Angie Natoyn - 2018-02-21
I swear these two are gonna be like Leo and Kate.

Fernanda Jiménez - 2018-02-21
They once saudí they dated when they were little

#legends #EXO #kings #talent #funny #handsome EXO - 2018-02-21
for the shippers here, they have already kissed before. accidentally lol

Summer Park - 2018-02-20
If they dated out during their eligible career there would be a risk, like their private relationship could have an influence on their partnership. Now that all the eligible competition has been successfully completed they have a chance to redefine their relationship. Friend, partner or ..?

Nadine Summa - 2018-02-20
why is nobody ever talking about her more than obvious nose job she must have got between 2008 and 2010 ..if you compare older videos you might think that this is another girl dancing next to him....her whole type changed completely ...which I think is sad...

Sa mm - 2018-02-18
Please date

Den Lazaro - 2018-02-16
i just wanted to believe they're in love with each other...the way tessa looks at scott and scott's kisses to her... they're just so gorgeous and beautiful together...as a fan i so much hope they'll get the gold in pyeongchang in the individual events as they end their career together on the ice

Canonindxxx - 2018-02-16
Maybe they're just really good at their jobs and have naturally developed that chemistry from training and skating together for most of their lives.

Sharon Burke - 2018-02-16
SO cute. Loved Scott's pics with brothers in the audience (?). All have that looooong French nose and all are good looking. My gramma is French Canadian and definitely passed on that nose to our family. I escaped it, lucky me, lol... Really enjoyed their skating this year. Hope they will continue on together and we'll see a lot of them in the future.

Hol lee Sheit - 2018-02-15
Who NOSE if they would work out together

Sierra - 2018-02-15
so... is this what they say "shipping" means?

Danni Style63 - 2018-02-15
Geez, let it go people. Its their private lives and not for other people to comment incessantly. If they WERE a couple, I'm sure everyone would know!!

bambis46 - 2018-02-15
I thought they were a couple!

Aaron Hinojosa - 2018-02-15
holy nose

Socko Sock 35 - 2018-02-15
Stop it # hash tag everybody.

Aran L - 2018-02-15
joast :D

CAP - 2018-02-15
Dude has one massive nose

Garry Gill - 2018-02-15
idgaf just date already 😒

Cam _04 - 2018-02-14
Anyone ever noticed how big his nose is?!.....

Akhil Dupal - 2018-02-14
For the whole video I kept staring at his nose

Hope Varnedoe - 2018-02-14
they are amazingly talented. their skill is incredible and their chemistry can't be denied.

merkur28 - 2018-02-14
Tessa always remembers the sponsors! ;) best interview ever!!! 😂😂😂😍😍😍❤️❤️

Silent*Nocent - 2018-02-14
I died at the thumbnail for this video hahaha

editelh - 2018-02-14
I don't believe they're not together. I think they have been hiding it for a long time because they don't want the publicity of a romantic love story to overshadow their career together. I will not be surprised if a while after they retire they finally announce it to the world that they're married or that they're definitely an item. Just the way they look at each other and their body language on and off the ice is clear, no matter how they try to keep it under wraps.

Devin Ingram - 2018-02-14
Lol toronto star gets trending page spot #16

zack2366 - 2018-02-14
they should be dating :)

Thenys01 - 2018-02-14
The way she looks at him... She'd consider it... ;)

Greg C - 2018-02-14
Only homos figure skate.... so no it won’t happen.... real men play hockey.

WeebSlayer - 2018-02-14
Chan gets it

Dog Day Home - 2018-02-14
These people are very slutty. Really face sitting at the Olympics is trash!

milhk - 2018-02-14
i feel like we go through this conversation every four years LMAO

Sand Box - 2018-02-14
They were lovers at one time. Now their need to tone down their sexually explicit "dance". It's gross to watch. Get a room.

LiseBB MacD - 2018-02-14
I wish it too, but I really just want them to be happy❤

Ary G - 2018-02-14
Tessa, if you don't marry him, I WILL!!!!!! ;)

OceanBlue - 2018-02-13
No one cares!

Snow White - 2018-02-13
Meus amores, quem não está namorando sou eu!

Nightcore Lover - 2018-02-13
Can't stop, won't stop thinking these two would be so cute together! I have a lot of respect for them, of course, but a girl can only dream. 🤗 I feel that there is just so much chemistry between them, really.

Book Worm - 2018-02-13
Why do people keep pushing the "together" issue? Many other ice dance couples have great chemistry on ice but are not together off the ice either.

kir250305 - 2018-02-13
What do you mean 'Chan gets it..'.?

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