Gina Andriyani - 2018-02-23
I don't know How many times I've played this song already

It keeps amazing me over and over again

高胜寒 - 2018-01-27
This live is perfect

Linh Tran - 2018-01-11
JongHoon <3 my leader

Marrey Jawile - 2017-12-17
The best ever FTisland nobody compares you!you rock the stage.simply the best.I admire you so much boys!talented and handsome.Congratulations and more power!God bless always!the voice of honggi is amazing.

Eleni Kostarakou - 2017-12-04
My boys are always perfectet!

Minhtu Nguyenbao - 2017-12-04
great <3<3 love Min Hwan

Sen Hoang - 2017-12-02
I love ft island

Shattitude91 - 2017-11-11
3.34 who's that in the backing vocal? is it kim soo hyun? i keep thinking its him after i saw the clip he sang wind with hongki on a radio

adilah1000 - 2017-10-22
always a good performance :")

Sen Hoang - 2017-09-20
Giọng hát này thật là biết làm người ta tương tư 😍😍

Eléa VIP - 2017-09-17
omgg i cry..his voice is so powerful ~!💫The most talented band ever💖💖💖

Chanatta S. - 2017-08-31
Literally watching every live performance of this song! So addicted to his vocals! It's too amazing! 😱❤️ Can't wait to hear it live myself!

anythingK addict - 2017-07-19
Idols are you watching? this is how singing is suppose to be.

galaxycarat - 2017-07-12
they aren't idols anymore, they're real artists

NataKryu - 2017-07-07

FT ISLAND THU YẾN - 2017-07-03

Btob daebak - 2017-06-24
This deserves win on music showss

Rosslyn Felicidario - 2017-06-23
This is why I love FT Island :)

ggg uuu - 2017-06-22
really love his voice😍😍😍

Eloy Daganato - 2017-06-21
I love you always hongki babe :) 😍😍 stay cool stay humble stay healthy hongki .. 😍😍 FTISLAND is love
I'm one of ur # one fan 😍😍😍

mary angeli lusanta - 2017-06-20
aside from Infinite, I always look forward for FT Island (also CN Blue) in year end shows. They are the ones who deserve to be invited and given more performance time. They are no doubt one of the best singers/group/band in SK. 😊

die hard starlight full heart primadonna - 2017-06-18
I need you, I love you too.

eliyanirahman - 2017-06-16
daebakkk!!! ❤❤❤

Desserie Audencial - 2017-06-16
Hongki's emotion~~ I feel it

Gee Valentine - 2017-06-15
your existence is a blessing upon this earth & im so lucky to b alive at the same time w you ♡

Briennah Reed - 2017-06-15
Ft Island have so much passion in what they do and that's why it hurts so much seeing as they are not as popular as they should be. One day we will get them a win, I was hopeful it would be during this comeback, seeing as it is there 10th anniversary. Hongki voice is just absolutely beautiful, and you can see he and the members men every word they sing and play. All my respect and love go to them.

loyethify - 2017-06-15
,.what a great live performance... FT Island is indeed have one, of the best vocalist ever... just pure talent..

SarisWelt - 2017-06-15
I don't like Hong Kis expression when he sings sn high and long note... I hope he feels better soon❤️❤️
Other than that was it beautiful as always❤️❤️

amesiaya3 - 2017-06-15
Wind 최고😆💕

BeesLove Jam - 2017-06-14
I always get goosebumps listening to him sing live 💕

Gaunen Maverick - 2017-06-14
Ft island❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟

Danni Henry - 2017-06-14
i love Hongki's different coloured mics this comeback :)

Kpop NU'EST, EXO - 2017-06-14

Babe Bebe - 2017-06-14
Easily best song in half 2017
#personal opinion#

Narciel Villaran - 2017-06-14
My first loves are back 😍😭❤

Sunny Peng - 2017-06-14
I don't know why but Hongki holding his sleeve while singing made me laugh😆Amazing performance as always!

Van Nguyen - 2017-06-14

FATE of FTISLAND - 2017-06-14
,,perfectionn is in the house "live"!!!!FTISLAND

LMAO 's - 2017-06-14
im in love 💙

Crystal Angel - 2017-06-14
I love you guys!! You deserve it all, so talented <3

Anna Acma Mata - 2017-06-14
I love their live performances.

My Trịnh - 2017-06-14
happy 10th anniversary FTISLAND 💖

Eren Shi - 2017-06-14
the stage is so daebak ❤ they're glowing like gold...well this song is already gold ❤❤

Louise Anne - 2017-06-14
too much beauty and perfection in one video ♥

Lina Skull - 2017-06-14
with all their performance they slay the stage 👏👏👏💪...my ftisland ❤

Gabriela Martinez - 2017-06-14
FTISLAND fighting!!!!😍😚💕💕💕

Natalia A.C - 2017-06-14
figthing🙌i love guys💖 talent 100%

Giselle Bravo - 2017-06-14
Stan Talents. Kings of singing live 💕

RunFlyWalk TRB-L - 2017-06-14
This is what you call a LIVE performance everyone

Ivaldo Sousa - 2017-06-14
That's so beautiful ❤

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