Helen Mirren | Interview | TimesTalks

Helen Mirren | Interview | TimesTalks
TimesTalks and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts New York present the second in a series of special conversations celebrating distinguished British actors this season. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to see BAFTA® and Academy Award® winner Helen Mirren, who has commanded both stage and screen with a stellar career of remarkable performances. In addition to starring earlier this year in “Woman in Gold” and currently appearing opposite Bryan Cranston in “Trumbo,” she is being honored with the Actress Tribute at the 2015 Gotham Awards, one more in the list of accolades for the star of — among many other productions — “The Queen” on film, “The Audience” on stage and “Prime Suspect” on television. Interviewed by New York Times culture reporter Cara Buckley. 
Helen Mirren | Interview | TimesTalks



DharmaOfDog - 2018-01-15
terrible Interviewer unfortunately -

DharmaOfDog - 2018-01-15
I became a Helen M junkie WAY back when I first saw her in PRIME SUSPECT gosh, maybe 30 yrs ago now? I became riveted to this unknown (to me) Actress who played the role SO brilliantly.  It totally contrasted with what was playing on TV at that time (Dallas & all those tacky type series).  What could have been such a boring role & topic to me (British Police Force) I suddenly found fascinating.  I remember going on & on about her to friends but it was some time before she became more well known here in this country.  I still feel the same about her & will watch anything she is in.  (I even found the stranger Hungarian Film "The Door" fantastic.) I am continually thrilled that the rest of the world shares my admiration for this wonderful and authentic Actress.

bob nob - 2017-12-20
had they just come from a funeral?

Damion Turner - 2017-11-27
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Jay smiht - 2017-11-15
Helen Mirren, such a bright interesting woman. Too bad the interviewer seems totally uninformed. Not able to have a two way conversation with the Dame in order to expand and further explore her life and background.

Mathfails2 - 2016-05-16
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Kayleigh Read - 2015-12-19
wat film is it at 20:38?

aprilwearsgucci - 2015-12-02
Adore, love, and cherish her. Such an amazing actress and her dress looks fabulous oh her. Would of loved to of seen the rest with the audience questions.

Robyn Cope - 2015-12-02
Dame Helen absolutely fabulous fantastic wonderful amazing brilliant! !

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