Jose Cordero - 2018-02-24
Pre trib is false

swift knight - 2017-10-18
glory to jesus

sandra hmiel - 2017-09-27
Anyone who takes  the mark of the beast will be lost for all eternity and be in hell.   The HOLY BIBLE SAYS  SO.

chew lye hock - 2017-08-29
Hello godvoice 737, the Church Age Saints Dead in Christ will be resurrected and the Living in Christ or (Endtime Philadelphian Type Christians who obeys Christ's command to patiently endure as a Disciple of Christ ) will be Glorified in an instant, Raptured or "Harpazo" Caught up to God's throne as the "Man-Child" of the Pregnant Woman (Rev 12:1-5) and the ehthroned as the 24 Elders-Priests-Kings in (Rev 4&5) BEFORE the Tribulation Period Starts in the Ist Seal and BEFORE the 5th Seal symbolised by the Martyred Souls under the Bloody Sacrificial Altar depicting the Great Tribulation or Persecution on the Tribulation Saints by the Antichrist (Satan's wrath). These I believe will be EXEMPTED or KEEP OUT OF (Greek: Tereo Ek) THE HOUR of TRIAL or THE TIME OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION when the Antichrist is revealed. The Greek Preposition "EK" can also mean FROM or AWAY FROM or "APO" in Greek depending on the Context! It does not ALWAYS mean " EXIT OUT FROM WITHIN" as Prewrathers and Post-Tribbers wants their Greek Lexicons to say in Rev 3:10 and believe.
But the "Rest of her Seed" of the Pregnant Woman is ANOTHER SYMBOL which almost everyone has missed completely!
It represents the 144,000 Jewish Firstfruits of Saved Israel and the Great Crowd of Tribulation saints saved from all Gentile Nations who come OUT OF the Great Tribulation corporately and are gathered by angels before God's throne in heaven (Rev 7) BEFORE the Seven Angels appear with Seven Trumpets which starts THE JUDGEMENT DAY OF THE LORD'S WRATH! (Rev. 8-11) or BEFORE the Seven Bowls of Plagues are poured out (Rev 14:1-5) & (Rev. 15:2-4) Hence these two groups who will be in the Great Tribulation (of Satan's wrath) are collectively called "THE REST OF THE SEED" of the Pregnant Woman which is collectively a Symbol for ISRAEL & THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH.
For more clarifications please review or download my video on Youtube entitled "The Pretrib and Postrib/Prewrath Endtimes Chart-Realigned and Harmonised!"
God Bless and thank you!

Michael Weil - 2017-08-20
Mr MacArthur needs to say that he was wrong about taking the mark of the beast. He said that you could take the mark of the beast and be saved. That is not sound and it is terrible.Other than that I have little issue with what he teaches. He seems straight, but he needs to turn from that evil teaching.

Bill Smith - 2017-07-24
scottie is correct september the church is harpadzo GOD always gives a warning before he acts(like a good parent would!) we are being warned and those things that were sealed until the end days are NOW REVEALED thanks scottie! what a blessing it must be to have served him!!!

Clay Withers - 2017-04-29
Revelation 3:10,18  & 17:12. We need to see that which is hidden in plain sight, the Ruach will show you this as and when you are ready to receive it....... Luke 10:20-22.

Mary Lunn - 2016-10-05
No don't believe it's a chip! Radical Islamic have a head band and wrist band with oath to Allah that adds up to 666 -it would be a spiritual sellout to the living God if anyone does not convert to Islam and wear the head band or wrist band.

Janaina Silva - 2015-06-02
god bless you jackie see you in heaven sister from brazil

Jackie Garroutte - 2015-02-18
You know it is shameful to put down and argue with your brothers and sisters in Christ like you are. What a horrible witness to the world. So much pride instead of words that edifying. Exactly why I refuse to go to church. Tired of being torn down by rabid vampiric sheep who are nothing like Yeshua

Ross Page - 2015-02-17
Y'Shua said he will return on the day of; "No one knows the day or the hour." We have been given multiple clues as to when that year might be by the Signs given. The Hebrew feasts are keys to knowledge and wisdom. We children of light, are not in darkness that, that day should overtake us as a thief.

PRETRIB FACTOR - 2014-12-03
Its not a question of IF people will bow its WHEN they will bow before the creator of the universe.The wrath of God in the tribulation will be like nothing they have ever seen. Earthquakes so violent all the structures of man will be crumbled to pieces. Islands and mountains will shift and /or disappear from site! Mankind will know God is real! Even when the dead  are raised from Hades they will ALL bow and acknowledge the true and only God.BUT by this time their fate is sealed and they will return to an eternity in the lake of fire, with no relief in site, Time is now to get right with the Savior !

