Bobby Shmurda - Hot N*gga

Bobby Shmurda - Hot N*gga
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Music video by Bobby Shmurda performing Bobby Bitch. (C) 2014 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment 
Bobby Shmurda - Hot N*gga



Trixskii2k - 2017-06-22
2:07 thank me later

Kel Loh - 2017-06-22
few more years and the caps will drop back at him, lul.

afj9966 - 2017-06-22
can white people listen to this?

Onna Babii - 2017-06-22
so.. did he ever get his hat back?

white picture - 2017-06-22

光代佐野 - 2017-06-22
I'm black nigga

Duke_La___ Al_ekuD - 2017-06-22
aint no1 noticed he can. be Usain Bolt son?

J M - 2017-06-22
so hip.

savage Martell - 2017-06-22
Bobby in jail nd this song still braking records

Engjell Veliu - 2017-06-22

구독자1000명찍고싶다 동영상안올리고 - 2017-06-22
한국인 손

shaun braxton - 2017-06-22
Song reminds me when I used to bump this shut with my Minecraft clan

saisai dreamyn - 2017-06-22
i hope he fired whoever edited this video, the video is out of sync with the audio at times

Shuya Goenji - 2017-06-22
música de preto

Zestor - 2017-06-22
this shit ass

Aisyah Chaerani - 2017-06-22
Jahlil Beats Holla at me

In Chewy, I'm some hot nigga
Like I talk to Shyste when I shot niggas
Like you seen em twirl then he drop, nigga
And We Keep them 9 millis on my block, nigga
And Monte Keep it on him, he done dropped niggas
And Trigger he be wilding, he some hot nigga
Tones known to get busy with them Glocks, nigga
Try to run down and you can catch a shot, nigga
Running through these checks 'til I pass out
Your shorty gave me neck 'til I pass out
I swear to God, all I do is cash out
And if you ain't a hoe, get up out my trap house
I been selling crack since like the 5th grade
Really never made no difference what the shit made
Jaja taught me flip them packs and how to maintain
Get that money back and spend it on the same thing
Shorty like the way that I ball out
I be getting money 'til I fall out
You talking cash dog, I goes all out
Shorty love the way that I floss out
Free Greezy though, let all of my dogs out
Mama said no pussy cats inside my dog house
That's what got my daddy locked up in the dog pound
Free Phantom though, let all of my dogs out
We gon' pull up in that hooptie like we cops on 'em
With M16s, we gon' put some shots on em'
I send a lil' thot to send the drop on em'
She gon' call me up and I'm a sick the hots on 'em
Grimey savage, that's what we are
Grimey shooters dressed in G-Star
GS9, I go so hard
But GS for my gun squad
And bitch if there's a problem we gon' gun brawl
Shots popping 'out The AR
I'm with Trigger, I'm with Rasha, I'm with A-Raw
Broad daylight and we gon' let them things bark
Tell them niggas free Meeshie, hoe
Someway, Free Breezy, hoe
And tell my niggas, Shmurda teaming, hoe
Mitch caught a body 'bout a week ago
Fuck with us and then we tweaking, hoe
Run up on that nigga get to squeezing, hoe
Everybody catching bullet holes
Niggas got me on my bully yo
I'm a run up, put that gun on 'em
I'm a run up, go dumb on 'em
Niggas got me on that young shit
Got me on that go dumb shit

Got me on that go dumb shit, man
Trap mode in this motherfucker, hotter than a bitch
Ayo, pour up, I need some more drinks

Mad Dog - 2017-06-22
always wondered....where tf did his hat go?.. checkout and BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS
FROM (AUTHENTIC HITS DOT COm)) and get ton of real views on youtube and all
other social media services??

The Zueira - 2017-06-22

Sickle Cell Boy - 2017-06-22
This song is so black, white people are trying to label it as a terrorist organization.

Jason Migue - 2017-06-22
GS9 yeah

Victor Rocha - 2017-06-22
alguém do Brasil?

djumbo zide - 2017-06-22
that was a hot song for real i still like that shit......that shit go hard

Harold A - 2017-06-22
just turned black...

MAVERICK the parrot - 2017-06-22
u saw them stealing at the walmart bout a week ago

Vito Ltr TV - 2017-06-22
still listenin' this on 22 June 2017? ME!

RampagexLegitx - 2017-06-22
i feel disrespected since ive heard good rap before. bobby smurda on the top of the playlist called HarderRapShit get this shit outta here not nigga more like hot garbage

Don't look at my profile picture - 2017-06-22
this is real hip hop didn't need any fucking women

Jessica Argumedo - 2017-06-22
I did your like call me baby

ItsTedi - 2017-06-22
2:17 The best part

BEAST_GAMER - 2017-06-22
Did anybody see that drink spilled at 0:38 the guy shit what the fuck my new clothes!

BEAST_GAMER - 2017-06-22
I'm still confused cause the beginning of the song sound like my neighbors chihuahua barking at me while walking down the street

meim boi - 2017-06-22
take a shot everytime the "n word" is being spoken out

dylan murphy - 2017-06-22
who watchin in 2021???

Anxhela Avdolli - 2017-06-22
it's Bobby bitch

Josiah Smth - 2017-06-22
free bobby

Deep Sea Lukie - 2017-06-22
No talent just nigga this nigga that.

prettyboy clampgod - 2017-06-22
he axadently snitch them out

Yareli Medina - 2017-06-22
Y'all came for 2:16, thank me later.

Максим Маляренко - 2017-06-22
Ёу нигас

SniPeR PvP - 2017-06-22
I'm going to Pizza Hut any of you niggas want anything

shariburbidge - 2017-06-22
dude cold no lie Bobbie vs NBA youngboy

Ozmosis Stoopid - 2017-06-22
TRASH sub for real HIP HOP!!!

Chelsea Michelle - 2017-06-22
Paused it at 2:34 and yes in June

Dab 547 - 2017-06-22
2:34 when u forgot to text your bae

Muhammad Mahdavikia - 2017-06-22

jocelyn Martinez - 2017-06-22
why is he in jail

1K Music Ent. - 2017-06-22

Chris Brehl - 2017-06-22
this is a classic

Killer Tyler - 2017-06-22
Bobby Shmurda the type of guy to steal his own bike

steph 123 - 2017-06-22
I can't wait to hear his first day out song I feel like he gonna snap🔥#free Bobby

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