Cléa Potter-Stilinski - 2018-03-13
It's unbelievable how people can be stupid and how they are able to put their lives in danger to make the buzz on internet. These guys are so irresponsable

Hurtado Keyla - 2018-03-12

ClashKing56 - 2018-03-12
What had we came to

Patrick Kongnarinh - 2018-03-11

LaurVIP Gaming - 2018-03-10

Mahkiya Pearson - 2018-03-05
ur dumb u know how many kids look up 2 u and go and teach people this and keep the trend go on u stupid boy😔😔😔

アンナ狼 - 2018-03-04
But I can't even find the videos

Lonnie - 2018-03-03
"No one should be putting anything like that in their mouths." - Mark Pagan.

He's putting other things in his mouth.

Lonnie - 2018-03-03
Fuck them. Let them do it. They're doing the next few generations a favor.

Anders007 - 2018-03-02
what do you ekspekt the internet is just strange

Simply Do Anything - 2018-03-02
theres no such thing as natural selection, only Godliness or sinfulness

Sir Megallot - 2018-03-01
Darwin is just smiling

Mystic 7 - 2018-02-28
This is why were gonna go extinct

Jayde Alexiss - 2018-02-28

Hazel x - 2018-02-25
Oh so...yall will eat tide pods but not drink bleach. Pfft ...cowards.

Broken Wizard - 2018-02-25
let them eat pods!

Carlye Grammes - 2018-02-24
i put one in my mouth and spit it out no liquid got in my mouth and i washed my mouth and i rinsed with mouthwash will i be ok

VARG - 2018-02-24
And we're gonna let them fix guns in America? LOL

Eleana Pacheco - 2018-02-24
Thats freaked stupid

Robert Martin - 2018-02-23
everyone at my school be eating cookies and cheetos but i be eatin tide pods

NBA_LIVE_GOAT - 2018-02-23
Mmm. MMMMMMM delish love me some tide pods

Mustang J - 2018-02-22
Next thing that's going to happen if people are going to be running them things up their ass

Mustang J - 2018-02-22
If you're dumb enough to eat that s*** then f*** you

Neptune planet - 2018-02-22
Why is it like America is trying to kill you like you die like over 50 or 70 in the u.s but out of the u.s you live over 102 and 103 but is the u.s government trying to kill us...easily....like this? And why is there so many Mattress Firm?

Albier Arellano - 2018-02-22
The f**k

godly destroyer - 2018-02-21
but there so tasty

can i have a taco please - 2018-02-21

Yellow Melon - 2018-02-21
Idiots eating tide pods

Gary Swann - 2018-02-19
It’s all about the cheeseburger challenge now

Stephen Parker - 2018-02-18
These people are complete idiots!!! The gain pods are so much better!!!!

Alec and Gil scooteing vlog - 2018-02-18
Ur funny

Roblox Killer - 2018-02-18
Retarded Fucks

Nexus PlayGame688 - 2018-02-18
why people want to eat those pod?is it because they want many view

Robloxian Noob - 2018-02-18
No kidding Sherlock

Scrachelts HTF - 2018-02-18
What from a dumb challenge will coming now: "The hang yourself challenge" or something ?

Scrachelts HTF - 2018-02-18
The reason why aliens doesn't wanna visit us

Scrachelts HTF - 2018-02-18
I don't want to live on this planet anymore

Rebecca and - 2018-02-18
Why is people doing this it can kill u

Mia Exblocks - 2018-02-17
LMAO I have a idea make a video of the tid pod challenge a vine like BLAAAA TIDEEEE POD

Lucie Hinds - 2018-02-17
Ok so.... those young people will be the future of our planet ?!. Well well.

Joseph Gorman - 2018-02-17
Tide pod poppin tight wad walkin with nothing to gain but a fried noggin. You use dryer sheets as blunt wraps, You smoke soap with dabs. Your moms got crabs, shes hoping theres more dawn to grab. Oh shit your dads on snap oh crap hes smoking smack and your brothers leaning back to lick your sisters butt crack.

Emeri Erickson - 2018-02-17
How are people so stupid

GamerG1rl - 2018-02-17
These are stupid people

Alexander Patino - 2018-02-16
Dis is dum dont do dis kids

Sergio The Gamer05 - 2018-02-15

David 8 - 2018-02-15
Fun fact...tide pods are for washing clothes...

Elif Çanıllıoğlu - 2018-02-15

ABushInDisguise - 2018-02-15
its not the product, its the stupid kids.

ABushInDisguise - 2018-02-15
They could just drink the regular detergent.

ABushInDisguise - 2018-02-15
Yeah sure, toddlers did the challenge totally not just because they got into them.

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