Mama June On 'From Not To Hot' Season 2 | ET LIVE



Heather C. - 2018-03-17
I love her man! N pumpkins! I am so happy for them!

Marie McCowan - 2018-03-14
She might be able to improve her family if she would try to make up for all the things she did in the past. I bet tho she gains it back. Everyone I know who has this type of surgery gains it back. Yes, even a guy who it done three times.

Rita Cassia - 2018-03-10
Parece estar vesga

Esperancita3 - 2018-03-06
Gosh she’s my hero she’s been through so much but she still hasn’t gave up.

Tabatha Unruh - 2018-03-04
I love your show

Tabatha Unruh - 2018-03-04
I love your show

Duty James - 2018-02-21
What a sweetheart

Gary J Ferguson - 2018-02-21
All ugly asses and america is fucked up

crews crewd - 2018-02-21
awesome smile. ly

Samantha Hoyt - 2018-02-19
What's wrong with her eye?

Eleanor Baldwin-Brown - 2018-02-18
at frist i was not a fan of mamma june but now i love her she is so comical yes she made some wrong choices in her past but it looks like she is getting her life together and she looks amazing

Savannah Sanchez - 2018-02-17
Alana doesn't do pagents cuz she's fat as fuuuck

theresa michaud - 2018-02-14
im so glad you are doing so well.keep up the good work.

Cesar - 2018-02-12

Saint Houseworth - 2018-02-11
Mama June is my guilty pleasure !!! I love her personality!! ♥️

Kristi Ann - 2018-02-10
Love you, Mama June! 💙💙💙

Melanie D. - 2018-02-10
Before the weight loss it sounded like she was joking on her neck fat now she sounds decent

Lady Jones - 2018-02-10
She has gained lots of Weight!!!! Since losing it.

Crystal Puckett - 2018-02-09
what's wrong with her eye lazy eye I think. but in alot her interviews look s as if she took a Xanax

Tyna Nguyen - 2018-02-08
I support June n compliment her for all that she’s gone throughhhh

Cheryl Oldford - 2018-02-07
Her eye have gone worse since having all this surgery. Just watched an old video she certainly didnt have it as bad.

Lele Tij - 2018-02-06
That lady is STUPID to ask if Alana is dating at 12! WTF??!!

iVenge - 2018-02-05
1:00 - she doesn't get back into them because she is a fucking fat hog and she could never make the cut.

Leslie Padgett - 2018-02-05
Love ya Mama June I love your sweet family and Honey Boo Boo she reminds me of me she makes me lol 😀😂🤣☺️🤗

SharonLismanBaxter12 - 2018-02-04
I love her hair style up in this picture. ^^^^^^^^^ I had gastric bypass and am happy once again with my life... I agree June, never ever go back to my old over weight again!!!

I I - 2018-02-03
She's a classy lady and she's overcome so much. She is a much better role model than the trash is Hollywood today. She clearly loves her children and has never wanted anything for herself so she deserves this new chance at happiness. Please stop hating on this lovely woman and let her shine and be happy. We need more people like June in the world.

Shonnie Person - 2018-02-03
She still looks amazing but I can tell she's gained some of the weight back

Ronnie Davis - 2018-02-03
Wow!!! She looks great. Now this child is a MESS if she does not work on her weight, and MOUTH, she will have huge problems. IT IS NOT CUTE, SHE GETS ON MY NERVES.

Imme Alltimes - 2018-02-03
June you have a lot of positive followers, tell sugar bear, and u** Jennifer, gth. Keep going. You're doing great

RAIN HAVOK - 2018-02-02
I wish she qpuls help her daughters change their diets. She's blown up so much and she's what almost 12?? So sad.

biggestfan stan - 2018-02-02
What's wrong with her left eye :(

Danni walker - 2018-02-01
She gained a bit

Francia Santiago - 2018-02-01
An Icon, really!!! lol

Blueindigogal - 2018-01-30
June looks beautiful!

Diana Ferman - 2018-01-30
There seems to be something wrong with the left side of her face. I hope is not serious. She looks great.

captain villegass - 2018-01-30
keep it up mama june, don’t let sugar ruin your happiness ! you do you boo

Euquilandes Brazil - 2018-01-30
ualllllll,That great trasformation !!!

Angela Shaw - 2018-01-30
what's going on with her eyes

Love N Life - 2018-01-29
Mama June always saying Alana is doing good on her diet knowing she is full of crap, lol. She has been saying that for years and she is bigger now than ever.

Linda Goreham - 2018-01-29
I hope she succeeds with all her positive energy and turning her life around. She is so pretty and I wish her the best xoxo!

Romina Constenla - 2018-01-29
I hate this Rapist supporter, why does YouTube keeps recommending her.

Romina Constenla - 2018-01-29
"I was morbidly obese but I was healthy"
Get real.

Sarah Lofton - 2018-01-28

Dee Mc - 2018-01-28
Thank you for Being So Awesome

Luisa Garcia - 2018-01-28
She was a LOT more classy compared to those nasty ladies from access hollywood

YvetteVBrave - 2018-01-28
What's wrong with her eyes it's closed and red

the boss - 2018-01-28
mental and emotional abuse is typical of sugar bears type, I think June would make an excellent ambassador for abusive men who are clever at masking up ,  men like that are the worst because they so clever at what they do , they grind you down for years , I admire Junes strength to escape this guy and move on with her life in a positive way , and it takes a lot rebuild your life like she has, and I think she will make an excellent role model for other women who are suffering like she was in the early days with sugarbear,

the boss - 2018-01-27
so glad shes got a new guy, he better treat her well and treat her like a queen, or he will have all us supporters to answer to, lol, xx

the boss - 2018-01-27
let's all show this lady our full support on her journey and protect her against the haters out there, she deserves happiness.

the boss - 2018-01-27
i feel so protective towards her, the media hasn't portrayed her well either, shes just a woman whos been thru hell and people should not hate on her ,

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