Soundgarden - Hyde Park - Hard Rock Calling 7-13-2012 - Pro Shot (HQ) Full Show

Soundgarden - Hyde Park - Hard Rock Calling 7-13-2012 - Pro Shot (HQ) Full Show
July 13, 2012 - Hard Rock Calling
Hyde Park, London, UK
Running Time 1:53:57

01 Searching With My Good Eye Closed
02 Spoonman
03 Gun
04 Jesus Christ Pose
05 Black Hole Sun
06 Outshined
07 Hunted Down
08 Drawing Flies
09 Blow Up the Outside World
10 Fell on Black Days
11 Ugly Truth
12 My Wave
13 The Day I Tried to Live
14 Beyond the Wheel
15 Let Me Drown
16 Pretty Noose
17 Superunknown
18 4th of July
19 Rusty Cage
20 Slaves & Bulldozers/(In My Time of Dying) 
Soundgarden - Hyde Park - Hard Rock Calling 7-13-2012 - Pro Shot (HQ) Full Show



Emily Wagner - 2018-01-16
Blow Up the Outside World. Best song EVER... as is most of the rest of the SG catalog.

ElectricCult - 2018-01-14
Sorry peeps, reality has a way of shining thru and Chris was just tired of the reality he saw in you (in the croud).

Jimmy Saboter - 2018-01-13
1:08:23 - Nipple is hard from the awesomeness. He had a boner just from singing the song

Chanchao Kiitos - 2018-01-12
It’s funny...a couple of years later, when
Chris did his solo tour, his singing was perfect,
in tune, perfect pitch...maybe in Soundgarden, it
was partly, that he just didn’t care, he sort of let
the music do the talking...then again, ”Beyond the
Wheel”...he sings it perfectly, so he could have done
it, if he wanted to, he just didn’t care...I don’t know...
this is just speculation...and btw; I don’t mind his
singing here...you can see, that at one point, it just
clicks with the audience, and when that happens,
a musician goes to this place...everyone who has
ever performed live knows what I mean...something
just takes over, and you’re not thinking anything, like
if you’re doing it right, or whatever, it’s just a pure feeling,
and it’s a beautiful experience; whether you’re in the audience
or the one performing...alright, sorry about rambling...

Ruben Ventura - 2018-01-05
This is what I call a band, This is what I call music! Fucking good, it hurts a little to watch this, after Chris departure!
Even more, when I never had the chance, to attend a concert of these Seattle legends! But here I am :) I always have the internet, I suppose ... lol, but it really leaves me sad, it was a loss to the world, principally the music ... that will surely be more poorer! listen to this band, sounds so good!

Karim Belkhelfa - 2018-01-01
See You In The SupErUnKoWN Chris Rest In Peace !

øystein støver - 2017-12-29
25:09 "no one sings like you anymore...." got that about right. Be at peace, Chris.

The MTB Chiro - 2017-12-27
Great concert but this recording sounds fantastic compared to actually being there. The sound levels were awful and I couldn't hear it well at all. I remember being disappointed at the time. Something to do with the influential neighbours not wanting too much noise apparently. Gutted I'll never be able to go to another concert tho. Rip Chris :'-(

R!OT EARTH - 2017-12-19
Sharing the stage with the Stooges? Fuck the Stooges.

Young Dylan - 2017-12-09
What a head of hair.

Teresa Hightower - 2017-12-03
Is he not spectacular !!!!!!!!!!!!

hulusi soydan - 2017-12-01
süper ... muhteşem son

Harry Callahan - 2017-12-01
42:32 Fuck head with the brolly, nice one.

Сенич Андрій - 2017-11-29
Amazing band, indispensable Chris !!

tremble - 2017-11-23
The performance of Gun here is through the roof.

Niko Kino - 2017-11-18
Thank you for this upload, never had the chance to see Soundgarden live, as a musician I can't express how much they brought me inspiration and happiness.

