Oluwasolami Afolayan - 2018-03-23
that was so cute when she was like "ellen thank you"

Carl Mape - 2018-03-22
If you don't know old you are you need to be checked for Alzheimers

Carl Mape - 2018-03-22
The Crown is very INACCURATE.- especially season 2. No way did Jackie Kennedy fly to England to apologize to the Queen in person over remarks that never happened because "she was high on drugs."

L H - 2018-03-21
I love her. Such a brilliant actress, and so inspiring for her outspokenness and honesty. I would love to know if she works out, and if so, what her workout consists of.

Sense TV - 2018-03-21
Why does it look as if they're both arguing or something.

RH celtic - 2018-03-21
Those boys are a credit to their father ...REALLY ! - what a stupid remark

SuperSmile2004 - 2018-03-21
Oh, her English, how she talks... Pure music for ears...

Hobeer - 2018-03-21
Speaking of Winona Ryder, has she ever been on Ellen?

Marie Tedo - 2018-03-20
I love Helen So much ... Such an Elegant person

S - 2018-03-20
Sassy Ellen

Astral Frost - 2018-03-20
I love her.

Amritha S - 2018-03-20
guess America doesnt know much about Olivia Colman :) She is gonna rock as the Queen

A Friend - 2018-03-20
Had a big crush on helen for years. 26 now, i still wouldn't mind having her.

Alejandro González - 2018-03-19
I'm in my 20's and I also get fascinated with GPS on my phone, people don't realize there's an actual satellite in space working that out as you move through planet Earth... is not simple at all

Daan Maes - 2018-03-19
angry fly die gvbmzpf acquire o'clock mind start French death.

Ορφεας Νικολαου - 2018-03-19
Ellen looks small as a personalty next to Helen Mirren and that says something.

Jay K - 2018-03-18
Oh to be old one day.. :(

BaibaVulgaris - 2018-03-18
Yeah Ellen behaves disgusting, no respect, rude stupid inappropriate comments, i would not even go to the show if i had to receive disrespectful attitude like this, yuk....so primitive behaviour from the host

camelia chinmayashakti - 2018-03-18
Heinz is an American company! typical British megalomania ;)

Alexia Hill - 2018-03-17
She’s gorgeous and carries herself so gracious

Leslie Tripathy - 2018-03-17

Gab rielle - 2018-03-16
"Although it does seem like you're aging, you don't know your age. I was gonna say you look great but you're losing it." Hahaaaaaa

MrDavfit - 2018-03-16
Talent.. facelift..Humor...all good

Ruok - 2018-03-16
Ellen is 60 years old herself. Old hags

Lovely Novales - 2018-03-15
I can relate to Dame Helen Miren. I think GPS is fascinating! And the scanner at the grocery store. Haha

Otherobert - 2018-03-13
Crazy that Helen is only 12 years older than Ellen.

xneverwalkalonex - 2018-03-13
How can you not know your own age? She's great, but, duhhhhhh

Omara Oliver - 2018-03-13
It depends on the month, dummy

Vicki Jones - 2018-03-13
love her...and kinda want to hang out with her

Nathan - 2018-03-12
She reminds me so much of my grandmother

NiX aKi - 2018-03-12
I love her. She's a very curious lady. It's actually laudable for her age that she has a young heart. She's living her life YOLO style 💪👊

judy lapointe - 2018-03-12
if she can't remember her own age no wonder she is a bad judge of character

Sharon Kelly - 2018-03-11
"I like to move forward not back." Huh, lies, all lies!

Maryanne Jackson Picker102 - 2018-03-11
Got Dang I love her!!!!!
Ues, I rec "Black Mirror" I agree with her GPS is fantastic!!

Taja Devi - 2018-03-11
i love her hair :)

Bárbara Barrio - 2018-03-11
She’s a Slytherin

Axis Somatica - 2018-03-11
Dame Helen! When did Ellen get mean? She used to be so nice.

bushra - 2018-03-11
That thread on her chest is killing me! I really think I need to start medication for my obsessiveness 😩

tuff ute - 2018-03-10
Age catches up with every body you can't bet that no matter how much Money you Have

Anton Markov - 2018-03-10
She looks so god damn good

Steffi J - 2018-03-10
Such a class act Helen, brilliant actress. I love it when older people express such fascination in technology. It has been quite fast these recent years that we of the current generation have lost wonder for it. Helen expresses that interest and desire to learn how new things work and that's why she is such a class act.

L. Summer - 2018-03-10
What an amazing woman. She's attractive at any age, not to mention extremely talented & timeless. How rare it is for any of us to truly get better as we age. I'm now taking notes, dammit!!!

Anna-Maj Andersson - 2018-03-10
You look great, but you're loosing it! :-D

Hurbii - 2018-03-10
girls... take notes ^_-

Tran Phuong Anh - 2018-03-09
i enjoyed watching the video and laughed so hard, the 2 women were so lovely, and then decided to roll down in order to read comments that i expected to have feelings similar to mine. but what wrong to those ppl? why do they have to be so negative? can't they just enjoy the hilariously entertaining conversation above? :(

Wuerner Ramirez - 2018-03-09

Mikala Hansen - 2018-03-09
Love Helen Miren. I turn 37 this year (I think lol) and I really have to think hard about how old I am when someone asks. After 21, birthdays are just another day of the year lol 😂 😂

Michael Grafl - 2018-03-08
No applause for Silicon Valley? I mean, come on. Hellen Mirren liked Silicon Valley, and you wait with your praise till she say's she likes Stranger Things?

That's bullshit.

Maloy7800 - 2018-03-08
0:39 Henry and William Windsor are VERY DOWN TO EARTH!? Sometimes Ellen just doesn't think what she's saying. Two spoiled royal brats raised by the Second Nanny Regiment of Her Majesty Asswipers Army are VERY DOWN TO EARTH!?

Barcelona Chair - 2018-03-07
How amazing is it that Ellen is just 12 years younger than the Dame Helen?
I have so much respect for for both these two strong women and Mrs DeGeneres is forever a peter pan in classic converse trainers.

I think that's her secret recipe to not aging. I Deeply love them both;
their vintages have surely aged them so differently,
Is that not is the true beauty of being a woman?

Just Some thoughts....

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