Tia Walker - 2018-03-02
That wasn't a prank they didn't like that girl and I never heard a prank like that in my life

celeste matthews - 2018-01-13
My prayers go's out to the family and J first this girl recovers well.

Chitown rillas - 2017-12-30
Couldn't been my child i would have beat the hell out of that girl you are fucking kidding me right now gtfoh smh

Kyle Shield Laster - 2017-11-25

Ninadaweirdo - 2017-11-21

Valor LTD - 2017-10-27
That is so fucked up. Karma will fuck up that backstabbing bitch.

Filia Jean - 2017-10-06
Parents need to wake up because to much things is be going ON and WRONG at sleepovers. May our Heavenly Father cover her in the name of Jesus. That feeling is not a good feeling to get burne

Eve's Reborn Babies - 2017-10-06
They were jealous oh her she is mad pretty

Leeasia Anderson - 2017-09-21
OMG that's crazy

Juan Camaney - 2017-09-21
WTF is wrong with people?!?!

Justin Pearson - 2017-09-20
Holy shit that's fucked up. If that was my daughter I definitely would be in prison, no doubt about that. 👺👹

Bumpy Rodriguez - 2017-09-20
That's sad... SMH God bless that little girl.... SMH

T LUCk COmpany - 2017-09-20
lol "any adult" is the blame.  when there isn't a white male involved lol

Daniel Life - 2017-09-20
Poor girl

Alexander Hannon - 2017-09-19
Ghetto lobster, this happen all the time in the community.

s ofg - 2017-09-18
All i have to say is keenka Jenkins

Adolph Zuckerjew - 2017-09-10
That is called Ghetto Napalm. It is common in the hood for black people to use as a weapon. Boiling water, hot grease or boiling food items such as grits and throwing it on someone who pissed you off. Now I know you are going to throw the racist word at me, but I am simply speaking the truth. This is a common event in the ghetto, a way of attacking someone who disrespected you when you don't want to kill them. You just want to fuck them up and give them something to think about.

Zaynah Xoxo - 2017-08-25
Can someone tell me what happend to the girls that poured the water coz if there still alive there not going to be anymore bitches

Regina McNeill - 2017-08-24
I pray that she gets​ better 😢😢😢

Larissa Goodloe - 2017-08-21
That was stupid what the mom said because u don't ever say someone will continue to suffer

Brea Downing - 2017-08-20
How you know the other girl is black though??

Tyazia Starks - 2017-08-13
Love is in my heart to the girl that got burned and the family of her i love u boo

Tyazia Starks - 2017-08-13
I'm so sorry boo for what happen that's Jack up that child who boiled the water is crazy bc where was the parents .....

Grace Bolton - 2017-08-12
I thought she was 12, not 11

Erica Stapleton - 2017-08-12
This is surely is not a friend she is a friendenemey

valkyrie - 2017-08-12
this is sick how could someone do this to her I fell sorry for her and family.

Meredith B - 2017-08-11
This poor girl, I had second degree burns on my hands and I cant imagine them being all over my face and chest. The pain is excruciating!

Abdelou Polpol - 2017-08-11
2018 #killmyfriendchallenge

Seriously americans retard QI LOW LOWWWWWW

678BUMPERLOVER - 2017-08-11
this was not a prank, this was a result of an evil and cruel stunt, that twelve year old girl knew what she was doing.

Charlene Carew - 2017-08-11
My prayers go out to this child for a full recovery in Jesus name

Bobby Blue - 2017-08-11
Black women are ignorant lazy and raise their children like animals. This is a horrible situation that 12 year old girl needs to be held in a juvenile detention center. Until she's old enough be charged and stand trial as a adult for attempted murder. If the 12 year old girl's mother is on any government assistance programs take it away from her permanently.

Lazarus Nazareth - 2017-08-11
Wow some friend

M. G. - 2017-08-11
That is not a friend. That's a demon! Why?? Why would a "friend" do such a horrible thing. That "friend" needs to watch herself Karma is a bitch just like her! God don't like ugly

JELLY ABRAHAM87 - 2017-08-10
That got to hurt a lot

Brownie8986 - 2017-08-10
Friend!?? There is no way in hell that is a "friend" of anyone except Satan or ISIS. Fuck her! That was totally malicious! And that child's parents should absolutely be held responsible.

Dab queen - 2017-08-10
Wow this is really Crazy!!😥

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