Typical Norwegians - Fun Facts About People in Norway | Cornelia

Typical Norwegians - Fun Facts About People in Norway | Cornelia
△ Typical Norwegians! Fun Facts About Norway and Norwegians | Cornelia
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Typical Norwegians - Fun Facts About People in Norway | Cornelia



wientz - 2018-01-19
I know some Irish that do the "in breath" but it's probably because you invaded and plundered them when you were more alpha

TrEVILlyan 95 - 2018-01-19
This chick is pretty much what I want my wife to look like

breanna cook - 2018-01-19
Lol this was cute.

AndrewTheCub - 2018-01-18
Love the video. Very entertaining. :-)

Dominykas Simanavičius - 2018-01-18
hey, what is the fastest way to learn norvegien?

Marco-António Squires-Reis e Moura - 2018-01-18
Such a cutie!

Ivan Zhadan - 2018-01-18
so pretty girl

SuperUsefulMan - 2018-01-18
opposite of Mediterranean cultures

Mike Burnett - 2018-01-18
Very entertaining and informative. Makes me want to visit Norway. Regarding your first comment about speaking while breathing in, I live in the North West of France where they say 'oui' on the in breath. I've no idea why.

Mladej Danis - 2018-01-18
5:38 are u kidding me ? So u do the same thing like Americans do? Never take off their shoes and let your home be covered by mess and mud? Thank you Lord Im middle european. You norwegian girls are hot but this is pervers.

Taylor Anonson - 2018-01-18
Hi Cornelia! I just started watching your videos not to long ago and this video was the first one I saw bc I have a lot of my ancestors come from Norway and Im actually looking at moving back there. I am very glad you are safe and okay after you almost froze to death, got lost and had so many crazy things happen to you that night. I was just wondering if you could send me a link to your first video ever bc im trying to see if vlogging is right for me. Thank you so much for being who you are and so transparent for your viewers. Hope you have a great day!

Christina Morris - 2018-01-18
Margot Robbie

Craig Bruce - 2018-01-18
I can't vote for you to be the best because you were not brought up that way 😂 I enjoyed your video you are strangely funny and your description of Norway and Norwegians perfect

Matt Adam - 2018-01-18
Wow! I really liked your originality and how you presented the Norwegian people. I am glad I have tuned in and watched your video! I an now thinking of visiting Norway! Lol!

Pavel Sivi - 2018-01-17
most beautiful girl i have ever seen. a princess from a book literally

silvia allegretta - 2018-01-17
how am I supposed to make norwegian friends if you don’t like small talks? i’m gonna be an exchange student in norway next year for a semester and i’m so scareeed

Jorge abuauad - 2018-01-17

how to quityapa - 2018-01-17
😂 😂 misleading af

Vanessa Hotlosz - 2018-01-17
My Norwegian friend literally uses his cheese slice religiously and I never knew it was a cultural thing till this video so I am laughing so hard.

Joseph Jucutan - 2018-01-17
Norwegians are so beautiful

Sønn av Odin - 2018-01-17

David Jennings - 2018-01-17
Cute and funny.

DAYS OF YORE - 2018-01-17
You look cute 😘

Deekh3d - 2018-01-17
It seems like the expectation to be humble and nice would make people be much less sincere in general. No wonder people want to be alone on the bus, they don't want to waste their energy on a fake conversation full of niceties and pre-scripted responses. I think I'd get lonely there because it seems like everyone in that setting would be too busy feigning a friendly relationship to actually establish a deeper bond.

Ariel Blanco - 2018-01-17
Whaaaat? You talk when breathing in! I only realized I can do it too after you said so.

Lucas Chacon - 2018-01-17
I used to date a Czech girl that lived for years in Norway, and told me a lot of these facts, specially the awkwardness of Norwegian people, but at the end of the day they were nice people.
Also, the thing about the squeezed people on the bus sounds like the everyday bus or subway in my city (Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱).
And also she told me that Chilean Patagonia (mountains, fjords, glaciers, etc) looks really similar to Norway, so I could feel like home when I travel there (also expensive af lol).

Julie Gogola - 2018-01-17
Beyond Ah-hah, you should also be proud of "Nightwish" and a few other Metal bands from Norway. Their are many Norweigian bands you should be proud of.

