Karin Carney - 2018-01-27
No Cincinnati Xavier? Really?

Cleaton Lindsey - 2017-12-06
Tar Heels for life

Matthew Leiblie - 2017-10-31
Ku vs mizzou is bigger than ku vs k st

Mark Campbell - 2017-04-22
Umass vs Temple? They should b in the top 10 somewhere

Tra Gik - 2017-02-27
No uc xavier? Terrible

Matt Morgese - 2017-02-13
Ok explain to me how tf is Syracuse and G town number 8? It should be number 2 behind UNC and Duke

MrTpeppers - 2016-11-03
UNC/Duke definitely number 1. Go Heels. I still hate Laettner.

Julian Shipp J.R. - 2016-10-21
Louisville and Kentucky easy like that

White Lightning Miles - 2016-09-25
Cats/Cards should be #1..... entire state goes apeshit when they face off

ThatOneGroup - 2016-04-08
Cincy and Xavier ?

Zach Coble - 2015-08-17
God damm Kansas kills K-State how is that even a rivalry Lol

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