life is - 2017-06-02
honeyboo boo is chubbier then there mum

knocknockify - 2017-05-26
Wait, what was that at the end? Who's the big lady entering, and why are they afraid of her??

Derick Lin - 2017-05-19
mama june oh yeah my kind of woman

TanakinSkywalker - 2017-05-05
She is not hot!!!! STOP SAYING THAT!!! Just slimmer

Juan Martinez - 2017-05-04
June does not look good making those faces

Positive Bluebird - 2017-04-20
Her boobs are strange looking

Teddys Easy Recipes - 2017-04-19
Mama June look FABULOUS, GOD Bless her,

B.J.O Productions #gaming channel - 2017-04-17
Did anyone else here that earthquake at 2:06?

harry balls - 2017-04-16
the mom lost weight, but the daughter found it

ThePartiallyPokedex :v - 2017-04-16
Damn Now It's Honey Boo Boo's Turn Because Damn She Looks HORRIBLE In A Dress! That Dress Was Made For Skinnier People And Girls With Boobs :/

Orianna Anthony - 2017-04-16
mama June should have gotten rid of that fat under her chin.

Louise Perrello - 2017-04-14
she doesn't look like a size 4 lol

Kelsey Queen - 2017-04-14
Omg both her kids and very obese

Jennifer Cross - 2017-04-13

Random Channel - 2017-04-12
old and fat its fine but young and overweight fuck off...fucking run from china to russia bitch

Genevieve Deplag - 2017-04-11
The girls should of gone on the journey with her. She looks amazing

JaDarious Key - 2017-04-11
JaDarious key
I have been in the New

Martha Salazar - 2017-04-09
160p......and side 4 no way....tha is like 10b.if I no wrong. ....4 is for 123o 130p

Brittany Garber - 2017-04-09
omg she's so much smaller

brooke janell - 2017-04-09
Holy fucking shit honey boo boo is getting so fucking big

Liv c. - 2017-04-08
has anyone seen meet the Robinson's?? Alana looks like the toga gym from the science fair

Joshua Williams - 2017-04-07
she look awful

kissitoxo - 2017-04-07
I can't watch this show because I can't listen to her mumble and attempt to talk.ย  She needs to open her mouth and pronounce the words.

HeichouElly - 2017-04-07
I want to see alana loose the weight.

Betty He - 2017-04-07
Honey boo boo has a clip on the back of her dress! Lol

Aimee Sumner - 2017-04-06
aww no

Darian - 2017-04-06
Her body looks weird..... She should've just worked out and lose the weight naturally rather than getting surgery.

Rubal Bhatti - 2017-04-06
Who's dress is honey boo is wearing lol

Annie Rodriquez - 2017-04-06
Honey boo boo too grown there she is lmaof๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Sassy Pants - 2017-04-05
June actually looks pretty

Mels_ Tuts - 2017-04-05
She got all that excess skin

mr starman2015 - 2017-04-05
Omg wow dam I can't believe she looks so different

nira.xv - 2017-04-05
what is this show currently called?

izzysmom tattoos - 2017-04-05
mama June has a very pretty face since she list weight

lovingmomof2 - 2017-04-05
Alana has gotten bigger, guess The Doctors didn't help that much

GeeNaDee - 2017-04-04
Alana is obese and that is sad at her age!

GeeNaDee - 2017-04-04
Those girls need help.

Hermary y. Garcia - 2017-04-04
I guess with $ everyone would look better... let's take off extra of this and that.. Brazilian butt, breast size โฌ†, double chin, etc. If it makes you feel better....individual choice.Or if some kind of surgery is necessary than good for them.

valeria lopez figeroa - 2017-04-04
no lo puedo creer ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

nicole grant - 2017-04-03
omg she looks amazing n beautiful ......

Donna P - 2017-04-03
However she did it, it is amazing, and its a helluva improvement. But they are all as hideously ignorant and offensive as ever. Especially Boo-Boo. Apparently she has scarfed up anything that June had to pass up. Ugh.

Ritchy050 - 2017-04-02
How can you people say she is hot, are you smoking pot or something. No matter which way you look at it she is still a dog, Stop saying untruths. Please look at her pictures or film, you producers are dopes to start with.

Mokiimo - 2017-04-02
When is she going to cut off the skin?

Operas Angel - 2017-04-02
She needs to remove the fat from her elbows cause she would look a lot better

Jay Dizzle - 2017-04-02
lol this chick all in the news the world just forgot how she had a dude whom was molesting her child back after allegations but we suppose to be applauding her weigh loss yep no one is ggod any more we are Sodom and gommorraha right now

Connor Williams - 2017-04-01
Oml Honey BooBoo's big๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

trendsetter - 2017-04-01
wow she looks good

Amy Hernandez - 2017-04-01
The little girl should lose some weight to

UASHUZ - 2017-04-01
Is there anyway they can get rid of her neck face and the flabby arms

Meatduck - 2017-04-01
so mama June lost the weight or just gave it to honey boo boo?

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