Jade Zee - 2018-02-18
to all the idiots here..of course damone was a fine singer but he isnt close to Sinatra...and this recording here just isnt very good

Evaristo Giovannetti Netto - 2018-02-16
Great and unforgetable american singer!

Mac McCaskill - 2018-02-14
A sad loss.

Barrette Carole - 2018-02-13
Such a voice...RIP...

Enzo Pianelli - 2018-02-12
RIP my man....

Mr Alex - 2018-02-12
How to sing by Vic Damone. RIP.

Pastor Anderson - 2018-02-12

goldenoldiesPete - 2018-01-21
When was this performance made?

Robert Price - 2017-12-26
A great singer with superb voice control, making it al look so easy. He is one of the best 1

Mary Amerman - 2017-09-20
Vic Damone is the greatest singer of all time. I have been “in love” with him for over 70 years. He celebrated his 89th birthday on June 12, 2017. I hope he celebrates many, many more happy and healthy birthdays. I never tire of listening to him. Love ya, Vic.

Joyce Welford - 2017-08-11
I am eighty years old and I find it wonderful to listen to such wonderful classics and vocalists such as Vic damone nat King cole etc I hardly ever put the radio now l find it too noisy and cannot hear what the so called vocalists are saying

Cecil Grant - 2017-05-08
sweet voice

Philip Bahia - 2017-02-01
I liked when he sang an affair to remember from the movie

Joseph Tursi - 2017-01-28
Sinatra was right. best set of pipes in the business. I Emceed a show in Florida with Vic and he sang "Somewhere over the Rainbow." I have never heard anyting so beautiful as his last notes!

3610s56 - 2016-12-18
The best male voice ever..

sally gradwell - 2016-12-10
I love vic damone I love him so much

paula lappe - 2016-09-17
Damone was before my time so to speak. He had such a great voice and presentation. Always remarkable. Why don't the young guys have this anymore? There were so many incredible male singers---ladies also--in the old ays...what has happened? Thank you for setting this up for us to enjoy.

century123ful - 2016-09-06
Vic Damone is a wonderful singer.Although Frank Sinatra has always been my favorite, I've always recognized Vic as being one of the better singers to rival Frank, Jerry Vale, and a few others.

Mike Frak - 2016-05-21
I was at this performance in 1999. They had technical difficulties while filming this song and Vic Damone had to do it a second time in order to get a clean recording. There was not one person in the crowd who was annoyed by that. The overwhelming power and beauty of this performance isn't fully represented in the recording. I'll never forget how it sounded there.

vikings9 - 2016-04-27
the one thing u notice with singers of this stature is...FEELING not to mention silky smooth tone and the ability to lead...The vocals don't follow the music....the vocals ARE the music as the orchestra just follows and puts the icing on the mood!...HES GREAT!

David House Sr. - 2016-01-06
Ok, I've just been introduced to +Vic Demone - I've never been a huge fan of this genre. (Other than Christmas tunes.) However, after buying some of Vic Demones songs, I am now interested, and quite impressed with Vic's music. I'm even listening to his Google Music Station. Thanks

R Paz - 2015-12-07
''The best pipes in the business'', as quoted by Frank Sinatra of Vic Damone.

boonestead - 2015-12-02
jimmy durante ive always loved his version apples and oranges but his just resonates with me more

niceemoboi - 2015-11-25
he is 76

niceemoboi - 2015-11-25

ERIC FRY - 2015-11-22
Many thanks to Claudio for giving us the pleasure of seeing and hearing a great singer of love songs. Vic Damone for so many years brought us his strong baritone voice, now with this light touch of September Song, he adds a special meaning to a lovely song.
Thankyou Claudio from Eric in Australia.

Bryan Criddic - 2015-10-16
Is the conductor John Williams?

David Grant - 2015-07-08
Oh, Vic Damone one of the greats, if only the younger generation male singers of present day knew how to sing, but they haven't got a clue, their accolade is at very best mediocrity. Vic is a master amongst singers be it upbeat or a slow romantic number. Yes he is up there with Sinatra, and one could argue that he has better vocal equipment.

biscutsdad - 2015-05-07
John Williams!!!

MrImiller07 - 2015-04-13
Damone is a magnificent singer with great stage presence. This sequence looks like it was taken from one of his last performances-either the concert at Kravis Center in Palm Beach in 2011 or the previous retirement concert in 2001. Phenomenal.

Rovejag - 2015-03-13
Brilliant  in his Autumn years

michel j - 2015-02-13
No one sings like that anymore.

tomyao1229 - 2015-01-25
No one can sing this song like Vic Damone, for this song, he is the best,

loly rollolazo - 2014-07-03
The very best . When a song was music for the heart and soul. But those were the days, and now???

Peter Dainton - 2014-05-20
Without doubt one of the greatest singers ever ,no contest.

Norman Bodarky - 2014-04-22
what year was this recorded? Vic still sounded greart.

Thomas Rogers - 2014-04-10
Why oh why did Vic Damone retire? At 100, his voice and vocal mastery would blow every one else away. THIS is how you sing a great song and take it to the stratosphere.

Ali Asif - 2014-01-30
@Steven Van Dien When will he pass his vocal prime? Cause I'll be honest with you, I couldn't tell the difference between how he sang back in his early 20s and how is he's singing now. 

mapleshiner1 - 2013-12-24
This is one of the most beautiful versions of  'September Song' ever.  

Antonio Silva - 2013-12-16
In my humble opinion, quite superior to Sinatra and/or Bennett.... As great as Steve Lawrence, another jewel of American music......

Socrate1987 - 2013-09-23

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