stickbot adal espi - 2018-03-18
Dont rat

ashleeeslimes - 2018-03-17

My Name is anonymous - 2018-03-15
Fuck you!! You’ll never take my candy

Someone - 2018-03-06
chill boi its a joke

faris abyan - 2018-02-27
If they die...they die

shabwaten da one 14 - 2018-02-24
Boo Logan Paul

Joseph Warner - 2018-02-23
Generation Retard = Generation Tide Pod

Marilyn Richter - 2018-02-15

Matthew M - 2018-02-15
--- PROOF these kids are brainwashed and in a zombie mentality

mcdoublemaster2 - 2018-02-15
2018 memes: literally kill yourself for views.

ChocoBlob - 2018-02-14
SERIOUSLY! KIDS! ADULTS WHO DO THAT WHO ARE MENTALLY KIDS! STOP THAT! THIS IS DANGEROUS! They are all killing theirselves. Why are they doing that? To be famous? To get attentions? Even I, I won't do that. I do want to be famous but I won't kill myself. Aren't they scared? Don't they feel pain? Well, I'm scared. They should think about before doing that, I mean they should actually not do that because they (yes, they, not me) have goals in their life! They have families. They have friends. And they have something that need them. Their family and friends would be sad if they did that or not if they are the jerks who didn't care of the life of those children. Even if nobody needs them, they need someone, something to stop them to do this challenge. If you really have to do this, why not just fill a plastic bag with juice? Soda? Or Chocolate? It's much better than bleach, right? Why not make a fake tide pod with delicious drinks instead of burning your tongue, mouth and stuff.

Verruckt Soul - 2018-02-11
People are retarded. You would think the news would knoe that...

Christian Soldier - 2018-02-09
Millenials SMH

Антхонъ Энман - 2018-02-08
What? There delicious, I eat them morning noon and night, they taste heavenly as a pizza topping

Watchfulseven 52 - 2018-02-05

Hoj32 - 2018-02-04
These people are retarded lmao its JUST A MEME FFS

Vincent Val - 2018-02-03
Real niggas drink the liquid

ThatDudeAndrew - 2018-02-02
Natural selection at its finest.

rydag11 - 2018-02-02
The human race is getting stupider and stupider every day

King Kobra - 2018-02-01
It's just a joke people aren't actually eating them. Why do they have to put it on the news?

Samiyah Daniels - 2018-02-01
Who came up with this it’s just stupid tbh I didn’t even know about it until now but just 🤦🏾‍♀️

Rekkn_ - 2018-01-30
its in na, no surprise.

Naminski - 2018-01-30
Remember, Tide Pods are for washing, not eating.

Susanno Kage - 2018-01-30
Things black folks never do

WATER THE BOTTLE - 2018-01-30
Not the pizza

Becky Ford - 2018-01-30
I love tide pods

Yeshua the savior of the world - 2018-01-29
Tide pods are not bad because they clean your stomach, im doing full flush every 6 months using Tide pods....Tide pods with weed is also better

Fox Productions - 2018-01-27
I Refused To Have The Tide Pod Challenge

Marmot - 2018-01-26
Why tho?

Arro Arrwhy - 2018-01-26
Still, eating detergent is probably healthier than getting shot by an Illegal, or driven-over by one of them 'peaceful' izzlammers....!

tileformiles - 2018-01-25
It puts the Tide pods in the basket.

Mr. Stangs - 2018-01-25
“We will have flying cars by the year 2018”

2018: Fucking Tide Pod challenge

Max Nikola - 2018-01-24

Having Tea With the Devil - 2018-01-24
I honestly don’t feel bad for those who end up in the hospital or die from eating tide pods. If you had told me peoples common sense would go out of the window in 2018. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Ramon Phenix - 2018-01-24
lol... im snacking on a bowl of tide pods right now

David Danon - 2018-01-24
Eat them eat them all

Sean Ysrael - 2018-01-23
Why not drink bleach instead

Foxɪo99【ලාංකික_ගමෙර්】 - 2018-01-23
Let natural selection do its thing guys. The more idiots who die in this world, the better the world becomes. These pompous fucks are stupid enough to choose to eat poison, let them be.
Whats next? 2020 drinking gasoline challenge 😂

XxDewdropfox Xx - 2018-01-23
Lol the pic of the pizza was from majira xd

Emmanuel Bravo - 2018-01-23
1980: “we will have flying cars in the future”

2018: we literally have to tell people not to eat tide pods💀

NXSX - 2018-01-22
Who else is scared that this is our future? lol

NOISE MAZE - 2018-01-22
Future president!

meme mc memeface - 2018-01-22
They taste so good tho

Clickbait37 - 2018-01-22
This is the next step after you lick the switch cardtrigte...

Ugandan Knuckles - 2018-01-22
Natural Selection

Luke Watson - 2018-01-22
I mean... it kills off the dumb ones

Amanda Marcelle - 2018-01-21
White people be forever doing some dumb shit like this

s.b - 2018-01-21
mmm nom nom nom

Hector gomez - 2018-01-21
Tide pod eaters disliked this

Fire Keeper - 2018-01-21

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