Emily Wagner - 2017-11-11
"We still have three hours. It smells like pizza the whole time and after all this time I'm fucking starving!" Give the man some food!!!!

ERICO MUSIC - 2017-11-02

Gail Eaton - 2017-10-30
Good Concert Chris Rock God LOVE FOREVER

AC Kane - 2017-10-26
Thank you so much for uploading this! We spent 7 hours on coaches that day and got bloody soaked but was worth every second of it for the greatest rock voice of his and many other a generation (the rest of the band ain't too shabby either!)

mwsc - 2017-10-23
Always raining in London.

josuellamas - 2017-10-17
5 months. So sad

HolyRomanSoldier Templarsofslovkia - 2017-10-14
His voice got perfect at the end

ducatiduke - 2017-10-10
It really, really sucks he is gone..... Sad to say life if different now without him...

mikebro341 - 2017-10-07
I´m so grateful to have been there. What a band... my favourite... Was bittersweet to watch it again 5 years later.

ArgentPure - 2017-10-06
Kim's Thunderbird is so sweet!

Deep Shade - 2017-09-30
putting my faith in music to come around again. x

Rocker Mom75 - 2017-09-24
Great quality. Thank you for this! Would have been great to be there.

imma cabbage - 2017-09-09
"Daddy... can I go sountgaten?"
Sure!!!!.... Oh shit.... I thought you said--

Terrance Hill - 2017-09-08
I think I spotted Rob Chapman in the crowd.....

laurapac - 2017-09-03
The whole concert is astoundable. Every song. This is a must keep. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Yahchagnnan Chelekiyah Basave - 2017-09-02
Let the dead burry the dead, bu YOU come and follow me my friend

jdbankshot - 2017-09-02
great show by a great band. that being said, it also makes me realize how awesome scott weiland & stp were/are.

Üxmannen - 2017-09-01
A bit sad to hear how Chris couldn't quite sing some of the songs in their original key. Pretty Noose and Jesus Christ Pose was a bit sad to hear that way. I fully respect bands that detune maybe a full step or so on songs that over time have ended up slightly out of the lead vocalists reach. It makes for a better live performance and hardly anyone notices. To have an extra set of instruments available for that is hardly a problem for a band like Soundgarden!

Becky R - 2017-08-28
Thee Jimmy Page sitting on side of stage! Awesome!

Becky R - 2017-08-28
Such an awesome band!! Chris your a true ROCK STAR! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Judi - 2017-08-25
Thank you for this video!I never seen Soundgarden in concert,but this makes up for it! This is fantastic!!

Name chane - 2017-08-25
love sound garden but this sounds like shit

loveharrydaily - 2017-08-24
I really wish, when he was still alive :(, that he was still able to do the full WITH YOUR HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDS that was my favorite part.

Sofia Noiti - 2017-08-24
1:30:57 Jimmie Page
1:42:03 Chris's son

Teresa Hightower - 2017-08-16
My favorite Soundgarden concert. Chris, Soundgarden, his family, and oh yeah Jimmy Page looking on. Miss Chris always will.

Bruno Cimino - 2017-08-15
Sublime interpretación de 4th Of July

Cut Throat - 2017-08-14
4 oktávy

Cut Throat - 2017-08-14
blow up the outside world is my best song

thaddeus rex - 2017-08-11
love this so, so much... rip c...and what a great performance. the band sounds sublime here at times. all members firing. special salute to matt cameron, just wow.

Mike Honcho - 2017-08-05
Louder Than Love was my introduction to Soundgarden

Roger Cornish - 2017-08-02
Chris Cornell's soul was pure,transcendental, just stuck in the body,a transcended soul,worked on his self, he's liberated, don't take this incident /accident seriously, his karma /destiny had to be,injoy your lives in celebration, we're transient too!😀

LObostudios - 2017-08-01
Ben Shepperd kick million asses !!

Johnboy - 2017-07-23
God I miss him.

Daryl C - 2017-07-20
What a fucking show that was...brang the energy for sure

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