Joel Farmer - 2018-01-16
@ 5:42 you say that your brought up to believe that your not supposed to be better than anyone, think highly of yourselves, not supposed to be good at anything??? WTF! Are you okay with that doctrine???

Xevier Red - 2018-01-16
She should be on dancing with the stars.

michael c - 2018-01-16
Greetings from Canada!

Miranda and colleen Fann - 2018-01-16
Heri Gud! Du får norske folk til å høre ut som idioter jo, ha litt respekt da😡😦

Alan Spartan - 2018-01-16
Donde le puedo dar me divierte a tus tacos xD...

Kristin Rooney-Erb - 2018-01-16
My best friend is Norwegian she does that breath-in thing when she speaks! I always thought it was just her haha

Atlas fartman - 2018-01-16
Just think that this chick will get gangbanged by Muslims migrants in the near future

John Smith - 2018-01-16
Mexican Food!?

AirIUnderwater - 2018-01-16
Norwegians can't dance and only fist pump. That's more than what I do. I just do the shuffle with elbows at a 90. :(

Amy Miller - 2018-01-16
a-ha!!!! I love Morten!!!!!

Pure Heart - 2018-01-16
You look like someone I know

Jordys Mom - 2018-01-16
Oh whatever that persisted about your eyebrows who cares you're very pretty you're probably not but you're very pretty Norwegian girl and I enjoyed your video I want to watch a few more and I hope they're all good like this one you very much information you know I'm from America Americans are little different we're more outspoken and they we do talk to a lot of strangers we are very forward people but we have our points. But there are people that don't want you to talk to them you know they just ignore you on the bus okay enjoy it

Vitruvius Antarchius - 2018-01-15
This is like fucking Skyrim.

Pallazero SaveForOnce - 2018-01-15
It sounds great to me :)

FnaFBMinecraft - 2018-01-15
Yep. We have tacos every single fridays. -_-. Everyone do that.

And she just insulted our national day! 17. May! She's mean! And she say every girl looks the same.. Yep everyone is blonde and stupid and say stupid things about ourself and our country. Aaand ofc not to mention that we can't dance and that our food is nasty as shit. Yep, thats us. Totally. 😑

That's really mean. And I wished it could be a more powerful way to dislike. I am a proud Norwegian. Norwegians are the most proud of their country, it's unbelieble how much we love our country. And if you, girl, wants to say some facts about your country Norway and Norwegians people. Then do that. Don tell us or them about how you girl gang is. And how much you dislike Norway and the way it is. Tell them about the Norwegians and Norway! Like I am dark blonde and I don't use make up at all. I love games and Youtube and would rather stay inside playing than go ski(ing?) (Idk how to spell that..) But I do love being in our big cabin and drive the snow scooter. That's really fun. I love swimming at the beach. (When it's summer ofc. Because it's only warm enough in the summer. BUT many people actually go swimming a little long time before summer too. They're badass.) I love being in the nature. But I hate being active. I looove talking to people. But talking in front of people is not that fun. Like, I can't say this is typical for Norwegians, bc it isn't. Or maybe some of it. But that's bc we have grown up with being able to go ski. Countries with no snow, doesn't! It's just stupid how she told everything without cringing or regretting.

If you wanted to know some facts or fyn facts about Norwegians or just Norway. Do not listen to this girl! She is out of her mind. 😒 Now I'm done. 😌

Steve Davis - 2018-01-15
Great facts indeed , for those of you with the negative eyebrow comments , GO PLUCK YOURSELF!

osmar castillo - 2018-01-15
I searched how do Norway people look like if there really white because of donald trump says that they want Norway becuase there solo white

Moe Travel Vlog - 2018-01-15
A-Ha was my favourite band during my high school years.

shayson1357 - 2018-01-15
too much fertilizer on eyebrows :3

Noah Palin - 2018-01-15
Cold and long dark winters. Yuck.

Chris Feik - 2018-01-14
Congratulations for your Knuts Day on 13th January from your friends in Germany <3
We really love your country and traditions. Wish you all the best for the future <3

Mike Teerink - 2018-01-14
I would realy fit in if i lived in norway

Bunny Spangle - 2018-01-14
Hahaha those eyebrows hahahahah

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