Jason Chaffetz Uses Amazon.com To Price Check Government Spending "This is Ridiculous"

Jason Chaffetz Uses Amazon.com To Price Check Government Spending "This is Ridiculous"
Jason Chaffetz Uses Amazon.com To Price Check Government Spending "This is Ridiculous"

Jason Chaffetz has another day in congress, a long one after his yesterday interaction with Trey Gowdy and serving the head of the DEA!!! this happened live during congress today and it was regarding FEMA !  oversight is really getting heavy! this is chaffetz new it happened live and there was some discussion about russia obama and putin but that was earlier from some democrats that were pissed this is politics and news today earlier chaffetz democrats got into it over trey gowdy finds out that comey wont comment on wiretap obama investigation,   trey gowdy destroys james comey everytime they meet fbi director james comey wont intervene on wiretap or admit to investigation
president trump wants this to happen this is trump news 
fox news covered this earlier on breaking news and the fbi was investigating fast and furious for awhile we dont know where that will go chaffetz and gowdy are famous for hillary clinton case and trey gowdy smashes everyone he interacts with and jason chaffetz democrat battle has just begun chaffetz new video from congress today trey gowdy was in the other room trey gowdy like a boss will be shown in a few videos coming up soon trey gowdy shocks everyone on the child investigation , this was in oversight and reform , jason chaffetz irs dealings still are coming to light, in this segment jason chaffetz finds out we pay way too much and he goes on amazon.com to prove it some people in his last hearing I want to show that full hearing

original air date: 4/5/ 2017 
Jason Chaffetz Uses Amazon.com To Price Check Government Spending "This is Ridiculous"



20sentryboy - 2017-11-28
Love these congress hearings, you find out more about the U.S government and agencies from these vids than you ever would from government themselves. It’s disgusting how these agencies are just throwing the money away and have absolutly no guilt. It’s so good to see that There’s a few good men like gowdy etc that are showing these agencies up with his clever and concerned questions, that eventually they submit. Why ain’t these guys running the country.

Freedom 1 - 2017-11-13
I’ll sell hammers to the government.......these stupid fucks will pay anything.....

Tonja Branson - 2017-11-09
Just another example of government misusing our taxes aren’t we all getting sick of it the government answers to no one even going in front of congress I would love to see congress put some of these thieves in handcuffs write in front of us!!!! It’s bullshit

momo aus - 2017-10-31
is it just me or does that blond have a big forehead?

Pat Beaudry - 2017-10-30
I know JC is not coming back to congress because he was threatened, the globalist said they will kill his kids. Can you blame him. Our goverment is being overseen by the Rothschild golbist. Rothchild said he is tired of the money game and want everyone in the US to be rfid chipped. Over my dead body. It time the USA took back the Fed and made the dollar worth something again.

bear claw - 2017-10-08
After the Oso Washington landslide it was amazing to watch this small community being flooded with government money. The amounts being paid out were enormous relative to the actual tragedy. Everyone was talking about how they could access their piece of the massive pie. Watching average public employees making enormous overtime for standing around with shovels doing nothing was a new horror all it's own. Very first thing they did was send people out to purchase massive amounts of boots, shovels, buckets and unnecessary gear. Most of which went unused and ended up in the garages of the public utility workers who were on scene. I actually know a number of these people. Literally hundreds of thousands went to people who were completely unaffected by the landslide and I'll bet the families who actually lost their homes and loved ones ended up with little if anything. As the saying goes..."close enough for government work". Right America?

Freedom 1 - 2017-09-02
I'm amazed that people would expect the government to do there job....

Louisiana Jewels - 2017-08-06
Fema is a Huge embarrassment

Francis Francis - 2017-08-01
this is not new about gov spending. so why are you surprised. wait till the next disaster same old same old. the gov will fucked the American again again. aren't you American sick and tired of being fucked in the ass. the worst thing is that the same crooks still in power. you American hoping that things are going to change but it isn't. even with all the congress hearings to the end of the world nothing is going to change. CUZ AMERICANS DON'T HAVE BALLS AND CROOKS RUN THE COUNTRY. The world is laughing. Trump is right let AMERICA IMPLODE not Obama Care . We are talking a much bigger problem here.

Jordan why did you resign ? Loved you calling them on their bullshit .

Music Lover - 2017-07-28
Lic. contractors are licensed thieves.

Kelly Green - 2017-07-28
and by the way go f*** yourself to death

Kelly Green - 2017-07-28
all they do is talk politics promise you they love you but nothing's changed people working so hard to keep things together Mother's and fathers hard-working American family's someday your day will come enjoy that steak tartare in your fancy restaurants with your high heeled women

Dennis Nease - 2017-07-26
So I see all these videos - making us think someone is being held accountable...and yet nothing changes... in fact it gets worse.

Scott B - 2017-07-21
this same guy wants tax payers to give congressmen an extra 2500 a month on top of their 175k salery for houseing.

