Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Wins Best Motion Picture, Drama at the 2018 Golden Globes

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Wins Best Motion Picture, Drama at the 2018 Golden Globes
Producer Graham Broadbent accepts the award for Best Motion Picture - Drama at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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Seth Meyers hosts the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards. The three-hour ceremony serves as the official kickoff to awards season, with winners in 25 categories - 14 in film and 11 in television.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Wins Best Motion Picture, Drama at the 2018 Golden Globes

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Wins Best Motion Picture, Drama at the 2018 Golden Globes



ChocoKaylaRobin - 2018-03-19

Cindy Pruneda - 2018-03-05
This is what inspired the film:

Jasmine K - 2018-03-05
Well deserved this was an excellent movie it was moving but the same time had me laughing...

Nitram Anyer - 2018-02-26
Shape of Water us winning the oscar imo.

Sunny Bear - 2018-02-25
Frances' smooth entrance is life

Jorge Esquivia Escobar - 2018-02-12
A great year for this category, but the best movie won, incredible film and a great surprise to see Three Billboards win, hope this repeats at the Oscars

I love this movie.

Jacob Becker - 2018-01-30
Believe it or not up until the golden globes I had honestly only seen darkest hour but after I saw this movie I realized why it won. It’s so much deeper than face value. The inner struggles of mcdormand and Rockwell’s characters was IMPECCABLE I wasn’t sure what to think of Sam Rockwell in this movie going in but he was brilliant. Well deserved win for best supporting actor as well

Ian Levinson - 2018-01-27
Anyone who thinks this movie is racist is an idiot who doesn't understand that it real life no one is purely good or purely evil. I also think its funny that the people who think this movie is racist oscar bait are probably the same ones who think the post and get out are brilliant statements against trump when they're really just superficial and heavy handed trash

Sem - 2018-01-21
I'm not surprised. After watching the movie. I said, IT BETTER HAVE AN AWARD. I was damn right. Amazing

James Jones - 2018-01-20
Well deserved amazing movie with a stellar performance from Sam rothwell

shutupplease777 - 2018-01-17
The shape of water...

YTfancol - 2018-01-14
Wonderful film

Trailer Mashup Production - 2018-01-13
I thought the emoji movie was gonna win

st luke - THEREMNANTARMY dot INFO - 2018-01-13
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courcour - 2018-01-13
i'm shocked that Call Me By Your Name didn't win.

Antonio Jjohnson - 2018-01-13
Three Billboards is one of the best movies of the decade. I actually think its better than Fargo which is considered an American masterpiece

hendra bp - 2018-01-12
This movie is so beautiful it hurts it cuts deep😭👏🏻

Marketoromagnolo - 2018-01-12
I can't believe this movie won, ok it's nice and original, but quite unreal and very vulgar. absolutely not even nomination deserving

pankaj B - 2018-01-12
The wikipedia page of three billboards shows its a black comedy, so won't that make it a nomination for comedy category? Its atleast more appropriate than putting a thriller like get out in comedy. In bruges was put in comedy as well and i see mcdonough has kept the style similar in this movie too. Nevertheless a very good film, would have won in that category as well !

brothercartman - 2018-01-12
did he just kiss her on the mouth

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Amaris Anderhan - 2018-01-11
Great-but-problematic movie won huh

Fawn Whisperer - 2018-01-11
I'm so glad McDonagh's finally getting the recognition his work deserves.

Ryan T - 2018-01-11
Three Billboards outside of Ebbing, MO is very good, interesting, and uplifting film. It addresses many important issues such as rape, murder, police abuse, hate, grief, adversity, sexuality, and love.

freelightway - 2018-01-10
good movie but not extraordinary... The shape of water is mesmerizing and has way more deeper message and the fact that a movie that look like 100 million budget was made with only 20 It's tells you how genius guillermo del toro is.

RJ 25 - 2018-01-10
It's good, but not as great as Shape of Water

jonginsbih - 2018-01-10
people coming here to say another film deserved to win over this film haven’t even seen three billboards

Nayden - 2018-01-10
Movie is INCREDIBLE. Only Shape of Water will deny it the Oscar imo.

Wilmer Berg - 2018-01-09
Flip volunteer witness evil Christian consist upper Republican require institutional status.

Kathiravan Ganesh - 2018-01-09
Lots of expect Dunkirk or call me by your name
No one expects three billboards
But Martin is one of the best and underrated director finally he win
And I hope he gets Oscar too

muhammed kanteh - 2018-01-09
Happy new year joyful best joy

Yodil Johnson - 2018-01-09
Blacks smell like dog poop.

Wahid Rahman - 2018-01-09
Why the audience was so quiet when the presenter announced the winner? LOL

O 285 - 2018-01-09
Call Me By Your Name should have won.

Sylvia Mastandrea - 2018-01-09
Frances McDormand is one of the best actresses out there. My criticism is that she never even tries to look glamorous. Come on it wouldn’t kill her to have her hair & make up done.

Ela S - 2018-01-09
three billboards is a good movie but certainly not the best...Some parts are written so messy in my opinion and even without that it is still not the best picture for sure...In my opinion shape of water should ve won..We ll see at the oscars,it is gonna be the tight run

Lizzie Booth - 2018-01-09
Meghan Markle looks disappointed

AJ Rose - 2018-01-08
the majority of people butthurt over this win probably didn't even see this movie.......

Dilan Khangebam - 2018-01-08
2017 gave us some incredible movies.. I loved each of the movie nominated for the best picture. But my personal favorite was call me by your name, the movie was effortlessly beautiful ..best gay love story since brokeback mountain.. It's very rare to see good gay love story these days

Enid Rhee-Grimes - 2018-01-08
Three Billboards is fantastic but I really wouldn't consider it a drama. I'd call it a dark comedy more than anything. And in my opinion it certainly wasn't better than Shape of Water.

drakeisphat ‘ - 2018-01-08
That blonde girl is from Home and Away. Slowly climbing the Hollywood ladder. Nice.

slimsy kitten - 2018-01-08
This fricking movie! What about Dunkirk and The shape of Water. I don't trust the globes anymore

GiantSandles - 2018-01-08
Other than The Post which I haven't seen, the other nominees were a lot better and less obviously flawed than Three Billboards

Mega MovieZ - 2018-01-08
I love Same Rockwell got the last words! All the awards this movie got was well deserved!

Leah M - 2018-01-08
frances looks amazing, i love her so much

Francisco Diaz - 2018-01-08
The Best film of 2017!!

Deniz Türkseven - 2018-01-08
i thought call me by your name was gonna win but 2017 was amazing year for films also shape of water had a great chance too

Whiplash95 - 2018-01-08
lol at all these people crying homophobia cause they didn’t give it to that fairy movie Call Me by Your Name happy Three Billboards got it but was rooting for Dunkirk

Rodolfo Costa - 2018-01-08
The winner should be Call Me by Your Name.

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