Smart Slimes - 2018-02-19
she did not do any thing besides calling some one we dont even know . But I do like the song. Over all I would give this video 7/10 because the song is good but she did not do any thing except for calling some one.

Camila ZńigA - 2017-12-26
Just call pendejo 😂😂😂

figi naceerle - 2017-12-21
just call :(.....

Leah Rorie - 2017-12-09
Why is this song me rn

Dark Rose - 2017-11-15

pijamali zombie - 2017-11-06
Dude, just call

Daisy Huang Vuelvas - 2017-11-05
Thanks Bershka

Unicorn poop 426 - 2017-10-29
Omg this song is great

douglas bandeira - 2017-10-21
brazil love youuu <3

Guana.Guani.mahubi - 2017-10-12
People will find anything to hate on Bella tbh...this is dope tho.

so josh dun with you - 2017-10-08
Is she even still relevant?

Henry. - 2017-10-08
I love her

E. - 2017-09-23
Bella is amazing! 😍

xX gaming ana Xx - 2017-09-18
Who does Prince talk about in life hmm I guess he is gay

Elizabeth Harris - 2017-09-09
Wow I love this song call me princess and I hope she gets to see my beautiful video 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Sasuke uchiha - 2017-09-04
Bella thorne i love you

Cali Rose Karstad - 2017-09-03
wait is the whole video just them dialing a phone

Iassmin Cunha - 2017-09-01
I Love Just call

Alessia Styles - 2017-09-01

Gypsy Jess - 2017-09-01
Bella has the most auto tuned fucking voice lmao , and this video is literally just hands and a phone like wtf

Frangelys Gorgas - 2017-09-01
Wack video sb don't say anything about my comment cause idc

Joshua Bowers - 2017-09-01
This isn't even singing this is just her talking into a mic with a lot of auto tone added

Serenity Price - 2017-08-31
I love it 😍

xhannasimsx - 2017-08-31
this is fucking awful please don't tell me people can enjoy this

MichaelaMahar - 2017-08-31
Who's here from Snoop 👌🏼

Laiyal Almoussa - 2017-08-30
Song is shite😂

Nickyyy - 2017-08-30
Generic, basic and the same as any other 2016/17 song. But is good lol

Emma Mazza - 2017-08-30
i miss her orange hair :( btw when we will can watch the mv?😍

Nienke Arendsen - 2017-08-30
Sorry the old bella cant come to the phone right now, why? Oh. 'Cause shes dead. Thanks for calling (no pun intended)

Ash Stymest - 2017-08-30
Bitch bella

Edward Devlin - 2017-08-30
The drop n beat is good but then verses r so bad ew

skye - 2017-08-30
shake it up

Melissa Ferrante - 2017-08-30
271.000?!?! It's don't surprize

Edi Ibarra - 2017-08-30
Dude this song is lit.🎶🎶🎶☔️☔️

No Si - 2017-08-30
This video gives me anxiety

Bonnie Rajguru - 2017-08-28
Sounds so good!!

CuteKawaiiGirl - 2017-08-25

Veronica Hernandez - 2017-08-24
I like it

RAT BITCH - 2017-08-18
This guy is not even that famous

Jina Shehadeh - 2017-08-16
I love this

Kayla Jenkins - 2017-08-15
Bella can't sing but this was dope

Brandyi Ramirez - 2017-08-15
I'm sorry but the whole video is a telephone and hands picking it up😑

Edil Igal - 2017-08-12
What is Y'all Problem? Lmfao Bitches Be Mad Cause Bella Better. 😂 She Does Have A Voice. Better Than All Y'all Sounding Lik3 Dying Whales. 😂

Ali G - 2017-08-12
It's Fucking Funny How Y'all Say Shit Just To Make A Person Feel Bad Bout Themselves. 😏Who Cares How Many Guys She's Fucked With? What Does That Have To Do With Anything? Check Your Negativity At The Fucking Door. Mind YALL Own. 😒

Netgelll - 2017-08-12
So just call if you need me, call if you don't, cal if you love me, call if you won't, call me an asshole, call me a fool
just call

pmasim - 2017-08-12
not. a bad song at all

Rachel Ramsingh - 2017-08-11
I love this song a whole lot. it's so catchy and fun. I 😍 Bella Thorne. my new morning song.

gucci gang - 2017-08-11
what the fuck bella thorne ruined this with her autotuned voice.

music girl - 2017-08-11
just call me 😜😂💗

freshvibes. - 2017-08-11
I really like this one

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