A R - 2017-07-23
Fucking live Noreaga. Legend. Funny as hell. Watch his Im a G video with Charlie Murphy. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏽

racabrown813 - 2017-07-22
Smeagel should have said pause after he asked 'who is your Moby Dick'

Martin Custis - 2017-07-21
"thats a fact"

NikSG94 - 2017-07-21
Just hoping in late to say that this episode, about someone i was only vaguely familiar about before this, is easily my favorite episode. What an interesting dude with such mutual respect

black armor - 2017-07-21

Will N - 2017-07-21
OMG. Bill Burr would shut this down. I can't even imagine how hilarious it would be!

jgodoy80 - 2017-07-21
N.O.R.E a fool LMFAO😂😂😂

Josefina Garcia - 2017-07-20
12:02 had me rolling.. "yeah but I'm your friend" lmao he's such a likable person

Ken Roberts - 2017-07-20
dude, that was fkn hilarious.

Eyelohim - 2017-07-20
After trying the hot stuff he went from .N.O.R.E to N.O.M.O.R.E

MrDakiota - 2017-07-20
Wow. This may be my favorite episode! What a cool guy

The Daily Plane DOTcom - 2017-07-20
this was awesome.

Punch Dyer - 2017-07-20
dis nibba drunk af

shyguy - 2017-07-20
"Can I get your moby dick, nore?"

Iluvmesumme E - 2017-07-19
Nore has that Biggie persona to know them is to love them

Girard Whiting - 2017-07-19
you done came up what what makin it happen

Roy Munson - 2017-07-17
best episode ever!!! I love 'em all, but this one is the best.

Shawn James - 2017-07-16
lmfao.. GREATEST EP!!! hands down!! you heard it here first!!! shawn james signing out

Raoul Fleckman - 2017-07-16
I love the censorship. Sometimes you could see the label on the booze and sometimes they blurred it. Stupid. NORE was pretty cool dude, funny to watch them get to the "I love you man" stage of drunk so quick. lol

Mukisa Lumala - 2017-07-16
One of my favorite episodes

Tony Montana - 2017-07-16
what stands out to you about diddy. lol

BLACK HOODY - 2017-07-16
K first off NORE got a jail boner for white supremacy Sean, and like Sriracha, it't no big deal. What bothers me more, is that this DUDE has a show about being a drinking champ, and they don't collectively polish off a half of a 26'er and mans is FUCKED by the end?! Not to mention NORE looking like he weighing in at like 280??? Light Weight. That being said, dope/classic episode.

seavseabsean - 2017-07-16
Spice and booze sounds like an ulcer to me

Offend In Every Way - 2017-07-16
By far, the best episode yet.

The Mr. Vogue - 2017-07-15
I don't think NORE ate that last wing, I think there was some editing done to not make him look like a pussy.

Ryan Armstrong - 2017-07-15
If you live in or around NYC

C.L.AP. Clothing Company - 2017-07-15
editing made this episode tops! #CaptEonThis

BlackK GMS - 2017-07-14
This nigga said hes a good "Knocker Outer-rer" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Evan Haque - 2017-07-14
Do 50 cent next!

Marcus Miranda - 2017-07-14
Why is there no sound?

Yoshua Monier - 2017-07-14
thats gayyyy.

Alex A - 2017-07-13
Favourite ..... Episode ...... Ever!

B. J. Swatzell - 2017-07-13
Great Show!  N.O.R.E. you just got another fan!

charlie morton - 2017-07-13
Clint Eastwood or Chuck Norris hot ones

The Print Life - 2017-07-12
That was cool to see these two guys get lit up on Hot Ones

Rene Gonzalez - 2017-07-11
Nore is fucked up

Bouzurr - 2017-07-10
he looks like a bigger Tupac...

jazz jazz jazz - 2017-07-09
nore is always fun

Darian Huerta - 2017-07-09
u should have a YouTuber on the show like ricegum or some shit it be lit af

Ryan Mcturk - 2017-07-07

Stephan NAREN - 2017-07-07

Joe Burns - 2017-07-07
Never new he was such a chill guy. Great video brother! He needs to come back when you guys add some extra artillery to the show.

Montana DeJesus - 2017-07-07
I love Nore 😩😩

HourlyB - 2017-07-06
please get nardwuar on the show.

scottlw - 2017-07-06
i like how the mason jar was censored until the end.... when the editor must have forgot to censor it.

Timothy Rogers - 2017-07-05
Haha favorite episode ever

BronzDano - 2017-07-05
I'm Smiling the whole show, who knew NORE was such a likable dude?! 😊

Jacob Saadatmand - 2017-07-05
let's get Anthony bourdain in hot ones

Monique Chandler - 2017-07-04
i ❤ N.O.R.E

Roy F - 2017-07-04
gordan ramsay

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