Katy Goodloe - 2017-08-21
That was stupid what the mom said because u don't ever say someone will continue to suffer

Brea Downing - 2017-08-20
How you know the other girl is black though??

Tyazia Starks - 2017-08-13
Love is in my heart to the girl that got burned and the family of her i love u boo

Tyazia Starks - 2017-08-13
I'm so sorry boo for what happen that's Jack up that child who boiled the water is crazy bc where was the parents .....

Grace Bolton - 2017-08-12
I thought she was 12, not 11

Erica Stapleton - 2017-08-12
This is surely is not a friend she is a friendenemey

Anonymous person - 2017-08-12
this is sick how could someone do this to her I fell sorry for her and family.

Meredith * - 2017-08-11
This poor girl, I had second degree burns on my hands and I cant imagine them being all over my face and chest. The pain is excruciating!

Abdelou Polpol - 2017-08-11
2018 #killmyfriendchallenge

Seriously americans retard QI LOW LOWWWWWW

678BUMPERLOVER - 2017-08-11
this was not a prank, this was a result of an evil and cruel stunt, that twelve year old girl knew what she was doing.

Charlene Carew - 2017-08-11
My prayers go out to this child for a full recovery in Jesus name

Bobby Blue - 2017-08-11
Black women are ignorant lazy and raise their children like animals. This is a horrible situation that 12 year old girl needs to be held in a juvenile detention center. Until she's old enough be charged and stand trial as a adult for attempted murder. If the 12 year old girl's mother is on any government assistance programs take it away from her permanently.

Lazarus Nazareth - 2017-08-11
Wow some friend

M. G. - 2017-08-11
That is not a friend. That's a demon! Why?? Why would a "friend" do such a horrible thing. That "friend" needs to watch herself Karma is a bitch just like her! God don't like ugly

JELLY ABRAHAM87 - 2017-08-10
That got to hurt a lot

Brownie8986 - 2017-08-10
Friend!?? There is no way in hell that is a "friend" of anyone except Satan or ISIS. Fuck her! That was totally malicious! And that child's parents should absolutely be held responsible.

Dab queen - 2017-08-10
Wow this is really Crazy!!😥

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