c varonardi - 2018-03-18
Can I substitute hoisin for the oyster sauce?

Elizabeth *** - 2018-03-18
8:01 thats how i feel when i eat good food too lol

goldenbutterfly2013 - 2018-03-12
Lauren, do you have any recipes that you make using jack fruit? I go to a local vegan takeout and they make great sandwiches using jack fruit and konjac root. They make a Shrimp Po Boy with Konjac root that taste like real shrimp. It is seriously delicious! Please make some videos on how to prepare meals using the jack fruit and the konjac root., PLEASE!!

heoTheo - 2018-03-08
I love this ladies sass! Awesome video!

John Sharpe - 2018-03-06
where is the recipes? TIA

Davine Hill - 2018-03-02

onlooker4564 - 2018-02-28
Surely if you add salt after cooking, it will taste strongly of uncooked salt.....

Diana Perez - 2018-02-27
I made this yesterday and it was absolutely amazing, best pad thai iv'e had and definitely better then take out. must try!!!!

joy clendening - 2018-02-24
I love pad Thai and this looks super tasty!!

Julia Maraviglia - 2018-02-21
Hi Lauren, this recipe looks great, can’t wait to try it! Also there was a podcast where you showed us your meditation room and mention a podcast that helped you build a practice. Can you tell me the name of the podcast? I Can no longer find the video where you talked about it.

Charlie Cooper - 2018-02-14
I enjoy watching this ima try this when i get off my fast..

carlric - 2018-02-09
Why people insist on using chopsticks? spoons or forks are so much better.

Vishal Nayak - 2018-02-08
she has no idea what tamarind tastes like.

Victor Nunes - 2018-02-06
Subscribed after this video <3

Tess Ney-Filomeno - 2018-02-05
tamarind is used for its sour not sweet!

Layra151 - 2018-02-03
Made it yesterday, turned out amazing. All of my guests loved it :D thanks for the recipes. You are definitely my go-to when I need some inspiration!

Vegan Roxy - 2018-02-02
I screwed this all the way up. Mine came out really bad 🤢🤮. Ima try again with different ingredients. I used veg. fish sauce instead of oyster sauce and tamarind instead of dates. I also overcooked the noodles 😫. It was a sticky mess. But I will try again.

vegan strEATs - 2018-02-01
wow... I did not know pad thai is made with tamarind... mind blown!

N Eckstein - 2018-01-27
GOD this looks so good

ann t - 2018-01-26
I love the sauce!!

Luka Kitchen - 2018-01-26
Well my birthday is in about a week and I'm going to make this with my dad for my brithday dinner. Plus my mom is talking me to a sushi place that has this peanut sushi that is really good. I think I might put cashews over the top of the pad thai instead of peanuts. My mom gave me 2 big bags of trader joes raw cashews to me for Christmas.

Brittany Botosan - 2018-01-24
Is there a reason you used coconut oil vs vegetable oil/ olive oil?

emrservice - 2018-01-23
I made this tonight and have to say, I didn't like it and neither did my family. Used tamarind and half the lime but even that was far too "lime-y". :-/ I love watching your videos and the food always looks so good. I have made some of the items, but have had to tweek the recipes pretty hard in every case.

Shonda Cannon - 2018-01-23
Happy 2018 John and Laruen!

Shonda Cannon - 2018-01-23
My mouth  literally watered! :)

Helloz World - 2018-01-23
feed me now !!!

laurenseltzer - 2018-01-22
How much tamarind should I use if I want to use it instead of dates?

Alysha Cleavin - 2018-01-22
you forgot my FAV ingredients in pad thai ! BABY CORN SWEETNESS!

Alysha Cleavin - 2018-01-22
<3 yaaas trying this soon. LOVE you girl xx

Pwoww77 - 2018-01-21

dabates22 - 2018-01-21
This was the best dish I’ve made so far. So delicious! Cookbook preordered!

Adam A. - 2018-01-20
Dude, coconut oil is SO bad for your heart, just use olive oil folks. I would also replace the water in the recipe for veggie broth, if you can find it veg. no-chicken broth would be perfect for this.

limbsoup - 2018-01-20
tamarind doesn't bring sweetness to the dish--it brings sourness. the sweetness comes from palm sugar

oh kale yeah - 2018-01-19
I can't like this enough

inchekwa 0509 - 2018-01-19
If i have tamarind paste how much should i use?

Zencast5 - 2018-01-19
Do you drain the tofu before cutting? As for miso, do you use red or white?

Cheshire Cat - 2018-01-18
Why haven't I come across your channel before?! I love this!

Jennifer Sutphin - 2018-01-18
I have tamarind paste but no dates, what is the measurement if I substitute?

jayizmee - 2018-01-18
Love this recipe but tamarind is definitely not sweet it actually adds the sour component in Pad Thai...pad Thai is salty, sweet and slightly sour

Jho Salvador - 2018-01-18
That’s a lot of Pad Thai for one, Lauren! ❤️❤️❤️

I am so lucky, we have tamarind here in the Philippines. 🙂🙂🙂

Miss Mary Lu - 2018-01-18
THAT is some of the sexiest tofu I've ever seen

Toni Hendrix-Green - 2018-01-17
OMG! I love Pad Thai...saved to my recipe playlist. Thanks Lauren

Tammy Glaim - 2018-01-17
I made this and was so delicious! Thank you for sharing Lauren! ☮

Amanda Krutsick - 2018-01-17
I just made this and I am in LOVE! Thank you. This was exactly what I was craving. Also, I totally just pre-ordered your cookbook because of this video, so thank you for the reminder. Can't wait to try out those recipes (and the ones in the free download!)

jeanette gomez - 2018-01-17
You're the reason I'm still going strong on my plant based diet. Thank you!!!

Sarah In Wonderland - 2018-01-17
Its 12 am and all I want right now is this pad thai! Why did I have to torture myself with this?!

Delaney Ryan - 2018-01-17
this looks sooo good!! can't wait to make it soon.. i hope theres a recipe similar to this in your cook book!!

Kaylynn Rae - 2018-01-17
That looks amazing 😍 ive never even had Pad Thai but I think I'm in love! You should make this into a little series where you organize popular takeout! Like Chinese, Thai, Mexican, and Indian food!

Heather Champion - 2018-01-16
My brother-in-law pre-ordered the cookbook for me for Christmas but didn't get any info on the other recipes ... how can I get that info? Many thanks - can't wait!

several large geese - 2018-01-16
I try to cook with minimal salt because I’m weary of the impact is had on blood pressure, arteries and kidneys etc, but it always leaves my food kind of bland so I was wondering if it is possible to make really flavourful savoury food with minimal salt or is it unavoidable?

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