DharmaOfDog - 2018-01-15
terrible Interviewer unfortunately -

DharmaOfDog - 2018-01-15
I became a Helen M junkie WAY back when I first saw her in PRIME SUSPECT gosh, maybe 30 yrs ago now? I became riveted to this unknown (to me) Actress who played the role SO brilliantly.  It totally contrasted with what was playing on TV at that time (Dallas & all those tacky type series).  What could have been such a boring role & topic to me (British Police Force) I suddenly found fascinating.  I remember going on & on about her to friends but it was some time before she became more well known here in this country.  I still feel the same about her & will watch anything she is in.  (I even found the stranger Hungarian Film "The Door" fantastic.) I am continually thrilled that the rest of the world shares my admiration for this wonderful and authentic Actress.

bob nob - 2017-12-20
had they just come from a funeral?

Damion Turner - 2017-11-27
...thing is ,hammering nails into wrongdoers wrists and hanging them out for the vultures is both costly and disturbance of the peace, I tied them with sack rope upside down for a few days,forcing them to greet their gods with their arse first,drove them mad,yes it also saved on making iron nails.

Julie Sperber - 2017-11-15
Helen Mirren, such a bright interesting woman. Too bad the interviewer seems totally uninformed. Not able to have a two way conversation with the Dame in order to expand and further explore her life and background.

Mathfails2 - 2016-05-16
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Kayleigh Read - 2015-12-19
wat film is it at 20:38?

aprilwearsgucci - 2015-12-02
Adore, love, and cherish her. Such an amazing actress and her dress looks fabulous oh her. Would of loved to of seen the rest with the audience questions.

Robyn Cope - 2015-12-02
Dame Helen absolutely fabulous fantastic wonderful amazing brilliant! !

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