M Z A - 2018-03-06
Who the fuck would say " thank you " in Russian while she is giving birth ?!! 😂😂😂

Kundan Gurjar - 2018-02-19
she is literally female ian mckellen

Breaker Of Chains - 2018-02-13
The pearly outrageous shine in her hair holly awesomeness 💕💕😍❤

Isabelleee - 2018-02-06
Oooh I love Ellen's suit!

zs9 - 2018-01-29
'sunny side up'

ah southern waiter! haha

Pumpkin Eater69 - 2018-01-06
The RUssian accent sound so wrong

Kyrie Le'vi - 2017-12-17
I like British accent ☺☺

Ingrid M - 2017-11-05
oh my, she's so charming!

Maor - 2017-10-10
She looks like Meryl Streep in TDWP

Daniel Taylor - 2017-10-02
That Queen impression was spot on

Anime4 Mii - 2017-09-21
Good for drinking game ;)

Scottie Baxter - 2017-08-20
"easy over" lol

Inal • - 2017-08-09
That moment when Helen is your name

Chris Raiden - 2017-08-01
Always the same languages😒,when you give like some Hungarian,Serbian,Greek or Chineese even ?! Because these celebs are travelling always all over the world,then they can know some words of these languages !

Jazmine Martinez - 2017-07-28
Helen and Ellen my favorite people

ODZ ! - 2017-06-28
is that deckard shaws mother from fast8

Тимур Иванов - 2017-06-15
net! net! spasibo! lololo)))

Anton Petrenko - 2017-05-10
НЕТ НЕТ НЕТ! ахаххаха!))) Очень Круто))

Daniel Hernández - 2017-05-06
I would love to know how do they do to. recognize accents, btw my first language is not English so watching this makes me laugh a lot haha.

ASHLEY BAKER - 2017-04-25
I love Helen mirren

L D - 2017-04-24
Close your eyes 1:54

James - 2017-03-03
I wanna give Helen a head

dead vaper - 2017-02-27
heads up should have indian english.

Mason Willetts - 2017-02-17
How would you put the character with the language?

Axle Wavey - 2016-12-12
I thought it was Dorothy from Golden Girls on the thumb nail awe but I forgot she has passed on. May she rest in peace.

OldPanterka8 - 2016-12-12

Samalamalamdam - 2016-12-09
How can a woman be that beautiful?

Severus Love - 2016-12-09
I Love Helen just so mutch... She is the true Queen of Acting ;-)

Cheryl Jorgia Maynard - 2016-12-08
still loving ellen

Betty tekekekle - 2016-12-06
Any won who read this plese whoop me up with ellen pleseeer

Betty tekekekle - 2016-12-06
after I done my opretion I teal you what you are to me you will cry

Betty tekekekle - 2016-12-06
I love you so so so much

Betty tekekekle - 2016-12-06
You dont fly but you are engel to me

Betty tekekekle - 2016-12-06
engel cole me

Betty tekekekle - 2016-12-06

Betty tekekekle - 2016-12-06

Betty tekekekle - 2016-12-06
plese ellen cole me

Betty tekekekle - 2016-12-06
ellen plese contact me I love you more than any body I need you plese cole me I have no other way to contact you if you see this cole me 647 780 1491

BRO VS SIS CHANNEL - 2016-12-05
She looks like Jennifer Aniston's mother😂

Bill Moore - 2016-12-05
ex whore and coke head!

Alain Bruno - 2016-12-04
Helen Mirren has a fun personality.

HeyItsBronte - 2016-12-04
Aussie dentist?? Finding Nemo!!!

Jacqueline Montes - 2016-12-03
Definitely want to see Cate Blanchett do this when she's on the show.. bet she'll nail it 👌🏼

myfunnyvideochannel - 2016-12-03
Hey its me!! Just kidding like Ellen would like comment back!! I just love funny stuff!!! Hey chick from Bruce Willis Red movies!!! Shes great!!!

D. Foxx - 2016-12-02
I really want to see this movie

Bekah Whittle - 2016-12-01
The Queen one WAS SO OBVIOUS!!

basboosa - 2016-12-01
Her impression of Queen Elizabeth was spot on! It was so good that I thought it was the real queen talking.. she had her voice, mannerism, way with words..everything

Dylan Manese - 2016-12-01
Hey the comments is back

Afiya Mohammed - 2016-12-01
Neighbor beat freeze worth make mm-hmm DNA brush.

Snatched. - 2016-12-01
I had no clue she was British

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