FenderSchonJPX - 2014-10-09
Classic assumption which is what ALL pretribbers have to use.  The scripture is referring to the Church of Philadelphia, he says THEY will escapte the hour of testing.  Now you can make the assumption that it's a prophetic promise, meaning, not just for the Church he is speaking to but also to ALL true believers, but realize it is just that, an ASSUMPTION and extrapoloation.  You can NOT use scriptures like that to void all the other scriptures that specifically state we will have tribulation, he does not come until ALL these things take place(Jesus citing the Seals and the Trumpets in the Gospels).  That the great day of the Lord will not come until the man of perdition is revealed, that the dead in Christ will be raised FIRST and then we who are alive and remain will be caught up AT THE LAST TRUMPET.

PreTrib rapture is a new teaching starting in the late 1800's and the state of America is a direct result from this false escapist teaching.  All through the New Testament there is encouragement to endure through tribulation and persecution.  The narcissistic spoiled Church in America has destroyed Christ's teachings of suffering for our faith.  To use the "bride" analogy, the Bride in the rest of the world is trim and beautrified through the purification of the suffering and testing she has endured.  Meanwhile the church in America is a fat slob sitting on the couch watching TV and eating bon bons moaning and whining about not getting everything she wants.  You really think THAT is the bride he is coming for, that THAT is the bride he will not allow to suffer at ALL?

Godrules - 2014-09-29
How can their knee bow, lest they have repented and surrendered their will?

Chuckberry101 - 2014-09-20
The background music corrupts the teaching message. I don't need its emotional aid to digest the talking. Who's the sissy that think the background music can better the peace of the Holy Spirit ? This is not Titanic movie.

Ben Thompson - 2014-09-11
Can you upload it again without the awful distracting music?

Doralynn Kennedy - 2014-09-10
I am glad you posted these, but is there somewhere else to listen to them without the background music. It's very distracting for me, and I keep losing track of what is being said. Thanks.

Tony's Channel - 2014-07-29
I think the title of this is very misleading because Scottie at "eternal rhythm flow" is definitely pre-trib,...definitely all about Jesus, definitely all in...his channel is truly insightful and a blessing for thousands, there is no false doctrine in his teaching

jpsmart59 - 2014-06-17
Isn't Chuck Missler, Jack Vam Impe false teachers? What's wrong with eternalrhythmflow? I seen his videos before and see nothing wrong.

Praise and Worship - 2014-04-11
I agree the rapture is pre-trib.  He 's coming like a thief in the night (a thief in the night doesn't come when your house is burning).
And the passage about 5 virgins with the oil in their lamps. (Why watch ? why not  stay asleep and when we see chaos start happening around us then we start looking for oil)

N0TS0SUBTLE - 2014-03-13
These teaching are based on common sense and literal interpretation which is how we should all interpret scripture unless it is obvious allegory. These teachings on the Pre-Trib rapture are inarguable. Come Lord Jesus!!

Jd Deines - 2014-02-18
thank you Can't wait...

HeSaidWatch - 2013-12-06
Uhm, what "so-called Christians" are you referring to? I only ask because you are obviously not referring to the men in this video. If you are talking about these men, then one can only conclude that you have been seriously deceived by the enemy. One may disagree on a few minor speculative points here and there, but for the most part these men preach the Gospel and speak God's truth. I wish we had a few hundred more just like them. Explain yourself and the title of your video, or else crawl back in the hole you crawled out of and stay there. Either way, I don't think many of us give a rat's patootie what you do...but thanks for the video anyway. It's good stuff.  

HASHEM0808 - 2013-11-25
I just want to remind us that when we are fighting God's anointed men, we are not fighting against those men but against God who called and anointed them. This is a warning to us to be careful what we say about God and his servants. The fact that they live among us and are accessible to us should not make us neglect to honour their calling and deal with them as if they are just the same as us. We must remember that the anointing of God on their lives makes a difference.
We have to be careful the things we say and do. Give all glory to God for the great things he has done for us here on earth. Worship God always and give him praises.


HASHEM0808 - 2013-11-25
I really love & respect these preachers, God bless them &  MARANATHA!

marpa - 2013-11-15
The title of this video doesn't make sense... These people believe what this video teaches. Misleading title

Iluvantir - 2013-10-10
Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is quite specific. It is to willingly and deliberately attribute to Satan the works of the Holy Spirit. If the Spirit of God does something and you say it's of the devil KNOWING that it really is of the Spirit, then you have committed the unforgivable sin. Doing so by accident, or in ignorance due to lack of knowledge is not this sin. This cannot be done by the ignorant, by accident. It can only be done by those who KNOW the truth.

