T1111G TQUADRUPLEONEG - 2018-03-19
rollin up a big jig...

Patrick Oneill - 2018-03-11
Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. kjv

Calavero OG - 2018-03-09
Fuck autotune, this is the real deal musically and lyrics unmatched

Drake Kay - 2018-02-27
The chord progression in this song reminds me of an M C Escher painting!

Aditya Pant - 2018-01-30
Great American band...
But very underrated perhaps because British bands overshadowed it.

Minecraft Man - 2018-01-27

Beth M. Burchett - 2018-01-12
I just watched _All the Money in the World_➥ https://tinyurl.com/ya5funnt and now i watching it again with my sister.oh God, i'm so excited ! and other movies➥: https://tinyurl.com/y948oo7r all subtitle downloads, I guarantee you will not be disappointed after seeing it, 👍*Prove it and Enjoy*......

henkeahonen - 2017-12-21
Just named a new coondog pup " North Shores Rollin On the River " call name river

วิทยา พิมพ์เมศร์ - 2017-11-06
CCR so good

kasza53 - 2017-10-17
This band is fantastic! Very good.

erna novita - 2017-10-11
❤👏 2017

David X - 2017-10-10
João Paulo

Linda Svenle - 2017-10-09

Charles Albert Meyer - 2017-10-07
Très bon groupe

Dawnmarie Brown - 2017-09-29
I will take this music over the crap they play today.
love this great song!

4th Chairman - 2017-09-26
Black Ops introduced me to CCR but I remember proud Mary being played in the house when I was younger.

teamhex - 2017-08-31
This is sped up.

Martin Detienne - 2017-08-27
never got a #1 hit but hit #2 more often than any other band.....

sunshine hillbillie - 2017-08-26
Rolling on white river round here❤🎼🎼

Van vlierberghe matis - 2017-08-15
J adore......

The Gaming Cookie - 2017-08-08
unProud Mary lol

Chloe Ake - 2017-08-04
I know this song from the Disney movie flushed away lol

Sharon Matro - 2017-07-24
i like it....

t fox - 2017-07-15

Mamihlychho Mamihlychho - 2017-07-12
I like music

rohim abdurohman - 2017-06-07

manop mayoon - 2017-05-21

Roman Zapadka - 2017-05-01
112 kretynow dalo łapkę w dol

J. Moura - 2017-04-20
musica altamente...!!!

chris guyer - 2017-04-07
One of the best bands of all time. Every song had a story. 👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️

Noe Rivera - 2017-02-12
proud Mary.???????good.song

blueraybird - 2016-11-20
Tom Fogerty was (and still is) the king of rhythm guitar! And so underrated, always mistreated. RIP.

RHMAK♥ - 2016-11-17
Tutti abbiamo imparato il giro armonico di Proud Mary [alla chitarra s'intende], per fare presa sulle pupe ....Altri tempi.

丹波栗 - 2016-10-11

Damian Escobar - 2016-08-11
buena rolaaa....

ibm198708 - 2016-06-05
ccr is an extremely underrated band. they had so much rhythm and beat . You just don't hear that anymore. today your lucky enough not to hear 1 song with autotune

Kari Vartiainen - 2016-05-03

vicki bevins/parsons - 2016-04-23
People on the river are happy to give...so true!

Simone Schulz - 2016-01-21
Rolling on the River yeah.... :D

Alex K. - 2015-08-18
Stay out of New Orleans!

ah mecorp - 2015-05-18
You haven't heard the definitive version until you've heard the Leonard Nimoy one.
Yes, that Leonard Nimoy,  Spock was a singer

Jan Boer - 2015-03-14
Toen ik dit nummer de eerste keer hoorde dacht ik wat een muziek tot op de dag van vandaag 

Saint318 - 2015-02-08
perfect  song for the New Orleans Saints!

JOSÉ SERGIO ROCHA - 2015-01-28

Lo Vullo Angelo - 2014-11-06
CCR Proud Mary Bellissima Canzone Anni 70 

suzie brentwood - 2014-09-18
geat post !

Youngtae joung - 2014-08-03
넘 감싸해
말이 필요 없음


Michael Regan - 2014-06-26

Ferdi Alamanda Aritonang - 2014-06-18
nice music/////////

carsten bossen - 2014-06-05
 Great    just great .

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