CountryBarbie LaLa - 2018-01-16
When does momma June show come on what day and time ????

no hassle - 2018-01-16
Say what you like about her but that is one of the most amazing transformations in the history of the world.

Lisa wilson - 2018-01-15
Honey booboo looks just like mama June before the weight loss! It’s a health issue ..she is very over weight and it will affect Alana’s health . She may have had bad Botox b/c of her left eye ... it was put on too low can cause the eye to droop !!

Sofia Johnson - 2018-01-15
What is wrong with her eye

Frances Roberts - 2018-01-15
So, so, so happy for Mama June...u deserve all that you are..

Frances Roberts - 2018-01-15
I love to c people change an unhealthy lifestyle and who would have known how BEAUTIFUL she is. If others are too insecure to accept her beauty...oh well

Scary Goffer - 2018-01-14
I think they said she was blind in that eye or was almost blind in that eye.Anyway,she looks good.Good for her.

X226 - 2018-01-14
She slept with a child molester why is she still on air !!

Farah Swan - 2018-01-14
Keep working hard

Nancy - 2018-01-13
She has worked hard. Hope her issue with her eye gets resolved.
She looks great!

Starkiesha Dallas - 2018-01-13
June looks much younger

Rita Marques - 2018-01-13
Amo mama Junes feliz pela sua nova fase, pena que não sei inglês para poder aproveitar a entrevista 😥

Krystal smith - 2018-01-13
She got that money and did a makeover.. her teeth, weight the works ! Good for her. If we all had the money we would do the same thing.

hjkoi 67u79o - 2018-01-13
What happened to her left eye?

Terry Smith - 2018-01-13
Good for her. Do what you can to feel good for herself.

Carol Deaton - 2018-01-12
So happy for you

celeste matthews - 2018-01-12

Carol Deaton - 2018-01-12
Cannot wait to see the show tonight

Carol Deaton - 2018-01-12
Love you all June😍😘

Faith Howerton - 2018-01-12
What is your go to food

BEBA Pagan - 2018-01-12
Hello To Everyone, Nice To see you And Heard you Mama June.

Nicole Bezanson - 2018-01-12
Momma June you look awesome 😊❤️ mamma June are you and Annie getting along? How's Jessica doing?

Ecatherine Alexandra - 2018-01-12
Amooo vc e sua familia linda e extrovertidas.Brasil

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