MJ2KALLDAY - 2018-01-13
Is Lonzo Ball a future star, role player, or bust?

Hebrew Isralite - 2018-01-16
lonzo most important player,kuzma is gonna be good or maybe great,but lonzo leads the team in reb,assist,steals,and block's. kuzma is second in scoring...........THINK ABOUT IT

Tgoat15 - 2018-01-16

Twager Boss - 2018-01-16
Future star

Rapid Money787 - 2018-01-15
Another rondo only better

master boy ye - 2018-01-15
He not a bust yes a future and he will be superstar.

OurTube LV - 2018-01-15
Future stAr

OurTube LV - 2018-01-15

Noisy Closet300 - 2018-01-15
You a member of the G.O.A.T.S

okoro kingsley - 2018-01-15
ZO is gonna be a super star then BBB will be bigger and a competition to major brands

botofrenzy808 - 2018-01-15
Lonzo is going to be a star but the West is just to wild so goodluck with being an all star caliber player

matt remnek - 2018-01-15
I think zo is a good defender

evloh - 2018-01-15
Lonzo is the best defender on the team. You keep saying he isn't great but you are wrong. Luke is on record saying he was worried about Zo's D but its been his most pleasant surprise and that he is arguably the best defender on the team.

Red Scorpion - 2018-01-15
The Team has more energy and plays better with Lonzo,funny thats what Vytautas Coach said about Melo

pckuniversal - 2018-01-15
Lonzo's gotta lead the Lakers now that Kobe's gone.

Danny Branderson - 2018-01-15
Not a great defender? If him being on the court makes the team great defensively that makes him an elite defender.

Matt Magracia - 2018-01-15
future superstar

Danny Branderson - 2018-01-15
If you take away the first 20 games he played back when teams were guarding him like he was Lebron his shooting has been above average for a one and done rookie. He is going to be an average scorer, elite defender (close already), elite rebounder and obviously elite at assists. That is the definition of a winning player.

Da Boss - 2018-01-15
Lonzo is a great defender. Like if you agree.

Thomas Tumbu - 2018-01-15
Lonzo will be great just watch

Boris Ankrah - 2018-01-15
Goddamn, the background beat is hella disrespectful 🔥🔥🔥

TrueAmericanPatriot - 2018-01-14
he looks so much better with a afro

Branndon Dai - 2018-01-14
Did Lamar tell u to make the video

Nathanael Weldeab - 2018-01-14
If he doesn’t it’s going to be tough to become a superstar and will maybe fall into role player category

Nathanael Weldeab - 2018-01-14
It depends if he will actually push himself to be better

Charlie Beecham - 2018-01-14
Lonzo’s a future star

Domingo Marquez - 2018-01-14
I thought he was the worst shooter now he's important.

wachira david - 2018-01-14
He is important yes with his assists especially but not the most important that's Brandon Ing.

see me now - 2018-01-14
how do you say describe

see me now - 2018-01-14
give me a shout out

Jay B - 2018-01-14
Been saying he’s not a bust jus doesn’t have the right players around him. Surround him around 3 point shooters cutters and lob targets and watch him thrive. Lonzo is not scorer he’s a passer a throwback player but in everyone’s eyes if he doesn’t score he’s a bust 🙄

Jessie Barnes - 2018-01-14
I agree with everything that you have said

ShaVontae Henry - 2018-01-14
Rookie of the year

Darius Moore - 2018-01-14
Lonzo ball is transcendent! He'll be the best pg in the world!

excalibur blade - 2018-01-14
Whats the problem is that as lonzo become more prominent, lavar will try to shove the rest of the ball brothers in LA. Weather lonzo rise or fall its still to see how the lakers will fill in the gap. How will the lakers will do this season will dictate the stock of lavar i mean seriously.

keith richard - 2018-01-14

keith richard - 2018-01-14
he also has the worst shootin percentage of any rookie drafted in 40 years so he is useless in nba BUST

Bugsy - 2018-01-14
Why you copying jimmy highroller. Be original, that's super lame. Same exact thumbnails, same background music, same video style and commentary lol.

LONZO BOZO - 2018-01-14
Yes, Lonzo is the glue that is binding all these chaotic parts together. Fire Luke and bring in Fizdale or Mark Jackson, and The Lake Show may still even make this year's Playoffs. Even Brian Shaw has common sense than Lunatic Luke!

yves mvodo - 2018-01-14
imo Kuzma is the future of Lakers but Lonzo aint nowhere close to a bust

masterlolz97 - 2018-01-14
and now 4 win streak!!!

Brian Oliver Rocafort - 2018-01-14
Stupid !!!!!! Most important player!!! Putng ina mo

sheed pascual - 2018-01-14
I think he plays like d great Jason Kidd.

Hamsa Muse7 - 2018-01-14
He not bad

ZavionTV - 2018-01-14
Quality heat MJ ! Keep up the fire 🔥Check me out too.

Gsus Dayz - 2018-01-14
Kuzma is the shooter, Lonzo is the floor general, Ingram is the scorer and complete all around player. They all need each other. Lonzo is a good point guard but doesn't show traits of a true team leader. Ingram shows leadership when the team needs him the most. Kuzma seems like a good lockeroom leader since he isn't scared to talk about the elephant in the room as we've seen in the interviews. It's almost like GSW, they all contribute.

Mažeikiai DOMINUOJA - 2018-01-14
Mvp and futre all-star

Guru Cabana - 2018-01-14
Lonzo made me a Fan, he's a future All Star 👍🤘🏀

Edison Lloyd Balbido - 2018-01-14
If he didnt got injured... no one will know how great he is...

Causatum - 2018-01-14
people that are hating this kid doesnt watch games and only watch Lavar interviews...a rookie averaging almost 10-7-7 a bust? GTFO!!!! draymond green became an all star with almost the same stats

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