vampireknight1003 - 2018-01-16

Marcela Echeverria - 2018-01-15
she is so wonderful.. inside and out.. i love her so much

waitin4winter - 2018-01-15
Too beautiful I die

Nikita Smart - 2018-01-15
Yay!!! He finally lost!

Kirsten Fernando - 2018-01-15
I love her accent and voice😍

Jenny Lolo - 2018-01-15
She is so damn pretty it hurts

Eylse Seow - 2018-01-15
Is it just me or does she look like Maddie Ziegler??

Young Genna - 2018-01-15
She's Beautiful AF

Tommy Ortiz - 2018-01-15
What a sweetheart

triggerhappy0404 - 2018-01-14
That guy at the end was waiting to do that since he was born

Emily Lian - 2018-01-14
She’s so cute omg

Dayvideo - 2018-01-13
Ross Geller

Aljoy Udarbe - 2018-01-13
You can never win over Wonder Woman she have the lasso of truth :D

Sofia Marukelli - 2018-01-13
I could watch this all day

Ed F booboo - 2018-01-13
The tongue, the eyebrow, the one thigh showing

Help me

Ed F booboo - 2018-01-13
What is in your box?

Lucy Mecoy - 2018-01-12
he missed the chance to call that a painapple

Jasmine T - 2018-01-12
She’s so adorable and funny! She’s Wonder Woman! She don’t need no lasso of truth to know if the person is lying or not!

Leah Johnson - 2018-01-12
Wow she won each time.

Fresco Fresh - 2018-01-12
aah it's the lady with sexy VERY SEXY LEGS <3

boihpuia hmar - 2018-01-12
Truth always triumph ☺

ArexYouxCereal - 2018-01-12
Did Seth lose a bet?

Agung Nugroho - 2018-01-10
beauty,cute and funny .... :D

clarenjoy edoloverio - 2018-01-10
she's so pretty i hope you and chris pine will make another movie together i love the both of you . . .

David Williams - 2018-01-10
i want to know how much that guy at the end was paid

StrangerMemes - 2018-01-09
Her laugh can cure cancer.

Xxlolxx Xxlolxx - 2018-01-09
This was the best one 😂😂

Ninjas Law - 2018-01-09
Oh my gosh she is the hottest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on

VoltaFlame - 2018-01-08
"small leetle peeple skeeing off the fute"

eli en ibi - 2018-01-07
I love Gal Gadot😘😘😘❤️❤️

PAWS ON KEYS - 2018-01-07
I think she is cute😊 .smash a like if you think so.😉

Reuben Rasmussen - 2018-01-07
That dance was so impressive

martha clapp - 2018-01-07
Omg she's one of my favorite guests on this show so far lol, i lover her 😍

green apple naughty_green_apple - 2018-01-06
5:00 that black guy scared me....

Saylor Hershman - 2018-01-05

joshua arroyo - 2018-01-05
She's so beautiful and gorgeous my god I'm in love to her!

Kuro Sagi - 2018-01-05
She killed Fallon.

Gezquester - 2018-01-05
You bloody Americans are terrifying Gal Dadot with this silliness! Wonder Woman tribute...tsk tsk tsk....

harmonizer 4lyfe - 2018-01-05
Any part of me that contemplates whether I'm straight left when she raised her eyebrow.

Mauricio Medal - 2018-01-04
God shes hot

Sumeet Tamrakar - 2018-01-04
omg her smile! breath taking

Jennifer Ruiz - 2018-01-04
she is sooooo precious omfg

Andrea Hueck - 2018-01-03
How is she actually perfect?

Andrea Estrella - 2018-01-03

JenzAr - 2018-01-03
Do this with Taylor Swift!

TheUnbelievable XerathZ - 2018-01-03
She's so adorable😗

myouithegreat ri - 2018-01-02
oh god. I'm so mesmerized

first name last name - 2018-01-01
Yoo but the end 😂

Atip Milano - 2018-01-01
It's a fuut .. so cute gal 😂😂😭😭😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sarah Nystrom - 2018-01-01
Flirt Alert

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