Scott B - 2017-07-21
he is 100% on it but he should also look at the money congress wastes on itslef. congress is the biggest offender when it comes to waste.

Wednesdays Child - 2017-07-18
I was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. The doctor orders the wheelchair from " " the cost to Medicare was 36,000..00. My life expectancy? 2 years. hmmmm Only way to get out of the house with this wheelchair to go ANYWHERE is with a special Van that no one could afford. Figure it out.

Bryan Wilson - 2017-07-15
Mr. Chaffetz can eat for free in my cafe any day for the great work he is doing!

Child of the Creator God - 2017-07-12
FEMA is too busy building Hitlery Rotten (Despicable Me) Minion 'Adult Fun Camps'. (remember that campaign promise?)

C O - 2017-07-10
this seems theater for the masses.

Anthony Humphries - 2017-07-08
this guy is a boss

Kal Richter - 2017-07-03
Did Jason Chaffetz just plug Amazon Prime?

Taclya The Worst - 2017-07-03
took forever to see that sink

CornerTalker - 2017-07-02
but if a citizen committed "price gouging"...

Michael W - 2017-07-02
But amazon dodges taxes so naturally they have a greater profit margin than other suppliers

Chip IS POWDER COATING charles brann - 2017-07-02
Like him or hate him Trump could fix many issues like this. If he wasn't screwing around with twitter

Vageegee Smithins - 2017-07-02
this is what you call theatre

Vageegee Smithins - 2017-07-02
but what good does it do to talk about it. either they stop or we start hanging them by their nuts and slittin their throats. look in their eyes until their life leaves

John Mullen - 2017-07-02
Sooo am I the only one wondering who's the blonde?

John Krazek - 2017-07-02
just a friendly remineer that taxation is theft

darkhawk123 - 2017-07-02
This is exactly what politicians should be doing, not being jackasses like Trump.

Bældæg Platov - 2017-07-01
That’s called stealing

Zachariah Logan - 2017-07-01
Ok he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about

Dark Aii 619's Desires - 2017-07-01
Cut those usless spending. More for the American people. Less for Obama's puppets who are only there for the money.

Spencer Reynolds - 2017-07-01
Jason Chaffetz is an idiot. No contractor would buy an appliance from Amazon nor should any homeowner. Maybe a blender or toaster, not an AC unit. As I said before, Jason Chaffetz is an idiot. At least he's gone now.

DocPegLegRed - 2017-07-01
I love him

randle guill - 2017-07-01
Jason also said that he could not support presidential Pussy grabbing....Then Chaffetz went straight and voted for this asshole of a human being.
Chaffetz solution for health care for the poor ?..
Get rid of your telephones and use the money you save for insurance.
Poor Jason only makes about $185,000 anually from you WEALTHY taxpayers.
Now he announces that his PAY is just not enough, so he is forced to quit congress, and find more financial security.
I have the answer , hero...
Get rid of YOUR phone, you two bit hustler asshole.

fasteddie4145 - 2017-07-01
Governments are only good at two things.......not just ours but all Governments......1) Killing people 2) Spending obscene amounts of money......the problem is, neither of those things are self sustaining so all governments are doomed to failure.....

Linsquip - 2017-07-01
i had somone in my command negotiate a decent price for furnature (about 13k per item), then aquasitions said that they had to go through them and aquasitions had 'negotiated' a price of 19k per unit. spending is never curtailed with governmen entities.

J. H. Eden POTUS - 2017-06-30
that's what im saying though nothing and I mean nothing ever happens to these people though...except for a ass chewing...but no actual punishment though....this is pointless fun to watch but pointless

slingblade jch - 2017-06-30
Yet he has just introduced a bill to give US legislators a 30,000 dollar a year subsidy for "living expenses."

Shane Cormier - 2017-06-30
I like this man.

solsek7 - 2017-06-30
Never paying taxes again. Consider it a budget cut.

morelli tech - 2017-06-30
democrats don't care. it's everyone else's money .

Richard Lavis - 2017-06-30
If its this bad with FEMA... It would be horrendous with the Out of control spending in the Defense Department and over priced under preforming contractors... Booz-Allen had two massive data leaks that we know of, and still get Defense contracts... corrupt Government spending.

m m - 2017-06-29
It's so sad that he is quiting. he actually cared for us.

john normis - 2017-06-29
elect Chaffetz as president and i do belive america could be great "agan"

oo7moses - 2017-06-29
That moment when the government itself realizes it's too big to function.

swimant0 - 2017-06-29
I would like to know exactly what he is referring to. I use to do insurance and chased hurricanes. And the prices he is quoting are fine now but it's a bit like apples to oranges comparison. Because now there is no shortage of everything! Not just material but of labor and infrastructure. Amazon can't deliver when the mail is not even getting to the homes. I believe and know there is waist and it should be curtailed. However I don't think this is the best comparison form this video.

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