Ashley Judd Offered Sex To Weinshtein, Creepy Joe Biden And Taunting Hillary On Her Birthday

Ashley Judd Offered Sex To Weinshtein, Creepy Joe Biden And Taunting Hillary On Her Birthday
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Ashley Judd Offered Sex To Weinshtein, Creepy Joe Biden And Taunting Hillary On Her Birthday



Monk Warrior - 2018-01-14
They call him freakin UNCLE JOE

zen moto - 2018-01-07
hey its true, judd is a nasty woman.

sly_tendencies87 - 2017-12-29
So much for Trump building the wall and putting hillary in jail. Just more hot air from a createnious liar. Infowars is just another set of useful idiots for the rich and powerful. These people will cut their own throats for some perverse idea of right wing economics.

al aebay - 2017-12-29

William Keys - 2017-12-28
People should remember, "THE ONUS OF PROOF IS ON THE PROSECUTION NOT ON THE DEFENDANT". The DofJ; FBI and CIA know that a false and manufactured dossier should NOT be presented to a POTUS without it having been exhaustively verified. What has happened is beyond criminal it is TREASONABLE. Shame on The Democrat Party.

Bob Radford - 2017-12-28
When Creepy Joe is around kids it's like Dracula in a Blood Bank

Tom Zmit - 2017-12-28
been waiting a long time! for this. We should make that day a national holiday, as she swings from a high branch by the neck until dead. THE WICKED WITCH along with her minion's

John Doe - 2017-12-27
Dont worry that 'nasty' you brag about so much will carry you through.... Well it is nasty and folks dont like nasty skanks, ask Amy Schumer her uncle Chuck and especially the queen of nasty who claim she is glad the jews killed Christ, whats her name?They are irrelevant just like you now.

Manuel Rodriguez - 2017-12-27
sorry seemzlike fell into a bunch crap here good fucing bye

Steve W - 2017-12-26
The only way any director would hire Ashley Judd is if she sucked their cock. Even then, it would be a bit part.

Demo Cordoba - 2017-12-15
info wars- you guys are dumb. You seriously think TRUMP is a saviour? If you think leftists are full of B.S. Well so is your Right wing people too. they are all friends behind closed doors. keep yapping your mouth to bullshit that is too obvious.

Demo Cordoba - 2017-12-15
Trump your beloved president is another Creep as well, waiting to get his medicine soon.

Brad holland - 2017-12-14
I can't even handle this clowns voice

okiebeef - 2017-12-11
Hellary is such a pig!!!

Tintin Hickey - 2017-12-01
Light up the cigar Owen - stuff the rules and regs forbidding it - so sick of petty laws.

Nef The Butcher Of Idiocy - 2017-11-27
Ashley Judd is a skank...
Hillary is a 💩💩.. it just gets better and better

Michael Ledford - 2017-11-27
Ashley Judd used to be smoming hot until she opened her mouth amd went full blown foul mouthed retard sjw ,which makes her so unappealing even Muslim migrants in Sweden wouldn't gang rape her .

Michael Ledford - 2017-11-27
Lady Gaga living in the Mansion/recording studios of iconic American true liberal genius Frank Zappa makes me sick ,Frank is spinning in his grave because he was a MASSIVE political pundit for the 1st amendment Lady Gaga is supporting be suppressed .

rahkin rah - 2017-11-26
Thank you INFO WARS!

David James - 2017-11-26
Great report Owen !

Steve Crabtree - 2017-11-24
Ashley Judd is a nasty women, common whore offered sex to Weinshein and Joe Biden. I hope they turned her down she is just a stinky skank.

Suzana Kola - 2017-11-23
Well let see how longer he is going to be!!
In my country we say

Jim Bronaugh - 2017-11-23
If Sessions and the Justice Department go after Hillary, then their own crimes and treason will come to light and that they won't allow. Their only hope is that Hillary will die of natural causes real quick along Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and most of the top executives in the FBI.

Delilah Rainelle - 2017-11-23
Shhhh, the Judd’s don’t want you to know the best kept family secret!

As far as Hillary Clinton goes, that old wrinkled up snot bag should have been gone a long time ago.

