REPLAY: Day 2 - HOT ROD Drag Week 2017 from Gateway Motorsports Park

REPLAY: Day 2 - HOT ROD Drag Week 2017 from Gateway Motorsports Park
Day 2 of HOT ROD Drag Week 2017 powered by Dodge and brought to you by Gear Vendors Overdrive from Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, IL

Daily live stream presented by Auto Meter.
Catch the entire week of Drag Week programming on the Motor Trend channel (http://www.youtube.com/motortrend) September 11th through September 15th.
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REPLAY: Day 2 - HOT ROD Drag Week 2017 from Gateway Motorsports Park



John Cabral - 2017-12-15
this needs less talking, and more car sounds! Brian.....SHUT UP!

Abel Carden - 2017-10-11
Audio is terrible again. but hey free broadcast so there is that.

J Forbes - 2017-09-22
my run 1:31:00

G55STEYR - 2017-09-21
2:08:38 Yes do a podcast about Hotrods, I would listen It's very good with the car facts, old & new tech...

arkhsm ford - 2017-09-21
Blasphemi, a tru Road KILL VEHICLE !!

William Barger - 2017-09-19
Video coverage/sound is horrible...Must have new video crew, 2 previous years the videos were much better.

g ferd - 2017-09-16
Suggestion; Time should start when the light turns green. The sit and spool is boring to watch. Additionally, since by the second day you know what each car runs, set up the lights bracket racing style with the slower car going first.

drew3811 - 2017-09-14
What's up with all the white mustangs this year? Ugly lol,(Opinion)

Fabio Spiesanzotti - 2017-09-13
as always ... audio is shit =(

MattGaming43 - 2017-09-13
Rip Blasphemi

Lakshan VZR Gunawardena - 2017-09-13

LDN Wholesale - 2017-09-13
WTF is going on? Go to watch day 2 and it will not play. And says live stream starts soon!

bassendeanmotorcycle - 2017-09-13
Im watching a day late Down Under, But sort out the audio quality of the commentary. it was shithouse!

ben napier - 2017-09-13
Finnegan needs to shitcan the manual transmission hydraulic clutch setup. And get a good automatic it he wants to be consistent.

R 3rd - 2017-09-13
I always wanted to cut the mic cord ...cant stand the endless talking

Hurricane Sam - 2017-09-13
Worst audio in the world at first. Hope it doesn't happen again

Cribbe84 - 2017-09-13
Opel Ascona (Norrlands Asconan) - https://youtu.be/p5APYAA_0Ac?t=6634

burntsilverado - 2017-09-13
6 hours of video, yeah i won't be wasting my time watching these

Peter Patterson - 2017-09-13
2:3:10 seconds

Claire Faurote - 2017-09-13
Damn, lol. I was looking forward to watching Finnegan throughout the week. Sucks he's out, lets hope he does this again next year!

Wesley Phillips - 2017-09-13
Has any body seem seen the Dodge caravan

Cristian Pleitez - 2017-09-13
You tas too ufh kk otra

Floyd Henderson - 2017-09-13
Who was the guy that enforces the rules? That mf was real rude when I was asking for info for a build. All I wanted was some clarification on why the rule was their. So fuck him, fuck Dragweek, and the magazine too. Finigen and Freibuger (I hope I didn't mess up the name) are cool tho.

Adam Boone - 2017-09-13
Anyone know what time Mr. Schroeder ran?

Dominic Kirkwood - 2017-09-13
I love it

steby123 - 2017-09-13
Pity about the sound level,

A be - 2017-09-13
Flip phone audio quality

bilbo baggins - 2017-09-12
Super happy to see that Schroeder fixed that after that nasty crash last year

mark card - 2017-09-12
I'm GLAD Freiburger showed up commentating and the audio straightened out this is friggin great.I'm wondering if Finnegan found his wallet they said he lost it yesterday haven't seen him yet but it's pretty early.Good luck to Mike Finnegan.

Scootermagoo - 2017-09-12
Damn 48 minutes of bliss...

rodawallace - 2017-09-12
Thanks Auto Meter.

adskoppers - 2017-09-12
I hope the audio feed will be back to normal for day three!

Scootermagoo - 2017-09-12
Best part of the video the first 5-10 minutes without lohnes and furbie.

B Mcl - 2017-09-12

Tom Charles - 2017-09-12
Where is Lutz jr

wendyandmanny - 2017-09-12
"This time on Roadkill, how to destroy a clutch and an engine, and still have the best week at work ever!...... Wish I could blame this on Tony." -Finn

mark card - 2017-09-12
Where's Freiburger when you need him he made an excellent commentator yesterday?

mark card - 2017-09-12
It's pathetic the audio for the ads are crystal clear but the audio for the races suck,very disappointing.

Deftones Dsm - 2017-09-12
who dislikes dragweek but finds this video in the first place...wtf fuck u

KillaAkuma_CIA - 2017-09-12
Lol its amazing all this modern technology and you all can't even get the audio straight... Haha

esbekay - 2017-09-12
Guess I'm watching this in silence today?

Edgars Vasiljevs - 2017-09-12

Jake Toolson - 2017-09-12
Audio was terrible. Hopefully better at the next location tomorrow.

XxtiBuNxX - 2017-09-12
any news on th Finnegan situation? can he get it fixed?

Angus Stewart - 2017-09-12
6 hours of shit audio. Even sharing frequency with a local radio station at points. Poor planning Hotrod Mag.

Bottomlands - 2017-09-12
Please get the camera and the commentary on the same car! It can't be that hard.

SolubleShoe - 2017-09-12
Blasphemi at 2:22:00 and 5:56:00.

Regular Placemat Reveal - 2017-09-12

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