PLAYERUNKNOWN B A T T L E G R O U N D S | 360p hot and spicy ft. China

PLAYERUNKNOWN B A T T L E G R O U N D S | 360p hot and spicy ft. China
Playerunknown Battlegrounds or PUBG is to my surprise one of the most refreshing and genuinely enjoyable games I've played in ages!

All music used/collaborators: (open description)

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Twitter in case you wanna see my future drawings: https://twitter.com/UberDanger

RossBoomsocks: https://www.youtube.com/user/RossBoomsocks
Jake: https://www.youtube.com/rainjake
Niall: https://www.youtube.com/user/snipars
Curt: https://www.youtube.com/user/mlgvagabonds

Intro song and background music: "upbeat Ukulele" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBHEF1nxbi0

Curts driving music: "John Denver - Annie's song" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNOTF-znQyw

To be continued song: "Yes - Roundabout" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Tdu4uKSZ3M

Background track #2: "Character Select - Diddy Kong Racing" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsrddmREt28

Music on the barrel roll: "Post Malone feat. 21 Savage - rockstar" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_209r9TMB4M

Background track #3: "Pirate Lagoon - Diddy Kong Racing" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17Q9BJTxPlo 
PLAYERUNKNOWN B A T T L E G R O U N D S | 360p hot and spicy ft. China



Tessel8 - 2017-10-17
12 thousand people and counting were wrong in the game quiz show

Ian Loi - 2017-10-17
easily one of the best vidoes ever

SaltyPickle - 2017-10-16
God damn it now I have to buy a gun -.- Fuck that quiz

Darell Malazarte - 2017-10-16
you better fucking do a Gangplank + Gragas video. BARREL BOYS!

Raymond Simpson - 2017-10-16
good content :: O

Nightmareflamez - 2017-10-15
Im done making league of legends videos,...

Mohammad Alam - 2017-10-15
Wow, one of your best videos I've seen in a while, lovin it man, keep up the good work!

Αναστάσης Πετσώρης - 2017-10-14
Waiting for the "should you play Evelyn" spotlight and expecting it to be THICCC

thesaints147 - 2017-10-14
i heard nyaruko and god damn the nostalgia from hearing the name of a character from one of my first anime completely took my attention XD

Four power ranger,GAO! Gao - 2017-10-14
I choose B

HardnerPL - 2017-10-13
The Diddy Kong music was the best part. Definitely.
Yes I'm a fanboy

alec christiaen - 2017-10-13
actually thought you'd survive the game quiz question, but i gotta leave a like for that sick save.

Coda - 2017-10-13
I love shooting children with guns.

Kasteth - 2017-10-13
If you hear about a dude with a gun at an elementary school on the news. You know why.

ExNEENJA - 2017-10-13
I guessed right but heres a like

David Li - 2017-10-12
Keep uploading non-league content! I fucking love it!

DemonDerpz - 2017-10-12
I was right, you lived

Cleric2g - 2017-10-12
Much love Dad.

David - 2017-10-12
Wait a sec, was Uber playing with PhantomL0rd?

Poopi Loopi - 2017-10-12

ZillyBilly - 2017-10-12
Well then... where's my gun...

Dean Deeb - 2017-10-12

Rammus say's it's OK - 2017-10-12
Is it the real MLG Lord Vegabonds? :^)

Riftborn - 2017-10-12
So did you kill both of you?
Beacuse a cliffhanger like that


Phát Channel - 2017-10-12
That icon on the star? VietNam icon?

Icy A - 2017-10-12
jojo memes and pubg, amazing\

Sircookie64 - 2017-10-12
Good quality vids

Dryen - 2017-10-12
This was the first video i ever saw and then thought it was so good I should turn off ad blocker and click/watch every add. I LOVE YOU DADDY <3

andaroomca - 2017-10-12
1:48 jesus fucking christ i am DEAD

AndreiBoss Baiatu de ADAMANTIU - 2017-10-12
Sorry man I would give you support but I don't have the possibility so I will leave a like and a share.

Noah Abo - 2017-10-12
There are 2 types of pubg players.

Competitive players

Than this.

Imperiom - 2017-10-12

Camila de Paula - 2017-10-12
N A N I ! ?

MIKKE RAUT - 2017-10-12
Who needs ski:ns? Quickly watch my vi:deo

Xerneos plotios - 2017-10-12
i guessed wrong :(

Cole Beaudrie - 2017-10-12
I thought I lucked out by correctly answering for the game show. I loved my nephew so much.

Ulysses Remegio - 2017-10-12
SON OF [email protected]`[email protected]#!#[email protected]#%[email protected]%[email protected]^u

Matterwar - 2017-10-12
I got it right. And I also liked the video... :)

vegisamurai .2 - 2017-10-12
I wanna play this game but i dont think my pc can run it

vegisamurai .2 - 2017-10-12
Some white stuff came from my ding dong plz help whats happening

Rob Hatch - 2017-10-12

SCANNING4BOOTY - 2017-10-12
One of the better video's made. Good shit uber!

ArtiKam Games - 2017-10-12
This is the best video from you in ages. Keep up the great work seriously

MrRacine17 - 2017-10-12

Leo Chiarenza - 2017-10-12
I guessed wrong I had to leave a like... 😣 I WANTED TO KILL A BABY

Mark Schmidt - 2017-10-12
That was probably your best content in a while never stop being a douche for internet

Connch LIXO - 2017-10-12

SaberofSpades - 2017-10-12
An indian man and Kevin are busy fornicating, meanwhile off in the corner somebody is going fucking Super Saiyan XD

Nadsenoj1 - 2017-10-12
As much as I want to pay you to make this awesome Shit! I too need to eat. So until I receive my brown paper bag... I'll keep coming back and hitting that little things down, coz I know you love that :°

End My Life :D - 2017-10-12
I shot my brother yesterday, can I not today?

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