Paul Belt - 2017-11-23
Another " Carrie ya in the area " lol

Billy Graham - 2017-11-23
Assy Crudd.

And did Assy Crudd have a father in her home? And is she mad at Trump and other men of a conservative political type because she is, deep down, mad because she did not have the advantage of having a strong father figure in her life? What a creep she is.

John JONES - 2017-11-23
Biden and Gaga standing for victims of sexual assault makes as much sense as Mueller investigating Trump for Russian collusion.

MAKE CANADA NEXT trump - 2017-11-23
A cell with a thousand painted pictures of trump with a big fat smile . All waiting for hillary

MAKE CANADA NEXT trump - 2017-11-23
She has a 1% chance of going to jail

Nancy - 2017-11-22
When Ashley Judd called herself a nasty woman in that disgusting display she put on after President Trump was elected ...remember? Well she admitted it she is a nasty woman. There is no telling how many bj's she did to get a roll. I love this .....all the shit the liberals / democrats spewed from their sewer mouth is coming back to bite them in the ass...but they seem to like that .

Steve Canada - 2017-11-22
She needs the damn firing squad squad

Steve Canada - 2017-11-22
Gregg Jarrett Attorney General

Henry Kinssinger - 2017-11-21
Another question most aren't asking is why would a self made billionaire like Trump run for President????? What did he see going on with wall st etc that motivated him to do this?? I think because he saw how Obama and the Clintons were fucking over the US and could see where it was leading the US. All these libtards still amazed they have Trump as their President,,,well it's exactly because of having people like Obama and Clinton in power that you have Trump. But libtards are so full of their own bigotry, stupidity and hypocrisy they cant see beyond their nose.

Kip's Journey - 2017-11-21
ignorance of the law is no excuse. get caught breaking a law as an everyday citizen and you will surely get educated on that law... as the Judge imposes sentencing.

Kathie Logan - 2017-11-21
We believe it she has lost her mind Ashley is twisted! The only polls that Hillary is in is going to jail polls!

Dave Brown - 2017-11-20
Ashley Judd is nasty whore

zen moto - 2017-11-20

Anthony David - 2017-11-20
If her Croutch is as dirty as her mouth. She is not respected as a woman let alone a human being .

Tancred de Beaumanoir - 2017-11-20
I hear Hillary is considering standing in Zimbabwe..

Brent Pulford - 2017-11-19
Ashley Judd told Harvey Weinstein she would have sex with him when she won her first Oscar in a Weinstein produced film. Get it right and get real.

Allons Danser - 2017-11-19
Her server wasn't illegal

Michael Heath - 2017-11-18
"Hillary's birthday"? I herd she crawled out from under an ugly rock!!!!! Maybe she could be waterboarded, using a disinfectant of course, and take away some that smell!!!

Michael Heath - 2017-11-18
All this shit is what we call SHUCK & JIVE, right?????

L Smith - 2017-11-17
I new it she is a pro two hundred a knight that's what I heard we know she can't act

John Mitchell - 2017-11-17
Yeah right Owen, you're an idiot. You really think the elite pedophile ring is going down? They are throwing Hollywood at us to take away from them. And you and Alex are helping them by covering Hollywood. These are people that sold their souls for fame. Stop reporting on them and stick with the little kids that are raped and murdered by the people running this country

John Mitchell - 2017-11-17
14:13 this is one of the many things I can't stand about this Alex Jones clone and the rest of Infowars. He says Biden sexually assaults every young girl that goes into the white house. Yes he is creepy and I'm sure in private he probably molest little kids. But, those videos are in no way proof of sexual assault yet this idiot will claim it. They are no different then MSM. They tell you things in videos that aren't there and they try to tell you what you saw. They are scum

ted carriker - 2017-11-17
Conviction of Hillary??
... I would vote for her on that 👍

John Mitchell - 2017-11-17
Infowars, shroyer the shrew and lying Alex Jones! Scum

Elizabeth Pinter - 2017-11-17
Celebration time ! Hillary and friends are heading to jail or worse!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Higgenbotham - 2017-11-16
Nasty nasty woman

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