Truth Seeker - 2018-01-16
There was no need for that last line. You as a reviewer of movie are not commentator on the country and its politics!!

restondesi - 2018-01-15
The freedom of press has been talked about and lauded for decades. "The Post" might be an excellent movie, although I wish someone made a movie about the dishonesty and lack of accountability of press. "Peepli Live" in fact, is a more relevant story about the press in the current times. We have seen in America, how the press deliberately tried to diminish the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, and ignored all the wrongs the Mrs. Clinton had done, including calling half the country "a basket of deplorables". The government, contrary to popular belief, is not an all-powerful entity. Most of the government actions on policies that matter, are in fact dictated by the international / domestic / industry / military lobbies. The press is in the pockets of the powerful, who push only the narratives which suit their agendas, and suppress others.

Gj dmgod - 2018-01-15
I have a question for Anu.
Just out of curiosity.

Which movie would you call is a 5/5 ?

David Tubb - 2018-01-15
I seriously hope people like Streep understand that this entire movie is an illustration of the power of the deep state and globalist central bankers. Its always been these people creating every war. These are the exact same people who run Hollywood and its agendas.

To develop some kind of separate reason as to why we went to Vietnam that doesn't place 100% blame on central banker globalists would be incredible bullshit, very naive and ignorant beyond belief.

Prosenjit Sircar - 2018-01-14
How do I get the film companion cup?

prasenjit chaudhuri - 2018-01-14
"In India this seems almost as much of a fantasy as a Marvel Superhero movie" ..LOL bang on ..lovely crisp review

soumitra mittra - 2018-01-13
Hi.. Why don't you also start reviewing Web series? There are some real good content online sometimes better than mainstream cinema. It would really help to know off the good Web series Indian and globally reviewed by you and your team..

Krishnan Vaitheeswaran - 2018-01-13
A Spielberg masterpiece.

globescape - 2018-01-13
Free press is an oxymoron.

manoj kumar - 2018-01-12
Did anyone notice her t shirt showing murder or its only me

Jayaprakash Mishra - 2018-01-12
meryl streep looks like Margaret Thacher

Austin Ares - 2018-01-12
Luv u anupama chopra... u r like the best critic in this goddamn world

Becks - 2018-01-12
Excellent review ma'am

Shreekar Thakar - 2018-01-12
Redrum t shirt I like it....

Sagar Thorat - 2018-01-12
REDЯUM ... The Shining reference

swatej Tripathi - 2018-01-12
the press and media is sold not just in india but every where around the world...but the freedom of press being under siege has been blown out of proportion especially in usa and india...

K.Ranganath chary - 2018-01-12
Sometimes you know questions and answers are same .i skipped few parts, you could have asked about the war film he is doing now

Nidhi Khandelwal - 2018-01-12
Hello Anupama Chopra, May you please review Beyonce, Rihanna, Shakira as they are one of the best source of inspiration of upcoming singers?

Sarthak Dubey - 2018-01-12
Please review Phantom thread.

A - 2018-01-12
3 reviews in one day ...my my

simple - 2018-01-12
Hindustan Times gave this movie 5/5

siddharth sinha - 2018-01-12

simple - 2018-01-12
Steven Spielberg = GOD of Filmaking

Rohan Daithankar - 2018-01-12
redrum t shirt...?

Wasim Ah - 2018-01-12
I'll watch it no matter what! 😀

Pramod Chandra - 2018-01-12
Hello, Anupama! I was wondering, when and what was the last movie to which you gave a five-star review? Just trying to understand how you perceive movies and the job of a movie critic itself?

Akash singh - 2018-01-12

Sanyam Khurana - 2018-01-12
Here’s my review of the post :

The Post is a thrilling story told through the eyes of the woman whose decision defended the freedom of press and let the country know the truth about government corruption. Meryl Streep delivers delightfully as Katherine Graham, the owner of The Washington Post, a timid shy leader during the time when freedom of press was under scrutiny by the executive branch. She enacts the situations through her eyes, downplaying a character that comes to realize the great power bestowed on her. Tom Hanks gives another good performance, like another pillar to the movie whose conviction to the decision is well portrayed in an astute performance. Spielberg direction is precise, based on true events, captures the 70s tone beautifully. Beyond the movie, the message resonating with current times is that Press is a crucial element to keep our democracy intact. Worth all the hype and Oscar nominations. Go enjoy some well crafted storytelling cinema and enlighten yourself.

Sanchit Varma - 2018-01-12

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