T Moz - 2018-02-09
Michael Jordan wouldn't have let them lose

Go Ji - 2018-01-07

Hoodney Rod - 2018-01-05
I don’t know any announcers worse than the cavs

Reynold Mitchell - 2018-01-04

Ifan Susanto - 2018-01-04
Utta jazz idiot stupis

Wilson Montero - 2018-01-03
wins golden state

Wilson Montero - 2018-01-03
over cavs jaja

Carolina Rezende - 2018-01-03
o problema do time é o proprio lebron ,ele já fez história sou fã dele mas acho que o fator dele querer ser maior do que o Jordan que falta muito faz ele prejudicar o proprio time ,lebron será um dos tops da nba mas nem ele nem ngm irá superar o jordaan pfvor avisa isso ao lebron

StupidBarsHomie - 2018-01-02
I hear Isiah Thompson comes back tonight 1-2-18....can’t wait to see if it’s hype or not but still not full roster without DRose but IT gotta show out how curry did on his return date Lebron Bday....can’t wait to see if cavs fans was right though good luck to u guys.....

Cobet Vidanes - 2018-01-02
MLG matandang bias na baklang anouncerr! ,talo na naman ung idol mong gunggong na james! Hahahaha lueserrrr bronsexual,puking ina nyo!

Skazellino - 2018-01-02
Could these announcers ride the Cavs dick any harder? Great plays by the Jazz = "Defensive breakdown". Glad the Jazz won, LeBron cant buy a W in SLC.

Rey Emil Reyes - 2018-01-02
whats happening to the Cavs😔 they're not active as before. the players doesnt move alwaya on the threepoint line. .

Francis Muiruri - 2018-01-02
cavs weak

Coco Buff - 2018-01-02
Celtics also lost to Jazz. Utah runs the east. The top east teams would struggle for 9th out West.

jack jack - 2018-01-02
LeChoke.! And LeHoe.

Lebron GOAT - 2018-01-01
Everybody gets all excited when lebron doesnt win every game. Just 2 weeks ago all i seen in comments is lebron the goat. yall sick wit it.

Monkey Slayz - 2018-01-01
Bruh im a warriors fan but dang i want cavs to go on a winning streak atleast a 6 game or 5 one

Giovanni Molina - 2018-01-01
Poor LeBum out there and his dick riding fans.

Luis Antonio Aguilar Castro - 2018-01-01

boatman Bermuda - 2018-01-01
with thisway of playing Cavs have no chance for championship........conference final the most

A Phin - 2018-01-01
Too many turnovers... And that last shot should have been a catch and shoot play then quick foul on Defense type of play. The grind is real. Any how too many turnovers. We would have kept our lead if it weren't for lack of focus throuout the whole game

MSA (Music Sports & Action) - 2018-01-01
commentator so bias!! LOL!!!! :D

Jeeby libaton - 2018-01-01
😥😥😥😥😥 it's ok bron

Mouhamed 99 - 2018-01-01
Lebron is afraid to take the last shot

Dexter Reyes - 2018-01-01
What is happening, Cavs?! Losing streak? Unacceptable!!!

Joel Nival - 2018-01-01
It is fun to watch in Cavs feed when they lose.

dedan19 - 2018-01-01
All the Cavs guards (Rose, Thomas & Shumpert) are hurt and not playing except Calderone who should be deep on the bench. It's amazing that this is never mentioned.

Realest nigga On Earth - 2018-01-01
If the jazz who I think they are I'm going to lose my flip.

Cory Hicks - 2018-01-01
Thabo hooping in airmaxes 😂🤦🏿‍♂️

jonne stegenga - 2018-01-01
bowl desperate then liability need plan take entrance left tissue cow own peaceful.

Sherwin kieth Montañez - 2018-01-01

Kevin Durantula - 2018-01-01
Relax people. Cavs would still meet us in the finals. I still cant see the east getting in the way of this motherfucker old baldy. But whoever came to us. We'll stop them. Ps. Im Goat

rorolocowasted - 2018-01-01
They are still so b bad on defense....

DoJoeism - 2018-01-01
cavs lose, what a good day!!

Caletha Henry - 2018-01-01
Cavs GM should package trade TT/JR. Both are MIA since 2016.....utterly ineffective. JR too streaky, inconsistent, poor defender (dumb fouls). Tristan encapsulated in baby-mama-kardashian-universe. Not aggressive anymore and distracted (long list of high-profile NBA-black guys: ______(fill blank), Odom, Harden, TT, ________(fill blank). JR/TT would be LONG GONE if not friends of Lebron.

Dustin F - 2018-01-01
7:59 The funniest line the Cavalier Commentator has uttered thus far. "Just not like him" Who are they trying to fool?

Big Time - 2018-01-01
Can they get someone other than LeBron's boyfriend to do commentary next time?

Amado Alpizar - 2018-01-01
It's simple, when LeBron decides to NOT attack the rim, the Cavs will lose... Oh and also their defense still sucks. They have nobody but LeBron to create plays on offense (until Isaiah Thomas returns) and if he's not even attempting to attack the rim, the rest of the team won't have many good shots. EVERY game, he needs to attack the rim and gets his points FIRST, and then pass when the defenses start collapsing.

陶杨 - 2018-01-01

Tim Parker - 2017-12-31
This cavs team only loss becuz jazz scored more points.

Prentice Jones - 2017-12-31
Mitchell is a cocky little bastard, i was hoping D'Wade was gonna throw his shit so hard in his face. Oh well....

Andrew Jones - 2017-12-31
Jesus Christ people.
Seriously, get a fucking life!
I'm a jazz fan and can still appreciate that he is without a doubt, the best basketball player in the world right now.

Nick Wu - 2017-12-31
Shit Crowder ,no defense no score

Vincent Vasquez - 2017-12-31
Y'all take the regular season too serious 😂😂😂.

jerry james faunillan - 2017-12-31
announcers crying nw.

PHIFan-MIA - 2017-12-31
I hate the cavs announcers. Gonna be funny when LBJ leaves again and they're stuck commentating a shit team with a fanbase that dwindles

Christian Buissereth - 2017-12-31
Every January and February LeBron and Co go through a little slump.

Dwade The Goat - 2017-12-31
Dwade should either get more minutes or start.

Jason Thammavongsa - 2017-12-31
Cavs suck the only team with two First teams. Lmao

bruce wayne - 2017-12-31
Another beautiful lost for Lehelp and his little elfs.

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