slinkiegirl2001 - 2018-01-19
poor poor man i actually feel sorry for him his face has gone around the world every scum of the earth, goldigga, scam artist are going to make a beeline for this kid it could be a double edged sword for him

3SE - 2018-01-19
people in these comments man cant we just remain positive and hope for the best for him sure its gonna be difficult being young and having that much money in your account but can we not go right away saying people are gonna kill him or take advantage of him yes those are real worries but have some faith people come on.

Sean J. Olson - 2018-01-18
whats your actual IG name theres so many of them

YaGottaBeFresh - 2018-01-16
He's young and won the lottery. Somebody is really gonna kill him :/

PrestigeWorldWild - 2018-01-15
20 yr old winning lottery. Buy lots of weed and fuck bad bitches. He be the next justin bieber

Sky Taylor - 2018-01-15
Im jealous but thats still pretty awesome

peter bynoe - 2018-01-14
Warm welcome from island Barbados,love watching ABC news , best luck young man won money.

Natalie Goodison - 2018-01-14
Money hard to come easy to go , do good with it.

Muntadhar AlQuraishi - 2018-01-14

Julio Gio - 2018-01-14
why couldnt it have been a brown boy :/

KLM Hooked Moore - 2018-01-14
This will not end well for him. He's young, not very bright at the age of 20 and will not have a clue how to handle that kind of wealth. I kinda feel sorry for him.

Bruna Neptune - 2018-01-13
Wait... he's just one year younger than me and he retired??? welp.

Beverly Huttinger - 2018-01-13
Most people who play lottery are losers both in the game and in life though (LOL)! I really don't see why they give away that amount of money to someone who plays a stupid game, it's bananas. I mean to give someone that money so they can never have to work again, live it up and buy anything they ever dreamed of, that's not what life is about.

jbaby007 - 2018-01-13
Damn it, it was a young white guy and not an old white person. Definitely not me.

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