17 People Bella Thorne Has "Dated"

17 People Bella Thorne Has "Dated"
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We all know someone in our lives who always gets into trouble for being a natural flirt with a heavy dating record. And although it might seem strange to see them jump from one relationship into another, perhaps they just fall in love easily? Well today we’re talking about the new notorious serial-dater in Hollywood, Bella Thorne and her 17 Rumored Flings and Breakups, right here on Listed.

1. Bella and Sage Northcutt
2. Bella and Kenton Duty
3. Bella and Cody Simpson
4. Bella and Garrett Backstrom
5. Bella and Adam Irigoyen
6. Bella and Tristan Klier
7. Bella and Ross Lynch
8. Bella and Taylor Lautner
9. Bella and Brandon Lee
10. Bella and Ryan Nasiff
11. Bella and James McVey
12. Bella and Patrick Schwarzenegger
13. Bella and Gregg Sulkin
14. Bella and Bella Pendergast
15. Bella and Tyler Posey
16. Bella and Charlie Puth
17. Bella and Kyra Santoro
Honorable Mention: Bella and Sam Pepper

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17 People Bella Thorne Has "Dated"



Sierra Is Very Weird - 2018-01-17
Bella and Greg were so fucking cute

Amy Mourouti - 2018-01-14
What about lil peep

Mamta Kumari - 2018-01-13
god why are u guys so hard on bella :( everybody makes mistakes

Najat&Toleen&Misk _show - 2018-01-12
Taylor Lautner Noooo

Najat&Toleen&Misk _show - 2018-01-12


sport world - 2018-01-11
Ooh men she is really bitch

ronald choo - 2018-01-10
what a hoe

Sweet toto - 2018-01-03
Is she Irish ?

Tea time - 2018-01-03
Most of these guys are confirmed to be just friends.

Chazz 0123 - 2018-01-02
Where’s lil peep?

Alejandra Segura - 2018-01-01
She is like the new Taylor swift but without the talent

S M E M I N E M - 2017-12-30
Who cares ? Im here 2 c two Girls kissing...

raissadi pasua - 2017-12-29
where lil peep?

OceanSprinkles - 2017-12-29
so many of these are Bella and a guy being just friends... Christ, she didn't date 17 guys

Shanna Wynn - 2017-12-28
Okay but what about Blackbear? 😂

Leslie Guerrero - 2017-12-24
If you like bella thorne give like

Catamey - 2017-12-20
How about blackbear

Little Cherry - 2017-12-19
Someone says 15 and now 17 and then 20 she has dated

It's Your Girl Ya - 2017-12-19
She dated lil peep but he passed away recently 😭😭

afaf Zadi - 2017-12-11
She’s dicksexual

im jeff im jeff - 2017-12-09
She is a asshole and a hoe

Oriana Hellen Blue - 2017-12-09
Gregg was my favorite

Sammy Moist - 2017-12-03
She literally only dated 6 of them smh

Melissa Rodriguez - 2017-12-03
Where lil peep at ????????

Danica Loring - 2017-11-28
She needs to grow up and act like a women. SMH.

Twister Sisters - 2017-11-27
She was dating Blackbear too

Ria Reign - 2017-11-27
17 woah, i don’t her hate for that but that’s a lot lmao.

Soto Brothers - 2017-11-23
Poor People Who Dated Her🙏😂😆

chanpor koy - 2017-11-22
wish i were her :)

Alyssa Keyes - 2017-11-21
oh no, she dated someone. Havent we all dated someone

Pretzel - 2017-11-20
Didn't she date blackbear? Or am I on the wrong side

Matthew Williams - 2017-11-19
Lil peep

Vina Z - 2017-11-17
Lil peep?

Alt Bae - 2017-11-16
Lil Peep (R.I️.P), Blackbear, Mod Sun

Joshuana Alexander - 2017-11-16
The one that pissed me off the most was the rumor with Ross Lynch. Im pretty sure all these guys or girls wouldn't be called her alleged flings if she stopped posting pics of them in a compromising position. Smh attention whores these days.

Blanca Ramirez - 2017-11-13
lol she also dated scott and mod sun 😂

LittlebrownBrianna Buan - 2017-11-13
Is Bella Dating Tana?

Koreh Lawson - 2017-11-12
Wait dating a bunch of people ur a hoe wait how that's life u date and break up

Fatima Q8 - 2017-11-08
She’s eighteen and dated 17 guy? I’m 19 and lonely asf😂💔

Adriana Hernandez - 2017-11-03
Bella never dated my man Ross so chill :)

Lina Marie - 2017-11-03
Add Blackbear and Tana

MAHESMN - 2017-11-03
Bella and tyler 🤦🏾‍♀️ PENNIG FOREVER

serial chiller - 2017-11-01
awww poor ppl

Josie Peña - 2017-10-31
These comments are so sad. "She should be satisfied with them because they're hot!!" Like really?? It's so sad that looks are all that matter to y'all. A guy can be hot and be super shitty. You never know. ( not saying all hot guys are like that) but STILL you never know.

MisterCharlton - 2017-10-30
To be fair, I had no idea that Thorne was famous when I met her. Literally thought she was just another attendee at the function I was at. Maybe that's what she liked about the situation. Well, was a good night: Wine, Nazi Eugenics documentary, the Force Awakens, Master and Commander, Frozen, the second best sex in my life. :P

She could have been lying, but she said I was the first guy that she actually hooked up with (not counting girls), as she had only ever slept with people she was in a relationship with (she claimed to be a serial monogamist). A week later, she skipped mass and we did it again. She was visiting relatives during Christmas of 2016, and they happen to live in my area.

crambone t - 2017-10-30
She might have dated them, but she sucked and fucked Weinstein lol

Leila Vianna - 2017-10-30

radiohead tv - 2017-10-29

R J - 2017-10-28
Whatever lol highly unlikely that she was just dating and beside you think those macs she was messin with not gonna get some of that?

melissa smith - 2017-10-27
Gotta add Blackbear, then Tana, then Mod Sun. She’s making a lot of moves

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