mapleLIFE - 2016-12-29
Only take the Dayquill not the NyQuil. I had NyQuil once & it made me feel like Im drunk.

mapleLIFE - 2016-12-29
I hope you get better my friend 😊😊😊😊😊

mapleLIFE - 2016-12-29
I was thinking about doing Edible Arrangements this yr for Christmas but I went for the pies instead 😂😂😂😂😂

Ever After - 2016-12-29
Green tea with honey is good when I'm sick. Your candle is taking awhile to burn down.

One Pretty Little Box - 2016-12-29
I like to mix Pom Juice with lemonade! I truly think that Pomegranates were truly the "forbidden fruit" over apples. Feel better soon love! Positive vibes and LOTS of love being sent your way!

Krystie Erickson - 2016-12-28
I too haven't been sick for several years. I am so sick, migraine, dizzy, nausea, stuffy nose, body aches...it's really bad. Hope you feel better soon

Sylvia Tones - 2016-12-28
Hope you feel better soon 😀

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