MrLivxample - 2013-10-09
Then if a man says he has no sin. That person is not only saying he is perfect but also calling God a lair. The Bible also says Lord did we not prophecy in your name, then the Lord looks at them and says depart from me workers if iniquity. Scary, so there is a spirit here in Oxnard that tells people christian and non christian to prophecy look out.

MrLivxample - 2013-10-09
Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, probably when you reject or disbelieve the work Jesus in a person and the obvious not believing in Jesus. God's word clearly say many go to hell. Be afraid very afraid. Hey miss wizdom.

BrotherCavefish - 2013-09-15
No one is resting in the belly of the earth All saved souls are with Jesus till their resurrected bodies are fulfilled at the rapture. Saved and unsaved will get resurrected b

BrotherCavefish - 2013-09-15
There is no manifold rapture. That is ridiculous and not scriptural

BrotherCavefish - 2013-09-15
Great presentation but music was annoying

TheOriginalJealot - 2013-08-18
I certainly don't want to blaspheme, so please do not mistake my previous post for that. However, I also do not want to be so prideful that I will not even allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to me my own blind spots or misunderstanding of the Word of God. There are also many other scriptures that seem to indicate a manifold rapture, but YouTube comments do not allow even a tenth of the space needed to expound on the "why" behind what I'm saying... plus, like I said, I still don't know everything.

TheOriginalJealot - 2013-08-18
I've been a long-time believer of a single pre-trib rapture my whole life. However, the more I've been humbling myself before the Lord and confessing to Him that I do not know as much as I think I do (or at least once thought I did), and the more I have been prayerfully reading and studying His Word, I am starting to consider the possibility of a manifold rapture. Considering we know that Enoch, Elijah, and Yehoshua Himself were caught up, and the two witnesses will be, it seems possible to me.

TheOriginalJealot - 2013-08-18
The Sunday laws are already being enacted in Europe - last I heard, just a couple days ago (although, I don't remember how old the news was). Praise the Lord, either way. May we both continually pray that we be counted worthy to escape all these things to come and to stand before the Son of Man! Maranatha! Hallelujah!

Herb Goldy - 2013-08-15
It always amazes me when anybody, ANYBODY, claims to have the whole and only truth. The truth is Yeshua is the way and that's all that counts. Believe and live your life for Him and the rest will follow.

Paul Baron - 2013-08-14
The church is not mentioned after chapter 4 because Revelation is set up as a chiasm. Much like other areas in the Bible, there is a typology - a smaller renactment of a bigger event. In this case, Exodus and judgement at the end of the world. Just as Pharoah refused to allow the Isrealites their "Shabbat" or rest or Sabbath in the days of Moses prior to the exodus out of Egypt, after which the plagues came, so too will the Pope declare war on Christ's people by enacting Sunday laws.

pleqqy - 2013-08-04
Not sure what you're getting at with this video?

John Rider - 2013-07-23
the HOLY spirit is GOD ALMIGHTY the holy spirit DWELLS within the believer but in the time of jacobs trouble the holy spirit is STILL on the earth and in heaven and anywhere else HE WANTS TO BE

TribulationSaints maranatha - 2013-07-23
great message

INSPECTORZAP - 2013-07-22
When a Christian dies, they will be present with the Lord. And await the Beama seat judgment. AKA Good works, and crowns. When a non believer dies, they wait for the Great white throne judgment. AKA Evil works, and lake of fire.

INSPECTORZAP - 2013-07-22
LOL....That referrs to the Spiritually Dead. Jesus said " Who are my brothers? Those who are in me are my brothers, Let the dead bury the dead" He was speaking of those who do not believe. Look>>>CONT...

INSPECTORZAP - 2013-07-21
No I am not, LOL, God is. Remember the souls of them in Heaven, that cry out for vengeance? Souls in Heaven brother. With God. Right now. As we speak. Amen!! God bless you brother

INSPECTORZAP - 2013-07-21
Who has been teaching you all this garbage? That is so evil of them. How sad. God bless you brother.

INSPECTORZAP - 2013-07-21
2 Corinthians 5:8 8 We are confident, I say, and willing, rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord. We that are believeres are with the Lord upon our death. Very clear here brother.

MJBB373 - 2013-07-21
DUDE! LOL! When you sent this to me in the email I had no idea that was a video title that you wanted me to watch! BLAHAHAHAHA! I am incredibly flattered that you liked my stuff that much! *grins*. I'll give you a call soon brother, I've been meaning to get back up with you ;)

INSPECTORZAP - 2013-07-19
And in addition: Rev. 19:7 Shows the Wedding in heaven is finished, we are his WIFE. LOL... The Rev. 19:11 Shows Heaven open, and Jesus returns as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. He returns AFTER the Wedding is over. You can not deny that fact brother. LOL God bless you brother. I hope we can agree to disagree. No hard feelings ever. In Christ Jesus Love.

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