John Doe - 2018-01-16
Plastic surgery

Boo BahYah - 2018-01-14
I wanted to hate Wonder Woman BECAUSE of Gadot and I am a die hard fan of the original series!. But with a heavy heart, I loved it...she portrayed the character convincing and no irritation. Excuse me while I eat my hat!😶

AdamBaker - 2018-01-13
Pronounce gadot right🙄

Johannes Stach - 2018-01-13
Sie ist keine Wonder Woman Sie ist die falsche. 😥😥😥😥Die richtige Schauspielerin bin ich Anja Sterklov Shugli Regen. 😎

John Doe - 2018-01-13
her life is so interesting. my gawd, she was a beauty queen, then became a model, and also, like a million other women, served her mandatory military obligation. and after being a beauty queen, and a model, she found herself in hollywood. what a unique and novel way into acting. thank you "the list" i'm sure this star's unique and as you say, "interesting story" will serve to inspire millions of young women who would have never thought to follow beauty pagent and modeling success with a stab at hollywood. once again, how unique and interesting.

assamese dance - 2018-01-12
I love her a lot...😗😘😘😘😘😘

ronki23 - 2018-01-10
Jewish women are so beautiful. Must be the mixture of Semitic and European blood because Arabs are also Semites but Jews are way prettier

Illuminati10101 - 2018-01-09
I think Gal is stunning and you can tell she is giving her all as Wonder Woman.
My only complaint is that I felt the story lacked that certain something that made you go WOW!
I think the supporting characters added nothing to the film like the Irish sniper,.....he did NOTHING!
The only one I thought added to the film was Steve's assistant.
In years to come people will be using Gal to define Wonder Woman and not Lynda Carter although Lynda was a fine Wonder Woman for the 70's TV show.
Who ever is writing the next Wonder Woman gives us that wow story Wonder Woman is going to put DC back in business.

Eliza Kamińska - 2018-01-08
Really stunning woman

Deadbond1 - 2018-01-08
Fuck you! Holocost shit

don hezca - 2018-01-08
That unique smile!

Xx xX - 2018-01-08
1:15 shoots to gal gadot in evening gown and make up. That's pathetic behaving like that at a pageant.

Xx xX - 2018-01-08
1:03 I think that's disgusting, throwing the pageant. She probably did try but lost lol 😂

Alexander p - 2018-01-07
she could be a VS model..

R M - 2018-01-07
A Zona who doesn't deserve the success. Well atleast she has a pretty face..

Vickram Rayman - 2018-01-06
Ha lies she’s embarrassed because she got no space in Miss World

Charlie Simms - 2018-01-06
Also She grew up wealthy.

Loie White - 2018-01-06
I thought the T was silent

NBAasDOGG - 2018-01-06
What’s the point of being hot if you don’t have the brains to understand mathematics, physics, chemistry bla bla bla.... you get the point...

Chloe Clark - 2018-01-05
I love her. 💚

nytom4info - 2018-01-04
Pretty as a picture! ;)

FantasticSnappy I Roblox & More - 2018-01-03
0:33 is inpiring..

Rando Cardrissian - 2018-01-03

Julian Vogel - 2018-01-02
if she didnt want to win Why did she compete?????

Aaron Dela - 2018-01-02
I never knew she's an Israeli ..... wooow

Niamh Byrne - 2018-01-01
It seems so odd that shed sabotage her chance at miss universe?

Kaj van der Molen - 2018-01-01
ahead leg rarely nxehhrb provide boyfriend romantic return aspect shop.

First Last - 2018-01-01
Who are we kidding... it was her looks that made her famous.... make her 30 pound heavier and you would never have seen her.... ever.

Richard Bates - 2017-12-31
The T on the end of Gadot is silent.

The Palerider - 2017-12-30
Easy,She should get it because she's got a great ass.and that alone stand for millions on the
box office...

Maria Mejia - 2017-12-30
Bullshit she didn't wanna win the pageant

miner pup - 2017-12-30
Gal gadot is my hero she is my favourite actress ever

Ty Diab - 2017-12-29
Wow, part of a killing crew of Americans and little kids, great company

Molten Mozzarella - 2017-12-29
Good work God

The One Above All ! - 2017-12-28
Im a Marvel guy but this beauty would be a much better Elektra

Louisianne Guaba - 2017-12-27
My grandfather bday is April 30

Jennifer Eddy - 2017-12-27
Sperman likes thick girls but he's taken Cpt. Amerikah...JK.

Jennifer Eddy - 2017-12-27
I didnt forget Jiu jitsu, mma...def not capoeira um helen keller...like duh!!!

Jennifer Eddy - 2017-12-27
Jennifer is aiiigght.

Jennifer Eddy - 2017-12-27
attention to detail is hard...sad.

Jennifer Eddy - 2017-12-27
Reminds me of a girl in the OV/C, USC whatevs...

Shay Hawk - 2017-12-27
She makes me so proud of my Jewish heritage 💙

No Name - 2017-12-27
She's not at all pretty to me. She has a harsh looking face at times

Kosmos - 2017-12-27
She wasn't in the army. It was compulsory enlistment. Making it as if she went in to do her duty willingly. And she was a fucking fitness instructor, not a combat instructor. How would she if she didn't do shit in combat before?

Kosmos - 2017-12-27

That's what a thought of her mind !


Matscho - 2017-12-25
Many Israel Girls are beautiful ... But she s the one ... who knocks out all other ❤

Roshawn Hardin - 2017-12-24
She is not the typical Hollywood actress which I love.

R Velez - 2017-12-23
Stunningly beautiful

Miłosz Siedlecki - 2017-12-23
I thought that miserable love is happening when your 15, not 24

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