All About Botulism: Protect your family

All About Botulism: Protect your family
Poisoning and paralysis by deadly botulinum toxin, caused by Clostridium botulinum, is explained, including signs and symptoms. Learn what to avoid and how to protect your family from botulism. Hosted by Joe Alton, MD of https://www.doomandbloom.net/
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All About Botulism: Protect your family



John Dough - 2017-12-19
Wish more medical professionals where like you and your wife thanks for you're videos and getting the message to the brain dead masses or ignorant ones who actually wanna learn something new thanks dr

food smart - 2017-11-16
Is it you can tell if the can is under pressure? I have a pack of butterfingers from 1993 it's ballooned pleasure in the pack. Is there a place that can test food?

Jackson Hamutenya - 2017-11-09
Well explained

Cathy Oliveros - 2017-08-11
Thank you, this reeally helps me understand more about the disease

mam162 - 2017-08-04
How much botulinium toxin can actually wind up in your system if you're exposed to the bacteria? I know that the deadliness of the substance is off the charts, but most people with botulism end up surviving.

tysonix187 - 2017-06-22
this is amazing

Oasis S. - 2017-05-23
There was a recent botulism death from gas station nacho cheese.

houndjog - 2017-02-10
One word....CHARCOAL. 5 TBSP !

Rob Jones - 2016-12-24
Doc: Risk at 4.6pH or HIGHER, not 4.6 or lower. as you said at 4:00. Lower is more acidic, which further reduces risk.

Nabil H - 2016-11-30
Thank you so much. Great video but it would have been nice if you included some links in the description :)

TigerShark - 2016-11-06

COMMON MAN - 2016-10-19
Great information, I was informed of your work on Black Scout Survival channel.

Andrew Attard - 2016-10-11
If I buy canned food at the supermarket and store it. What is the likelihood that I contract botcholism if the can is not damaged? Is there a way to visually identify tainted foods?

Sarrow - 2016-08-30
Is this a concern with homemade herbal remedies such as herbal infusions, salves, butters etc? Specifically when using dried herbs

ndbartel - 2016-08-09
I've had the discussion about how long to boil water in order to render it safe multiple times and have heard many different things. I know that the longer you boil water the temperature will not change. Temperature remains constant during phase changes. So do most people not realize this, or does a longer time at a lower temperature actually do the job?

TOM M - 2016-07-12
Good video some friends and I were discussing this just yesterday. Thanks. Best

T C - 2016-06-14
Dr. Bones, thanks for another good video. We have been canning tomatoes and peaches for many years now... and consider ourselves getting good at that. Now I will go through all of the complete canning guide (seems 2015 is the latest version) to see if we have been missingĀ  something and had been lucky only (not wise)!

ArthurKanzler - 2016-06-13
From a food safety standpoint foods vacuum sealed in home vacuum sealers (Food Saver,...) are of concern as well.

Randy Voss - 2016-06-13
is it a concern with freeze dried foods?

Qarlo - 2016-06-13
Perfect timing on this--We're just starting canning.

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