-14
This makes sense. I agree.

Jerome Love - 2018-01-14
There people that I know that came from poor country and work there butts off and become millionaires you can't judge a hole country and think everyone in it is bad...you really think everyone in Norway is good.

Can I touch it - 2018-01-13
It's the Democrats and Obama that are racists. They made it impossible for Europeans to immigrate to America, but they opened the door for Blacks and latinos.

-Caken - - 2018-01-13
Compared to Norway the us is a shithole

Andreas Hellstrøm - 2018-01-13

Chris Berquist - 2018-01-13
Thanks bro your RIGHT! That's the problem with the military too they take dumb asses of society and it ruins the military.

Antwone Sevon - 2018-01-13
Baby dick

Kenneth Wilhelmsen - 2018-01-13
But why the heck would I go to USA?

ollierkul - 2018-01-13
Why the fuck would I, as a Norwegian, move to your country? You can keep your moronic, ignorant and racist president for yourselves as well as all the gun violence, inequality, worse and expensive education, fucked up healthcare system, lower living standards, lower life expectancy and all your other problems. I would take for example Nelson Mandela, from a so called "shithole country", as Prime Minister or President any day over some rich self proclaimed genius orange.

WhaleOfficial - 2018-01-13
You’re a bum

Jon Snow - 2018-01-13
You are poor. Its always the poor losers who are racist huh, good to know!

coffEKolor - 2018-01-13
If Trump suggested Norway, then he probably OWES them something! Just as he Owes Russia!
He's not fooling anyone with his idiotic decisions or irrational behavior!

Isiah Bruce - 2018-01-13
You ARE a piece of shit. You and trump can suck a dick n die

Sebastian - 2018-01-13
Immigration is not about picking "the best". It's about helping those in need. Norwegians does not need to immigrate. In fact, the most would just stay in Norway, since in our eyes, USA is a "shit hole country".

chucky2337 - 2018-01-13
Dude are you gay? You sound gay !

DonkeyLips McGee - 2018-01-13
As usual, the left is reacting emotionally and provide absolutely no facts or statistics to the contrary.

Ilhamid Marwan - 2018-01-13

borgimplant - 2018-01-13
These sentiments are perfectly sensible and reasonable. And so of course, we can count on the Left to violently disagree with them.

HeZ Davis - 2018-01-13
Fuck you nigger

MixedBag - 2018-01-13
No...all humans from any country is worth taking. You aren't human

kim daniel thorkildsen - 2018-01-13
As a Norwegian i can tell you this 1) leave us out of this. 2) you dont need more people like us. What you need is less people like President Donald J. Trump. Norway has single payer health care, free college education, paid maternity leave for women and best of all, Trunp is not our president

Word Life - 2018-01-13
This guy is an idiot. Norwegians consider this country a shithole. Smh. I just pray none of the MS13 guys or those Zoes in Miami never see you. IQ of whites will be your last concern on that day 😂

blessedchild2 anointed - 2018-01-13
You are the type of person that would dump your parents at a nursing home and immigrants would clean your parents shit and urine because you don't care enough to quit your job and take care of your parents. 99% of old people in this country are being cared for by immigrants because whites don't want to clean poop all day long. The food you eat are being made and harvested by immigrants also. So as you celebrate what your president said I hope you have a plan to care for you and your family completely by yourself.

Grace Ajayi - 2018-01-13
First of all these people are not more violent than the average person here, not less educated, don't have lower IQ's, raise their children very well and are FAR FROM NOT BEING HARDWORKING. if anything, they are the most hardworking group in the US. Immigrants have contributed MIGHTILY to this country. America wouldn't be anything without them, this country was built on the backs of immigrants.

Dickbeard the Merciless - 2018-01-13
who the fuck that lives in Norway wants to come to our shithole country? are you insane, guy?

Gold Diamond - 2018-01-13
Trump is an old coward he will never call putin an kim yung name so loud but Haiti got no defense that's why.

Aquaman Seven_Sea - 2018-01-13
first of all seem like you're a lost man doesn't have any idea how the world works not to mention how racist you're since people like thee don't read or know your own history cause if knew you surely you will not came here post a video like that. you think country's just become shithole the same people who's calling them shithole they are the Cause so shut the fuck up.

Dean Andrade - 2018-01-12
Surprising to see you laud a nation far more to the left than the U.S.

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